Chinese folk Tongzhi

Date of publication:2005-3   Press: Education in Shandong   Author:Ren Cheng   Pages´╝Ü402  
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The total order of two, academic concept, history, custom three feature the first chapter of human taboo section itself outside the human body, the body a sacred taboo taboo two, dirty human taboo second own human taboo, taboo, a bare two bone taboo three, four, five body tattoo taboo taboo, taboo images six, color gas third section of body composition of a taboo taboo, taboo, taboo two hair, eyebrows taboo four three head, eyes, nose, taboo taboo five, six ears, eight, seven: taboo taboo taboo, taboo nine neck shoulder ten breast, eleven, twelve, atrial taboo taboo taboo, taboo fourteen and thirteen. Taboo fifteen, saliva, blood, sweat taboo taboo sixteen, second chapter seventeen semen taboo sex taboo section are taboo second sexual temptation taboo third section compression taboo fourth segmental profane taboos third chapter fourth chapter sex marriage taboo taboo sixth holiday sex taboo and taboo fifth chapter sixth chapter costume taboo seventh chapter diet taboo the eighth chapter inhabitation taboo ninth chapter tenth chapter traveling taboo taboo language taboo urine eleventh chapter twelfth chapter funeral taboo The thirteenth chapter fourteenth nutation sacrifice bogey taboo taboo taboo plant fifteenth chapter fifth section object artifacts taboo sixteenth chapter age taboo seventeenth chapter eighteenth chapter dream taboo taboo exorcise evils @##@ bibliography. How to build for the future, facing the world of Chinese civilization, is the historical responsibility of each and every one of us Chinese. The fusion and its foundation is thousands of years of the national spirit, national culture and national consciousness of folk. The book tells of five thousand years of Chinese development of taboo, give you a better understanding of the Chinese civilization.
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