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The emblem for Expo 2010 Shanghai China: inspiredby the shape of calligraphic creation of the Chinese character "WTO" (meaning "the world"), the emblem projectsThe image of three persons, you, I and he/she, throwingarms around each other. It symbolizes the big family ofmankind in harmony and happiness, and conveys the no-tion of the world expositions of "understanding, commu-nication, union and cooperation It showcases the greatefforts". Of Expo 2010 Shanghai China to focus on the hu-manistic core.
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I.Basic Facts about Expo2010 1 Aim 2 Category 3 Site Selection 4 Duration 5 Ticket InformationII.Theme and Theme Development for Expo 20101 Theme and Sub-themes 2 Establishment of Theme 3 Theme Development 4 Contents of the Theme 5 Theme PresentationIII.Emblem of Expo 20101 Meaning of the Emblem 2 Birth of the Emblem IV.Mascot of Expo 20101 Meaning of the Mascot 2 Birth of the MascotV.The Organizational Structure of Expo 20101 The National Organizing Committee for the World Exposition Shanghai China 20102 The Executive Committee for the World Exposition Shanghai China 20103 Bureau of Shanghai World Expo CoordinationVI.The International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE) 1 International Exhibitions Convention and the BIE 2 China and the BIEVII.Site Planning for Expo 1 Compiling of Site Planning 2 Layout of the Expo Site 3 Design of Main BuildingsVIII.Display in Pavilions 1 China Pavilion 2 Theme Pavilions 3 Pavilions of Foreign Countries and International Organizations 4.Corporate PavilionsIX.Events for Expo 2010X.Forus of Expo 2010XI.The Promtion of Expo 2010XII.Urban Best Practiccs Area (UBPA) XIII.World Exposition Shanghai China 2010 OnlineXIV.Transport for Expo XV.Volunteers for Expo 2010
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