Folk culture and civil society

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In the course of division of labor, anthropology is everyday life, learn about foreign culture. The definition of anthropology, to be included in the China social science system is not an easy thing. Anthropology of developed countries is mainly on the investigation of exotic (and especially for developing countries, "backward society") knowledge, developing countries have to imitate their country survey (Western) anthropologists approach for a similar study in their own country, developed into the "hometown of anthropologists". They are in the western anthropologists to carry out for their own social representation representation framework of the world. Only at the same time under the following conditions, they will go out to see the world and express the world: 1) their countries in the breakthrough of the world political and economic pattern, 2) they resent the world has stated, 3) they have overseas fieldwork economic conditions, knowledge tools (such as target languages), social path (into the specific social relations). This is precisely the Chinese present state, so there is the anthropological fieldwork into the scale of the world China. In the first row. The text is in a text record, finally completed the latest (2008 January, also in the record of finishing). This record is like a running account, also appears to have a choice, caring things ready. Anthropology is made from the daily life of the general in the shaking heaven and earth, the event is the object of ideological politics, history plays, ordinary people we mingle with small local life also no witness events. Write liushuizhang write culture, it is a kind of expectation, I will carry out further investigation.
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Gao Bingzhong, male, in 1962 was born in January in Hubei province Jingshan County, from the beginning of 1978 at the Hubei University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing Normal University to study language and literature, folk literature, folklore, and then at the Peking University, University of Hawaii, California University of Berkeley grinding the cultural anthropology; the beginning of the Sociology Department of Peking University anthropology professor from 1999, as the center anthropology and folklore studies, Peking University, associate director of the center for citizen social research, expert of intangible cultural heritage protection former UNESCO and the Ministry of culture.
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The first part: the revival of folk academic and state presence of folk culture: the story of folk rituals and state personal presence from the design of the meaning of life and family cultural renaissance of daily life of modern and postmodern intangible cultural heritage: cultural strategy forming second as the integration of academic concepts of series of ethnic and cultural studies the garrison Manchu blood organization -- to the family home from the clan and cultural evolution and cultural reconstruction of affected households -- the example Chinese ethnic cultural diversity and ethnic culture of sharing collision changes of primary culture, subculture, culture and Chinese culture China culture and world culture through the elite, the public and private hierarchical culture during the period of Social Transformation -- the pursuit of cultural integration and cultural balance? Theoretical development in the study of life style of western narrative omitted third transformation of modernization and spatio-temporal framework of national settings: takes the example of Christmas and China Festival Dragon Boat Festival origin and significance of the framework of national time management -- Chinese holiday system problems and its solution as the two celebration a rite of passage -- on New Year's day and The expression of the relations between the fourth series spring festival into the civil society organizations question the legitimacy of community cooperation and China civil society organic unity as the intangible cultural heritage research folk belief temple building a museum -- the ethnography as arts of politics -- on the double naming method Chinese civil society development -- Based on "citizen" evaluation of the fifth series of ethnographic writing problem China social science needs to cultivate a solid ethnographic basic ethnographic development three times ethnography scientific paradigm of lay and reflection law pluralism based ethnographic study...... Sixth foreign to the world for the field
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Renaissance revival of folk culture: personal stories and folk culture in the past 20 years, seen from the results it is cultural event, but the process is composed of small characters, countless small event accumulation of. For traditional folk in the progressive restoration type, we can use the "guerrilla warfare" as a metaphor, we can say it is a mouthful to silkworm mulberry leaves or ants gnawing a bone strength gradually acquire the living space, finally achieved coverage throughout the urban and rural revival. This process of revitalization is wonderful, but is the intellectual circles are poorly understood, and these metaphors can give a person a kind of macro and general impression. Here we introduce personal story, as a testimony to this process. The revival in recent years in Beijing Beijing folk, and several friends together to do some investigation. We are in November 30, 1997 in the small West watched "reforming ceremony million years Yongqing too lion old". Later I again in December 25, 1997 to visit a key figure in the master Yang Yang, location, time of approximately 5 hours. Yang's wife sometimes present in square brackets, her. The following is part of the interview arrangement. History of the A, man asked: master Yang, you last month in reforming the ceremony performances, really worthy "this four word old but vigorous". This time you play the lion is how to do? Yang: I was born in 1935, the start of the training the Fab five, only after the liberation of practicing the lion. I learn from the beginning of the Fab five will call "years of fun", the first is Huang Jinfang (Han), taught percussion teacher is Bai Yu (back), members are back, Han, full of three people. Huang home more money, to open a watch shop in the deshengmenwai. In addition to Wuchang (i.e. playing stick), and the market (i.e., folk instrumental music), drums, cymbals two instruments. My kung fu is based on his play. I reached the age of 17, began practicing the lion, lion, lion is less two all practice. The first is to follow the practice, later can also play the lion head. My father, my grandpa are practicing the lion, I tell them to learn.......
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