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Date of publication:2002-7   Press: Beijing Publishing House   Author:Chinese Tibetan dress editorial board   Pages:186   Words:29000  

There are many alpine lakes in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, people call it "God lake". These attracted many glacier water "holy lake", lying in between heaven and earth, they are like a mirror reflecting surface, blue sky, white clouds, snow capped mountains, forests, embraced the they can contain all the good. The "Chinese Tibetan clothing" is like a "holy lake", it brings together Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Yunnan five provinces of Sichuan, Tibetan clothing, apparel culture reveals to us the whole Tibetan blew. The Qinghai Tibet Plateau, high Tianhou soil this piece is located at the top of the earth, the Tibetan people have the diligent and wise, they created as old, as unique, as splendid culture with the national history. While the Tibetan clothing is a dazzlingly beautiful this 100 in the garden. This book not only enables us to see the Tibetan clothing, but also has been reflected from the dress in the Tibetan history, recuperate and build up strength of geographical environment, production and way of life, cultural traditions, aesthetic consciousness, value concept and Tibetan with around other ethnic relations and other general information. In the same book, "China Tibetan costumes" will be the first Tibet local government officials as a fashion of Tibetan clothing is an important part of the show, this makes us know the Tibetan clothing is more complete, more comprehensive. "Chinese Tibetan clothing" is a Book of knowledge, academic both works, we recommend it to our readers, hope this content rich, beautifully bound album can be friends from all walks of life and scholar's love.
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