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Date of publication:2010-6   Press: Chinese juvenile and children's Publishing House   Author:Tang Dai, Ma Donghua,  
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Introduction the first chapter China Costume big first Niangniang silkworm legend gorgeous exquisite Han costume numerous range of women in the Tang Dynasty the Qing Dynasty robe and jacket suit and cheongsam story chapter second colorful ethnic costumes Miao girl's skirt female Huian singular loaded beam tough rugged Mongolia Uygur floret cap third chapter dress in the hierarchy strict official robes "system the one and only lost his" civilian civilian rich dandyism fourth chapter gorgeous and colorful costumes born for the stage costumes "quintessence" Peking opera costumes, the fifth chapter of the folk culture of special costume be exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful bride dress for removing harmful small Dudou chapter sixth exquisite and unique costume museum in the tradition of classical elegance of the traditional, @##@ accessories Chinese English version of "culture" series is a set of Chinese introduced Chinese culture books for overseas readers choice fine fine translation, is intended to provide an understanding of China window for overseas readers. These books are presented from different angles China, help readers English world China natural geography, historical and contemporary China rich and colorful culture. This book introduces is Chinese clothing culture. China dress like Chinese culture, is the national to infiltrate and influence each other and generation. Since the Han and Tang Dynasties, especially since the modern times, to attract a large number of excellent foreign culture and melt crystallization of the peoples of the world could evolve into a whole, called China to Han costume culture. Through it, we can see the different people of different age, attitude towards life, the pursuit of happiness, advocating of beauty.
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