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Chinese is a great country, five thousand years of Chinese civilization has a long history, rich in content, broad and profound. Folk culture is a drop in the bucket for Chinese culture, people in recent years, although often mentioned, also held a variety of pray blessing culture festival, cultural activities, but few on the profound connotation of knowledge, it is in the "Fu" in the know "fu". The so-called "actually refers to people wishing to God, especially in the face of adversity or some unpleasant things, hope to be blessed, increase luck, change danger into safety, safety degree. Object prayers are different, depending on personal beliefs, such as some people believe a Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva, there are people who believe Buddha Buddha, there are people who believe the emperor, empress, Wang Mu. This book introduces the embodiment of new hope luck, avoid misfortune, drive the disaster psychological China folk, focuses on the rich and colorful folk tradition to wish all around, and the joint introduces relevant legends, stories and anecdotes.
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The first chapter of pray blessing culture and folk heritage -- the connotation and spread, "Fu" has the meaning of historical research 1 "Fu" the evolution of the connotation of 2 civilian pray blessing "Fu" really mean what two, spread so far for cultural activities 1 Taoist blessing ceremony 2 Shaoxing blessing ceremony 3 daotie "Fu" three civilian pray blessing culture, the characteristics of folk culture and 1 for original beliefs and superstitions relationship 2 civilian pray blessing culture properties of 3 civilian pray blessing culture characteristics of 4 civilian pray blessing culture society function 5 civilian pray blessing culture mechanism four, civilian pray blessing culture inheritance mechanism of 1 civilian pray blessing culture inheritance carrier 2 civilian pray blessing culture dissemination means and the second chapter have one's star in the ascendant fortune long -- folk Fuxing story and worship God of fortune 1, 2, 3 days have one's star in the ascendant blessing blessing God Yang Cheng two, Paul God 1 fame duct 2 sacrificial Paul God's folk custom 3 Kuixing three, God of longevity 1 nanjixianweng 2 Magu four, God 1 God 2 and hop Erxian 3 matchmaker, five of 1 Zhao Gongming 2 3 4 5 five than Li Gong Lu Shen 6 Liu Haichan chapter third animistic sincere blessing of pray blessing culture -- the folk worship roots, folk belief and "animism" 1 civilian pray blessing culture belief and worship roots of 2 "all things the spirit of" concept two, civilian pray blessing culture and nature worship, the worship of 1 celestial 2 nature worship 3 imagination worship 4 totem, folk culture and figure three for worship 1 mythological figures Worship 2 ancestor worship, pray four folk culture and spirit worship 1 gods 2 ghost worship 3 elves worship Buddha fourth chapter symbiosis contention of a hundred schools of thought folk culture -- for religious worship, from a religion in the folk culture reflected in the 1 blessing blessing is also a kind of religion 2 religion of civilian pray blessing culture development influence two, folk and folk beliefs for 1 civilian pray blessing culture and folk beliefs and folk taboos for 2 folk custom three, Buddhism upon Folk prayers The culture of blessing 1 Effect of the introduction of Buddhism and the development of 2 Buddhist gods system four, Taoism on civilian pray blessing culture influence the 1 Festival blessing fairy duct trace 2 Customs Taoist mark 3 of Taoism, Buddhism and Taoism god five and other religious coexistence 1 Yao religion 2 Dai religious beliefs 3 Dulong religion 4 li ethnic religion 5 Naxi religion chapter fifth colorful artifacts characterization -- folk blessing objects with a work of art, folk art for artifacts and cultural connotation of the 1 civilian pray blessing artifacts origin 2 civilian pray blessing of objects of cultural symbolic two, Fu symbols and art 1 animal 2 plants 3 artifacts, happy blessing three artifacts and art 1 animal 2 plants 3 species, four kinds of objects and works of art of praying for children 1 2 animal plant 3 artifacts, five prayers for wealth to beg rich artifacts and art 1 Plants 2 class 3 class six animal objects, the longevity Yannian class objects and works of Art The 1 animal 2 plants 3 artifacts, seven evil GVC artifacts and art 1 animal 2 plants 3 artifacts sixth chapter taboo GVC Ying is evil -- taboo and evil blessing, blessing a taboo to psychological and evolution of 1 taboo and religious relations 2 folk taboo taboo 3 outlook two in 1, magic and evil evil magic 2 in three, no restrictions of any kind the seventh chapter four seasons and eight solar terms to pray again and again -- folk prayers, new year's Eve, a spring festival celebration of Ying Furui -- from 1 to 2 3 date on New Year's Eve Spring Festival Lantern Festival two, dragon head -- good good year 1 "dragon head". 2 February two popcorn. Three, Shangsi -- elimination of contamination and Jens Zi Si 1 Fuxi 2 floating eggs pray 3 spring outing four, Ching Ming -- on the regeneration of the 1 desire Jisao 2 households in five, the Dai Liu dragon boat -- drive the epidemic disease disaster 1 evil spirits from the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Race six, 2 Mid Autumn Festival family reunion to celebrate the 1 offerings -- Co moon, moon worship and 2 The Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes 4 mid autumn reunion 3 exotic customs seven, Chung Yeung Festival Double Ninth Festival -- BBK 1 origin of the 2 Double Ninth 3 inserted Mastixia 4 enjoys the chrysanthemum, drink chrysanthemum wine eight, Laba Festival -- the valley fragrance Qing Fushou Laba Festival 1 origins and legends of the 2 Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits chapter eighth rites of life more than auspicious -- weddings and funerals have longevity blessing, blessing a marriage 1 wedding blessing and pray for blessing the 2 huppah Evil 3 before and after the wedding blessing folk faith, for two and 1 custom of praying for children during the 2 trimester of pregnancy in 3 to celebrate the birth of three custom of blessing, longevity Yannian 1 birthday party 2 seats "in nine"3 strange customs clearance to avoid misfortune and longevity of 4 - four, 1 funeral funeral evil for the basic theme of the 2 funeral folk 3 burial customs 4 customs chapter ninth sacrificial rites sweet generations -- religious blessing a blessing, Festival 1 worship activities 2 festival activities at the age of 3, two, and 1 sacrifice worship around the rich and colorful the festival folk an idolatrous procession of 2 Fire 3 Buddhist temple tenth chapter a multitude of names to the poor Fu Ying expert in making money -- material production for forestry, fishing and hunting production for 1 agricultural production custom of blessing pray 2 forestry 3 4 aquaculture fisheries custom of blessing blessing blessing, custom two craftsmen all 1 pairs of zushi ye worship 2 industries, three merchants custom of blessing trading for 1 shops opening for 2 name auspicious custom four, 1 agricultural industry taboo taboo 2 hunting taboos 3 sericulture taboo taboo 4 fishery 5 Commercial taboo 6 craftsmen industry taboo eleventh chapter Heqinghaiyan in halcyon days -- the material life for a 1, clothing apparel pattern 2 the color of clothing wear and style, 3 two food 1 holiday blessing food 2 festive activities for food 3 diet taboo three, 1 building on the beam 2 quadrangles of pray blessing culture 3 building decoration in the "eight diagram" 4 to four, 1 traffic customs customs 2 travel Bu measured five, 1 Home Furnishing communication custom of blessing - 2 friends communicative customs 3 contact taboo twelfth chapter Bu Ji asked fierce Kat much trouble -- divination and Feng Shui blessing, blessing a Feng Shui geomancy in 1 folk custom of blessing in the performance of the 2 Feng Shui environment selection mode 3 ancient architectural decoration pray lucky 求福 values 4 support geomantic art spread scientific core two fortune 1 zodiac, zodiac and the origin of the 2 Zodiac selection and arrangement of 3 Chinese Zodiac belief in 4 fortune three, Bu Shi, Wang gas and wind angle, astrology divination 2 1 at the air and the wind angle 3 astrology four, divining 1 successful 2 so-called "the mentality of" 3 draw 4 Solutions to sign five 1, about the "dream. "2 dream 3. Thirteenth chapter 4 Xiang Meng Out of the mouth comes evil. blessing from the heart -- a language for blessing greetings, 1 holiday greetings 2 birthday tribute 3 growth for the 4 marriage had 5 academic and career had 6 other message two, self blessing 1 votive 2 blessing song for three, 3 color digital auspicious auspicious full 1 even 2 Number 3 number 4 auspicious auspicious homophonic lucky four, language taboo 1 language taboo 2 taboo language euphemism to avoid misfortune chapter fourteenth evil spirits of disaster for the Fu evil thing -- for a 1 operation, averting witchcraft sorcery culture production and development of the 2 ancient magic two, the 1 China's emergence and development of the 2 Taoist ceremony three, Nuo Nuo dance 1 Zhong Kui Nuo Nuo opera ghost 2 Appendix 3: 2005 - 2016 calendar table
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