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Date of publication:2009-9   Press: BaiHuaZhou literature and Art Publishing House   Author:Guan Yongli   Pages´╝Ü121  
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Introduction origin surname shed slightly name's origin surname and a brand name spread: "anybody and Liu Zhongyuan (flow)" Taiwan: "Chen Lin Li Xu Cai, the world half" surname origin "surnames" words and historical memory: Immigration and surname Shanxi Hongdong big Huai tree Guangdong Hakka Nanxiong Abas Lane Zu: Fujian Ninghua Shek Pik village name and time ancient times: from public to private name: Shang Dynasty to the 1000 named Zhou Dai: five five six avoidance Han: vigorous broad big name popular in Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties: filled with "religious rich color of Tang Dynasty: ranking match words Yu Zhi five generation:" Yan "in the Song Dynasty: the word in the name to old beauty: Liao Jin and Yuan Dynasty called" slave "," brother "in the Ming and Qing Dynasties: number in the name of national color implicit surname and name China culture and political name and the name of literature and art @##@ taboo "Introduction" China surname culture contents: Chinese culture is one of the oldest in the world, is the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation. Its rich connotation, not only fully reflects the unity in the Chinese culture center, and there are many national characteristics very obvious. Unity of Chinese culture, at any time Chinese history, even in times of political chaos, social unrest, has not been split and collapse; its national character is formed on the vast territory of multiple regional and national culture in China. In the long history, with the frequent cultural exchange between China and foreign countries, Chinese culture has absorbed many excellent foreign culture. It's brilliant embodied in the philosophy, religion, literature, art, its charm lies in traditional Chinese medicine, diet, folk customs, architecture. For thousands of years, it not only nourishes all the children of the Yellow Emperor, but also on other parts of the world history and culture has an important impact.
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