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Bai Lang, writer, Yunnan Lijiang people, born in 1968. "Reading city" magazine editor in chief. Published a book "China Leyline" (North South volume, volume, Tianjin Social Sciences Edition), "China Leyline" (Taiwan star version), "this Lijiang" (Sichuan people's version), "the moon is Lijiang Nightingale" (Chongqing Press); editor in chief and co edited "the way home" (with Sichuan people's version "Naxi @##@), Sichuan Illustration: 333 BC, ChuThe red flag fluttering in the smoke slowly, majestic-looking of Chu Wei Wang bears out his business. As one of the souvenirs of victory of the war, a town called Jinling City in stone mountain (Nanjing Qingliangshan) built. In the landscape lush mighty Reiki, the Chu Metro seems to be not of the common sort. The side of the geomancer immediately pointed out to him and said, this place king gas is very strong. So the bear's quickly ordered the buried gold stone in the mountains, and for the new town named Jinling, purpose is to suppress the king of the underground gas (Jin Ketu five,). One hundred years later, the Wei lie great Qin Shihuang was the Jinling king gas message to be confused in mind. Someone reported seeing the southeast Huaguang and the gas in the distant Xianyang. Qin Shihuang does not sit, he ordered the Jinling renamed moling, and dig a path to the Yangtze River in the city, to cut off the land, the king gas drainage into the river, so that the natural flow. This new dug out of the artificial river water is bright as fair as jade the Qinhuai River -- China has a river. The history of Nanjing has been covered with a layer of the veil of whirling Feng shui. In six big ancient capital, foreign about it the king gas records are the most. Nanjing was the capital of song, Qi, Soochow, the Eastern Jin Dynasty, beam, Chen, Tang, Ming Dynasty, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the Republic of China, the habit of people more like it is referred to as the Six Dynasties ancient capital. According to the geomancy view, the Yangtze River is the biggest water China pulse, its flow is more far, entrained air is more exuberant. Nanjing's geographical position is just dry the intersection at the end of the Yangtze River and the Chinese dragon in the south, the so-called "Lapel with the Yangtze River and the world will be". However, Nanjing as a landscape where Ji rang, it's magic lies in the Bureau has shaped open, very "auspicious dragon". Nanjing north of the Yangtze River, north of the city of Xuanwu Lake, Mochou Lake surrounded by mountains, end to end, West Xiangshan, Tiger Hill, mountain lion, eight mountain, Qingliang mountain, south of Mt. Niushou, mountain, Huanglong Mountain, east of Zijin Mountain, Lingshan, Qinglongshan, North Oolong hill, swallow alum, Mufu mountain. Around four ring shape and Zhong Ling Yuk Sau, molten form board complete "pan long". Nanjing city of stone mountain is Feng Shui Ji mountain, because it looks like a two front arch crouches on the tiger. The ancients called the mountain, or tiger. Li Sicong in the "geomancy" in Nanjing with about Feng Shui said: "if Nanjing cattle first dragon, since the Wawushan mountain, East Mount Lu to drift Water Pu, Hengshan, Yuntai Mountain, Yoshiyama, Zu mountain and cattle first Shuangfeng, special Zhi into Tiancai saturn. The left one, Sheng Wu mountain to Xi Shan Qiao, complex at the elbow back mountain, hill, students. The right of a student, Cuiping mountain, from the rotten Shigang fall...... Jubilee temple to play happy, Ande, Yuhuatai, prior to the 冈门 above the door frame and check." According to the "Jin Wu Lu", in fact "a terrain of strategic importance" argument from Zhuge Kongming. In 208 ad, the north shore of the Yangtze River fleet a convoy of ships are connected, color standard embraced the billowing waves, 横槊赋诗 big hero Cao Cao led his a powerful army beat Jingzhou, selling straw sandals Royal uncle Liu Bei catching up general turmoil. In the autumn of white reed under cover, Zhuge Kongming by Liu Bei's boat came to Soochow, preparing joint Sun Quan coalition against Cao cao. So in Luo Guanzhong's beautiful style of writing., "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "lecturefield" "borrow arrows with thatched boats" "Qiao by Dongfeng" a splendid story happened. At Soochow period, Zhuge Kongming riding on Nanjing's geographical situation in the stone in the mountains, he saw here landscape overlapping, between heaven and earth Reiki steamy, can not help but exclaim: "Zijin Mountain of Longpan, stone Huju, Zhennai imperial house." Later to talk urged Sun Quan capital in here. "When children such as Sun Zhongmou," Sun Quan was the first emperor of all urban construction in Nanjing. Once someone dug into a two foot seven inch long copper box, there is a long white jade Ruyi, handle engraved many dragon tiger and cicada shaped pattern, after Sun Quan see don't know what this thing is used, he sent someone to ask Master Feng Shui Hu ensemble Hu said, comprehensive, when years because Jinling have the gas, so Qin Shihuang sent Waduan several mountain around the city, and in the other hills buried many treasures to suppress Wang gas, in order to achieve "Yansheng" purpose, it is then left. Feng Shui Yansheng, is the use of gold, iron, jade tower, buried La e, pile soil and other methods to dominate the earth, making it difficult for people induction. "Pass" load history of Ming Dynasty, Feng, Feng country used against Zhu Yuanzhang suggested: "Jinling a strategically situated place, of the monarch, the first to pull out of the thought at all." China take the world to "peanuts" in the body of Zhu Yuanzhang was Nanjing's trend DragonVenture, army captured this place, he was unable to hold oneself back to announce the capital built here, especially the Zijin Mountain caused such as Dai Zhu affection, he ordered his tomb built in the above, the sky Xia shadow such as embroidered castle as the eternal life home to return to. The grand scale of Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum now only ruins, flowers and trees, Chong Li towering palaces and great cloud patterns have they not found, in addition to Shinto dozens of statue of dark grey stone was born, the above ground part of Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum has not many things. Not far from Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum south direction of the Plum Blossom Hill, Sun Quan tomb is located, when the driver to ask whether to dig out the Meishan built straight Shinto, Zhu Yuanzhang turned face up, said: "Sun Quan is a hero, just keep him for my guard door!" Zhu Yuanzhang never read what book, but on a very atmospheric poetic couplet on door of a butcher shop: "road of life and death split hands, knife cut off the non - root." There is a Deng Boyan scholar to know the emperor particularly like Zijin Mountain, on the rack sth. wrote the first poem of Zijin Mountain into the offer up, want hard to beat a, the poem "turtle Adachi quadrupole, Zijin Mountain Pan Long" of the sentence, Zhu Yuanzhang read again and again praised, on a whim, but simply to read aloud, Deng Boyan thought the emperor angry a, frighten scare the shit out of sb., collapsed on the stage, was carried out the door before she came to Donghua. The people that Yang Wenmin, the world can be used as the imperial capital of place but two, one is in Nanjing, one is in Beijing. "The world of mountains and rivers situation, magnificent, for Kyoto, nothing more than the jinling. And if the generous, passes solid risk, 夷旷 total choke Central Plains, and Mo Yan thistle. Although Changan has a strategic pass, Luo Yi for the world, to the emperor will, for millions of years of peace.For a long time, Jinling, Mo Yan Ji if also."
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15 dragon -- Humanistic ship and the Canaanites beiren -- foreign people say China traditional -- " China culture; Ling told " the sound; 26 Yanzhao chant in a heroic but mournful tone 31 operating the world non Yan can't 35 absolute beauty from the land rises -- sound shadow disappeared in the homesickness -- Yan Zhaotianliang Jin Dao autumn heroism -- 41 fertile soil iron is a kind of crime -- Silver death smell darling fragrance -- drawn from the box in the 51 to three foot gradually rust tripod stand -- Hebei Yankees and citizen culture -- the North " the flowers of evil " -- imperial ball velvet curtain 65 is end of Empire in Beijing -- on horseback -- with the Jiangshan in the late Qing Dynasty -- the Beijing style bath -- to mantle dies in 85 eunuch sunflower treasure Dian 90 Qilu world root 97 Lu people and all 103 Confucius is a month when the 109 stars -- the saint of saints -- Jiang Tai's cattle slaughter technique and the fishing operation -- Shanxi -- Shandong prime minister to Lone Pine and fox 121 hero their hometown -- Ji'nan -- the two writers in Penglai -- Liangshan played very drunk -- Shandong Han Chuang Guandong 137 ancient oriental......
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Northern volume dragon -- Humanistic geographical position and the Canaanites beiren -- foreign people say China traditional -- Chinese culture "spirit to sound" Yanzhao chant in a heroic but mournful tone to operating the world non Yan can not be absolute beauty from the land rises -- sound shadow disappeared in the homesickness -- by a cool autumn heroism -- the fertile soil is a kind of crime -- longitudinal death smell darling fragrance -- from the tray out of the gold knife was getting rusty Ding to three foot stand -- Hebei Yankees and citizen culture -- the "flowers of evil" -- imperial velvet curtain by the end of Empire in Beijing -- on the horseback Jiangshan -- a late sunset -- Beijing bath -- attack to die in the mantle of eunuch sunflower root guru and Qilu world Confucius Qi is a month when the stars -- a saint of saints -- Jiang Taigong to slaughter cattle and fishing in Shanxi -- Shandong prime minister will -- Lone Pine and fox heroes hometown -- Ji'nan -- the two writers in Penglai appearance -- very drunk -- Liangshan Shandong Han Chuang Guandong ancient east of northwest Europe and Asia -- the silver age of umbilical cord made of silk. The temptation -- the thirty-six western countries -- the horse in the East idol -- Hetian Jade Flowery age -- a Sogdian Tang silk mirror shine on Central Asia -- Dunhuang -- the soul -- dark book my desert flowers from Kroraina mysterious time snake -- holy the pigeon Mo UL -- Pipa use family -- a eighteenth Century beauty. The classical gold Zhongyuan menghualu nine dynasties ancient capital of Feng Shui legend tradition is tough stretcher on the Yellow River Confucian and Buddhist master victims bone everywhere under Xiyan -- to an all-persuasive tongue King Hou Division -- crane body posture through political -- knight and his fire Qin emperor in ancient times Xiang 百二河山 luck yesterday dragon moon for light a sound old Shaanxi the North Shaanxi, hometown -- -- Mizhi Poyi Suide Han -- building sound full dress like snow -- open a sumptuous banquet feather and the Qin people from the Han to Tang of all -- Han Changan, Ailanthus lining prophecy -- Tang Changan, three hundred years of flowers -- thousands of gold powder into Loess big history -- a Jiangshan belongs to the helmsman acts -- Yang Guang's big disease -- conquer Zhenguan the handheld chrysanthemum extraordinaire -- River Lake -- the night plain, South volume directory cold jade the Jiangnan Jiangnan half king gas -- Six Dynasties ancient capital Hangzhou will spend half a terrain of strategic importance -- graceful landscape half silk -- cherry red broken spring -- he dream smoke cold water fall far history is a river south -- the new world -- Three Emperors sad Jiangnan -- Shaoxing shiye jobs -- Ningbo merchants money -- Shanghai rich history and blow off Shuiyun -- Qinhuai in the late Ming Yan trace -- water beautiful elegant garden to whisper -- Cao -- riding a crane under the Yangtze River -- landscape are geniuses Arcanum Hunan ground red white 云楚 hanging water Xiang e pepper and revolution in Xiangxi the gas and the modern China heroic leader -- a call Wang Fuzhi thought -- the "Haiguo" reading -- non Xiang not a military -- radical hurricane -- Hunan Red Century heresy in Sichuan Jiangshan light anomaly Shu crown Mount Emei -- Bodhi Qingshan stories -- Emei is a wonderland -- time on thick Cui spells on the Wenchang Temple four old local water book -- Mystic City Langzhong "golden peach"-- Chengdu last Qianlong Courtyard -- Luocheng, old and look -- 1944, Xinjin old sweet Sichuan Chengdu teahouse culture Dan medicine -- but are also -- the wheelbarrow, wooden ox narrative -- for a hundred years old hermit -- Sichuan Qingcheng evening curtain -- robe brother and putting off the robe in and out of lightning -- a - world wide -- wit Disposition -- Sichuan people occupy a leading position in a major suit plant hunters in West Sichuan heresy legend Jiangshan in light anomaly Shu crown Mount Emei -- Bodhi Qingshan stories -- Emei is a fairyland -- time on thick Cui spells on the Wenchang Temple four old local water book -- mystic Langzhong city "Jin Tao" -- Chengdu last Qianlong Courtyard -- Luocheng, old and look -- 1944, Xinjin old sweet Sichuan culture Dan medicine -- Chengdu is teahouse are also -- the wheelbarrow, wooden ox narrative -- for a hundred years old hermit -- Sichuan Qingcheng evening curtain -- robe brother and putting off the robe out of Sichuan and lightning -- a - world wide -- wit Disposition -- Sichuan people occupy a leading position in a big plate plant The hunter's Huaxi legend south of the Five Ridges Blues tide water old century old Guangdong trio Opium War eve Westerners eyes lit South Guangzhou thought revolution gilded tigers of Yunnan in modern times drunken gods wild red snow -- treason -- a plateau -- pulse zuixiang burial Kunming old days and rose halogen wine Yunnan historical costumes -- Miao Xiang King half monk -- three Yunnan -- Xu Xiake, a white cloud 云洋 people and modern Yunnan -- Yunnan Vietnam Railway howling -- snow's journey to the South "-- Shangri-La" maker Hilton -- lonely lion Rock -- gone south tiger in Lijiang in 1941 -- the caravan peak time -- a call Square Street in the center of "Dao" awaken the Russians -- Gu Peter -- Lijiang -- missionary journey never drink not to Wang Adan's wine cellar postscript @# #@ This book is about the regional culture Chinese masterpieces, is an illustrated collection of cultural essays. North and South roll roll. The author selects a typical and representative of the ten regional culture in the Chinese culture, such as Yan Zhao, Wu Yue, Qin culture culture culture, south of the Five Ridges culture, Bashu culture, the humanistic geography, historical memory, travels together. Maybe it will not China geographical culture all acquisition among them, but will "common sense interpretation of one side of the water" thoroughly. Make the reader aspect of heaven and earth, stagecoach north and south, remain within doors and know the world, feel the wonderful Chinese human geography, humanities deeply appreciate the beauty and the regional characteristics of concrete.
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"China humanistic geographical position (set of 2 volumes)": the pursuit of modernity, let us return to the traditional.
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