Date of publication:2009   Press: Southeast University press   Author:Sha Lin (a pseudonym), Zhou Xinye   Pages´╝Ü167  

The book as the main line and with the core of humanistic spirit and ideological enlightenment, to explore and reveal the inevitable path of human progress and civilization. The content involves many areas, from mass culture to the elite culture, from ancient times to the present, from perceptual to rational, from the mainstream culture to the sub culture, from the east to the west, vivid, and strive to knowledge, both interesting and thought. Both of them have praise praise, criticism, and inspire readers to think independently, to conduct a clean-up and correct the traditional ideas.
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Introduction the splendid culture of ancient Greece and Rome Empire religion Renaissance and Enlightenment humanism man dwells poetically -- Aesthetic Life Science and technology culture, postmodernism and humanistic spirit spoof popular Carnival rock shake the world sub culture in the spring and Autumn Period "contention of a hundred schools of thought" China cultural history of Wei and Jin Dynasties Masterpiece -- Chinese new culture movement history of world education miracle on two characteristics of historical and cultural celebrities -- southwest Chinese traditional culture what is civil society? "The Universal Declaration of human rights"
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