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Date of publication:2006-3   Press: Chinese People's Public Security University press   Author:Li Baolong  

Chinese has a shine with great splendor of ancient civilizations. Chinese is one of the ancient civilizations in the world, has a glorious history, is the birthplace of one of the world's material culture and spiritual culture. About 8000 years ago, the Chinese ancestors have vast land in the basin of the Yellow River, the Yangtze River and Huaihe River, created a prototype of ancient Chinese agricultural civilization. From the Xia Dynasty, Chinese into slavery society. After a long period of integration and assimilation, National Central Plains and Rong, Di, pretty, Yi and other surrounding minority, formed the Xia, Shang, Wednesday generation blew civilization. Spring and autumn hand in, China entered the feudal society. In 221 BC, Emperor Qinshihuang United Chinese, created Chinese history the first centralized feudal autocratic countries. After the Qin, Han two generations of the Wei, Jin, and promote the development of the Sui, Tang, the development of ancient civilization to China peak. Looking at the history of the world civilization, any kind of ancient civilization form, are not like this China, has a long history of thousands of years continuously, independent development. Through the Chinese all these inventions and wisdom, it is not difficult to see that China ancient civilization an important position in the history of world civilization, made great contribution to the world culture and its promotion and development.
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The first section of the ancient civilization of Chinese nation second festival culture and traditional culture Chinese Chinese section third China traditional culture and Chinese cultural tradition. In the fourth part Chinese traditional cultural integration function fifth day learning China traditional culture of the purpose and significance of the first chapter Chinese traditional culture formation and development of the natural and social conditions in the first section China traditional culture geographical and historical environment in section second China traditional culture economic base section third Chinese traditional culture creation main body second chapters China traditional cultural characteristics of the first festival multicultural unified second heavy actual, stability of non religious reason section third the moral supremacy of the patriarchal culture characteristic of the third chapter Chinese the basic spirit of traditional culture in the first quarter Chinese traditional culture basic spirit of the main contents of the second day China traditional culture and the spirit of the social function of the fourth chapter Chinese traditional culture philosophy foundation section Chinese philosophy is the spirit of the traditional culture China section second Chinese traditional cultural way of thinking third China main body of traditional culture -- Confucianism the fifth chapter Chinese traditional culture make the first section of Taoism the formation and Philosophy Second day Buddhist thought the sixth chapter China traditional aesthetic culture section Chinese traditional aesthetic culture characteristics of second day China traditional architectural arts festival third China traditional pottery arts festival fourth Chinese traditional theatrical arts festival fifth Chinese traditional culture which he ended Chinese modernization of the traditional culture of the first section China traditional culture on the west the influence of culture of western culture on the second day third Festival Chinese challenge traditional culture reflect the traditional culture and modernization of traditional culture Chinese reference
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