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Date of publication:2005-6   Press: Sichuan Bashu   Author:He Yimin  
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The total order, the fairyland, the mysterious ancient two, mountain, water, city -- Langzhong Fengshui abstruse win place Feng Shui City three, Millennium ancient vicissitudes of life has a long history, has a long history in political and administrative center of sea and land transport hub, the military Road Town four, unique style of the ancient city of ancient architectural style five street silhouette Langzhong, hometown of Fu Xi Humanism -- the ancient Chinese origin culture hunt the war dance of ancient mystery of Bayu Culture -- Lingshan -- be in fashion in one's time observing astronomical, feng shui culture champion Township -- prosperity of the ancient imperial culture Holy Land -- the coexistence of religious and cultural shadow play -- colorful folk culture six, Langzhong and Langzhong Seongnam dilute the world -- Jinping mountain scenic spot about Chen Liang Mu -- Han Huan Hou Temple, Langzhong Yongan temple Pavilion of Prince Teng Buddhist Holy Land -- Langzhong Buddha cave and three champion Chen academy Islamic holy places -- Baba Temple national famous ancient architectural hundred mosques -- one of the largest mosque in Langzhong southwest Christ Church -- Langzhong Gospel Hall of the ancient city of Langzhong landmark building -- writing tower Tang Feng Shui Dai Temple -- "Buddha" a Buddism godness Guanyin temple and Yuanjue temple hall feng shui treasure -- Tian Gong Yuan seven, Wu Huatianbao silk town -- Langzhong silk Mingyangtianxia China four Baoning vinegar vinegar -- the famous food of eight, the city's @##@ bibliography This book a comprehensive introduction to Sichuan artists. Cover the Bashu culture origin and inheritance of culture, history, religion, science and technology, folk customs, are famous celebrities and other aspects, historically accurate, concise text, pictures, easy to understand, to the popularity, publicity and private Yang Ba Shu culture, has important role. Culture is the soul of a city, the city without culture is no vitality and competitiveness of the city. Langzhong has a rich history and culture, the feng shui culture, the original culture, Bayu culture, astronomy culture, imperial examination culture and religious culture is well-established, broad and profound, especially the feng shui culture characteristic. Therefore, this book will focus on the cultural level of the ancient city, focuses on the pattern of Feng Shui and the cultural connotation of the ancient city of Langzhong, in order to show the ancient city of Langzhong city of the out of the ordinary character from geomantic characteristics and cultural context of convex.
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  •   Introduced is the local culture is very good
  •   For to understand the historical people...
    a thin book
  •   History is stronger in a book. But because of some problems the author, book some contents of research.
  •   The lack of knowledge of literature and history, pictures.

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