Chinese folk culture

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Culture is not only the upper, elite, is also lower, folk. However, in the university curriculum system, seems to be fully covered by the elite culture, almost no lower culture position. With the vigorous development of sports intangible cultural heritage, folk culture more and more attention from the whole society. Many universities and colleges have opened or ready to open the folk culture in the curriculum, but suffers from the lack of teaching materials. It is in order to "fill in the blanks" folk culture, meet the teaching demand, this material emerge as the times require.
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Introduction: understanding folk culture festival folk culture first define the second festival folk culture survival predicament third festival folk culture characteristics of fourth festival folk culture of practical value in section fifth and intangible cultural heritage. In the sixth part the folk culture and common nouns explain in section seventh China folk cultural classification of folk cultural meaning of life the first meet the basic survival desire second festival folk life is harmonious life chapter second production and trade section farming folk festival second fishery folk third day fourth festival folk handicraft trade chapter third basic necessities of life the first folk diet for second day third festival folk costume folk live fourth festival folk travel the fourth chapter life etiquette section and second section third admission etiquette etiquette ganglion of adult etiquette fourth festival ceremonies in section fifth and section sixth birthday funeral chapter fifth year-old season first what is meant by "section and second sections have the Spring Festival: very time the very act of third festival festive food fourth Festival: celebration fifth rich implication of the Ching Ming Festival sixth Festival Dragon Boat Festival two themes: the seventh day Mid Autumn Festival" Circular "beauty The good realm eighth Chung Yeung Festival cultural personality of the sixth chapter first festival folk amusement entertainment section second daily game third chess game fourth day children's game seventh chapter folk art section 1 the origin of folk art festival folk fifth second third day fourth festival folk New Year paintings of folk opera festival folk songs sixth section eighth garden art of folk literature and the first chapter what is the festival of folk literature in section second, the myth of the modern narrative section third epic: the grand narrative of section fourth: a folklore ancestor's collective memory Fifth Festival Folk Tales: Entertainment narrative chapter ninth folk language first festival folk adages in section second of chapter tenth daily taboo folk belief the first gods belief in section second, section third of daily worship the fourth Festival auspicious taboo folk worship fifth zodiac animal worship and the eleventh chapter the folk knowledge first day second day feast proper etiquette etiquette third day children education section fourth tea for the exchange and dissemination of Li fifth day chores specification section sixth and section seventh life note taking twelfth chapter the folk culture of the first section Chinese the national food blend the second section "Ding Li Culture "out of third modern foreign food culture introduction in Chapter thirteenth the folk culture of the investigation and Research on the first day of folk cultural field work second day entered the field program section third folk culture academic point of the fourth section of folk culture and the pursuit of the main references postscript
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