Festivals and folk Chinese.

Date of publication:2004-6   Press: Shaanxi Normal University press   Author:Zhu Jian  

Chinese festivals and folk custom, is a Chinese reading books, is a preliminary Chinese training (equivalent to after three to four semesters of Chinese courses), and hope to rapidly improve the reading ability of students Chinese written. With 440 Chinese characters based readers can easily read the book. The book provides many interesting introduction to Chinese rich cultural articles, make readers more widely understood China culture at the same time in deeper, proficiency in chinese. In this book the theme and content is very broad. From the Chinese ancient legends and customs, way of life and social change in modern. Repetition is one of the most effective tool for language learning. We try to make some phrases and sentence structure be just perfect to repeat in the book. Although some duplication of redundant, but these are repeated usage, it is Chinese often use. Therefore, the reader can understand their importance in various usage, and understand their. We strive to master Chinese readers, but also to make the article have the substantive content, let readers have more interest in Chinese language.
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1 Spring Festival -- red and the dinner on New Year's Eve 2 Lantern Festival -- look at the lanterns and eat yuanxiao, 3 married -- the matchmaker and wedding 4 drink and tea ching ming festival -- Commemorating the 5 days of mourning for 6 dumplings -- livelily treat 7 three generations of 8 Water Splashing Festival -- the southwest folk 9 ancient times education 10 Dragon Boat Festival -- the dragon boat and dumplings 11 old customs -- the confinement and a timid and conservative man 12 Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes -- and 13 birthday dinner and neonatal name 14 Chung Yeung Festival 15 Chinese characters the story of SH TRANSLAT EN6L ON OF THE STORIES 6-60 CHINESE CHARACTERSCHINESE utility intensive Chinese Chinese characters - ENGLISH VOCA BULARY LIST
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