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Date of publication:2005-9   Press: HeFei University of Technology press   Author:Wu Zhaomin   Pages:141   Words:122000  
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A, mountain water around the ring butterfly village two, Taihu Temple high and deep three, Zhou Xing Chang Xi four flaps, Shuxiang Xiang five, only green fire two and six, bird's nest villa fly Phoenix seven, Wu Zhou Qi pan sauce eight tea, "left" in the record set bright nine, Gu Xi Nan Xiang Cun @##@ first. The development of human history is full of dialectics. On the one hand, there is always the emergence of new things and the impact of social structure and culture established. The traditional, promote the progress of history; at the same time, this process is not echoed with full of tender feelings melody, often is accompanied by the killings, good life crushing and fine destruction; but, in the goodness and beauty sacrifice cost and higher levels of the unity of the truth. Chinese throughout thousands of years of feudal society history, in general, with its super stable structure slowly, but at a certain stage, certain aspects, it endured or fierce rivalry, or repeated ups and downs, or ripples in the stagnant water like fluctuations. Cause Chinese feudal society partial, phased, limited changes, three aspects of external and internal factors are nothing more than: one is the national struggle; two is the ruler itself split; three is from the bottom of the people. These three factors impact when small, the time when the emergency relief, continuous. Admittedly, those full of blood and fire cry cry, finally in the annihilation of the ice and history, even the great wrong change dynasties instant social external structure of the dynamic, rapidly due to restrained force assimilation of Chinese traditional culture and the formidable back on track, can not bring Chinese history but take on an altogether new aspect; that time, micro social structure of turbulent, the a class, or to individual destiny strength twist and stifle, for a living person mind world shocked, shocked and excited by spiritual transformation, enrich the connotation of history; and, by the spiritual metamorphosis the outbreak of the life of updating the pursuit and creation, no doubt for the development of external history add colorful. In Chinese Jin between "Yongjia chaos," Tang Dynasty "rebellion", Huang Chao intifada and the two song between "Jingkang chaos", in order to shake the history at the same time, for generations living in the Central Plains clothes giant workers to a heavy blow, hundreds of years, tens of thousands of Central Plains nobles to avoid war and south. The patriarch system bigwigs dilemma is one can imagine, they had to abandon their rank, success, fame and riches, and make up some valuables, genealogy, books fled native land, south along the northwest wind, cold winds south, through the Yellow River, cross the Yangtze River, and then for hundreds of miles, found in a mountain block, forest backdrop of picturesque scenery, away from the fighting to stop breathing -- this is Huizhou. Everfount Central Plains nobles like Wan Hu pearls scattered in the green rich high mountains and lofty hills. Huizhou is the mountain more Jing mang places, natural cool and cultural atmosphere of weak. The gentry in breeze, clear water Maundy Thursday, must face the reality to consider building their own survival and spiritual home. Painful introspection is undoubtedly their reflections on the theme: why would lose an array of ancestors paradise? How to restore the glory and the dream gone? Gentry who are born dignitaries, provide for oneself and live comfortably, One's mind, by living an extravagant life fall to flee in panic, be forced to leave one's hometown, great pain, more big feeling. They quickly adapted to the reality, to find countermeasures: a living together, build village. Survival is the first priority, must let the blood clan together in, choose "pillow hill, ring of water, face screen" the harmony between man and nature to construct ideal Feng Shui village, is to solve the food and clothing of danger, and resist objectively dangerous, also can benefit the future. Therefore, Hu Jian Cun in Longchuan, Xidi, Wang site selection in Hongcun, Wu, living in 昌溪, Luo settled in Chengkan, CHO based on male village, located in Shijiazhuang Seok, Nishi rooted in Zhu Kou, Jiang 姓聚 family in the village...... Their choice of both Lingshan Xiushui embracing, both suitable Gengjia and living place. The two is to reconstruct the traditional patriarchal culture. And then a big hardship can shake the read taxi workers to Kong Meng's respect, must let the rank order of patriarchal ethics and carry forward traditional culture come down in one continuous line, "Ta Chushi heard ancestors Yi Xun, be industrious and frugal toil at farm work," prophet "life without cheating, Shou love others according to moral standards, poverty, that is to 宗尊 progenitor; hold the bow helpless however, any thing, bright road, to be filial sons of". Ancestors Syria spectrum, and 宗建 temple, repair the tomb of the clan, mutual relief. Thus, a tall majestic temple in every village, the ancestral hall of ancestors is like and the ancestral tablets, and the collection has a complete genealogy; a comprehensive rites; there are strict rules to constrain future, the cohesion of the people. Three is the moral incentive to strengthen Chongwen education, make one's ancestors illustrious. Survival is the fundamental, system is the guarantee, and development is the objective. The so-called "self regulate the family and rule the state and peace to the world", each children not only to rise head and shoulders above others, but also earned glory for the family, won the emperor grace; to this end, "if you don't read, they don't know how to slim, how to regulate the family and rule the state", "Reading Records in San Xian", "if a man wants to achieve what he will the window, ground to read", "who for books rich, rich for your book. The book Xian, sage book profit ", always remember that" towards Da Saro, Mu Tang emperor tang". Each village or to build the grand academy, or by using simple Sook room, send a widely-read earnest teaching. Clan "or attached school, or help with tuition. Cultivate one or two good men, as the future model, although this family room look, but fathers light, the bandit small". In this way, year after year, generation after generation, in Huizhou this "monarch humble corner, only four plug" land, from time to time that "a village full of the same clan, orderly hierarchy see pure village," and "flourishing style", "ten households village, don't waste reading". The flat and smoke, the devout incense and then loudly reading with cloudy cloud over the blue Huizhou all floating, rising. It is with great gap, tough life had suffered pain to people's life deeply inspired its own initiative change stubborn, after hundreds of years of relative quiet environment constantly immersed, accumulation, enhanced and sublimation of grandchildren, Huizhou like Huizhou all over the mountains and plains brilliant Yamahana, every quarter -- a bright open "the only official position" more. Since the Song Dynasty imperial examination intoPower to the Ming and Qing two generations of scholars in Huizhou even after the Republic of China, through fair competition among the upper class society beyond count, the so-called "one, two," brothers, "nine scholars, four Shang Shu", "a list of nineteen scholars", "even the three Temple, ten essays, four academicians", "Shang and his son", "IV a product" and so on; Huizhou out of the 28 champion, had 17 prime ministers, which accounted for 1/24 of the national total, really is "famous men". The two is "to the world more.". Like Zhu Xi, Dai Zhen, Hu Shi three can be regarded as China history of academic thinking in politics, celebrity giant; philosophy, economy, literature, art, medicine, science and technology, diet, calligraphy and painting, sculpture, architecture, landscape and other fields with a myriad talents. Three is the business success. Out from the Huizhou mountain in Huizhou, countless children along the Xin'An river water flow to the country and Japan, Southeast Asia, in salt, wood, silk, tea, medicinal material, pawn and other project management trade in the Ming and Qing Dynasties dominate for hundreds of years, from the "Yangzhou for the colony of Huizhou", "no emblem is not a town", "the day the saying," there, one visible merchants strength. One of the senior scholars, officials, developers to get out of Huizhou, out of the hometown of the vision, but their roots in his native, also tied once nurtured their village, home of the nozzle, white wall and black tiles, streets and alleys, old trees, the ancestral hall, courtyard, the birds' singing, childhood partners, more the whole clan look forward to still be visible before the eyes of the face. So, they take the grace and honor to the hometown, the treasure to home, for his clan -- entrust hope inscribe to home. So, to those who are old and run down a village suddenly into the infinite vitality: a branch of the world square, "four one product" Fang, "Jinshi" Fang Fang "," book ", chastity arch" and "Enrong" pailou, stands tall in front of the village; Hongcun numerous "cow shaped village" building system, Shi Jia Cun grand "checkerboard" pattern, Chengkan exquisite "gossip" San Jie two Shenzhen ninety-nine lane and so on have been thorough rectification; Zhu Kou built a magnificent "six county government, dear," Tang Pu temple, Chihpen church, East Shu Ci and so on to pull. Up, or expansion, decorated magnificent; ornate; fascinating; Guizhi academy, Ziyang academy, Zhushan academy, majestic and grand; non garden, orchard, garden, Dong Yuan, Plum Park visitors, attracted celebrities like the Orioles flying butterfly garden and exquisite beyond compare, like sing; meaning deep stone, brick, wood carving, and sincere words and earnest wishes that amount, couplets, Maxim, more is to create a rich cultural atmosphere, so that after scholars in the "ask canal house", "Yu Feng Shan house" concentrated search, "the rise of the fan (good)", "step out of toad", by "auspicious clouds "Rising...... So, loaded with history to a village, because of her sons in reality be successful in one's official career, like adding the finishing touch vivid; in the long expected, grandparents in their "respected heaven", "good deeds", "Wei Qin Wei Jian", carefully casting village soul, now the children and grandchildren not great expectations, not only let the village soul lost, but also to their feedback, let the village with the soul Tim era style and more fresh air! Said the village is a microcosm of society of Huizhou, said Huizhou is the soul of the village, said the village is Huizhou Culture Museum, and so on, never to the most essential,; in the thousands of years of civilization, village is Huizhou is splendid demo platform, at the same time, but also to some extent China feudal elite culture to demo platform. All are past and gone! The last village today can only be described as a "village", the directors are all dead, live scenes of a drama into "heritage", a platform of the original has been and is disappeared in people's field of vision. Is very happy, "Huizhou ancient village culture series" authors provides 10 this illustrated manuscript for us, so that we can enter the sleeping village, touch the pulse Huizhou ancestors in remaining possessions, combing the Huizhou cultural context; and the surprise is, the vast majority are bathed in the explorer of Huizhou culture growth, they are emotionally and Huizhou there is a natural fit, while at the same time, vision and modern. The modern thinking that they can come in, but also beyond expectation; and relatively thick literacy and make every book narrative explain profound theories in simple language, lively. 10 books, 10 villages, 10 villages in 10 aspects: write Jiang Cun, Huizhou culture on the clan culture deduction, writes Longchuan focused on noble family origin, writes Hongcun emphasis in Feng Shui to cluster selection, write on the spiritual world of Xidi pursuit, write Chengkan emphasis on anatomy of rural community structure, write Chang Xi endeavored to explore complementary Confucianism and business culture of two, wrote the Xiongcun outstanding college garden culture, Xixi South outstanding literature and art books, paintings, especially the rheology of books of rubbings art, write Zhu Kou focuses on village humanities excavations, written in stone house village construction outstanding art of ingenuity. Somewhat less than that, each book is adequate, but I think there is Huizhou culture more side There is much fineness in to do, hope that we will continue to deepen, expand, in order to fully demonstrate Huizhou cultural formation, development and evolution of the whole.
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