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Date of publication:2010-4   Press: Higher Education Press   Author:Zhang Qizhi   Pages:361   Words:330000  
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The introduction of China traditional culture the first chapter Yanhuang era and China culture beginning the first day illustrious ancestor performance second millet in the north south rice agriculture third ancient pottery 神玉 world fourth section from the invention of writing symbols to fifth day long -- China cultural spirit symbol in chapter second, the spirit of the traditional culture -- the Chinese philosophy day and second day variation of the school ("have to" learn) section third through the third chapter ethics and culture section second section Chinese historiography tradition festival featured third classical literary spirit and artistic charm of the fourth chapter China ancient religious subject -- the first festival of Buddhism and Taoism Buddhism introduction and cultural fusion in section second the rise of Taoism and the integration of various cultures of third day of Buddhism, Taoism and traditional culture relics of the fifth chapter blew palace day jade cultural features second bronze mirrors the cultural value of third gold silver bronze fourth festival culture connotation, pottery, porcelain and ancient culture China sixth chapter culture The cradle of ancient schools -- China first China ancient school the origins and characteristics of second traditional education and culture seventh chapter Art -- China calligraphy, painting the first day Chinese calligraphy and calligraphy of the second section of Chinese painting and traditional culture of the eighth chapter of traditional culture treasures -- Chinese medicine and health article - Festival of traditional Chinese medicine the division and the theory development of traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology of section second and section third schools of TCM School of Chinese medical culture characteristics of fourth day of early Confucian health preserving theory. The ninth chapter diet culture tradition the day Chinese diet culture characteristic second day diet culture preservation and development of the tenth chapter of ancient architecture and traditional culture of the festival the ancient building reflect the spirit of traditional culture in section second, the four major types of traditional architecture and its cultural connotation in Chapter eleventh, day and China traditional culture and traditional culture China first spring festival second festival Qingming and cultural connotation of dragon boat and third day fourth festival customs and reunion imagery of the twelfth chapter of traditional culture to meet challenges The first section and the spread of western culture and the impact of section second of the traditional culture thought and reflection section third of traditional culture in modern achievements and value of traditional culture and ending twenty-first Century Chinese postscript postscript @##@ reprint China "traditional culture" is a systematic introduction of the knowledge of books China excellent traditional culture. The introduction briefly discusses the basic spirit of traditional culture, then chapter eleven each important part of traditional culture, the book includes: beginning, Yanhuang era and China cultural ethics and culture etc..
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