Dirty old Chinese.

Date of publication:2004-1   Press: Tianjin People's Publishing House   Author:Hou Jie   Pages:231   Words:150000  
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Artists keep Wang Ling side peaks as life cycle was apprenticed as conservative and open teachers "on stage three minutes, the audience ten years of practice," from Beijing to Tianjin bridge "three no" Everyone is responsible for his country. troubled drug suffering life life miserable fate beggar kingdom from where survival Youdao begging true virtual surgery scrawl "first class flower, as strong as the official" beggar donated pure who do all kinds of evil when you don't come with outlaws of the marshes -- Philippine bandit soldiers a banditry infinite hierarchy each bandit argot 打富济贫 enforce justice on behalf of Heaven toward the ocean ticket bandits gone students hand for ill-gotten gains turned bandit "stone" and "picking mulberry" who be utterly devoid of conscience gamblers -- Qunying "meta" Chinese and Western retrofit flowers: gambler World Racing: the arena gambling exotic cheat -- all sorts of strange things Casino Casino Beijing Tianjin Shanghai -- with Sichuan and Guangdong -- hidden but beautiful spot The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, each shows special prowess - shaped Color color gamblers gambling warlords addicted to gambling sea bureaucrat by gambling harm Shenshang defiled creatures -- bibliography postscript @##@ prostitutes The old China underclass, the edge of the social groups, they have a group structure and form a complete and unique culture. The book the following layers in society, the more representative populations of normal life as the starting point, into their world, understand their grief at separation and joy in Union, the passions, reflects their community life and culture.
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