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Date of publication:2001-8   Press: Jiangxi Education Publishing House   Author:Duan Qiming   Pages´╝Ü1230  
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The table text of appendix emperors name, place of the capital, the origin destination table the official profile China successive scale comparison table capacity standard China dynasties rise transition table Chinese history two, Jin weight standard change table China step and Mu carry transition table China ancient product name and carry profile China ancient unit of length table name and carry China ancient capacity unit name and carry profile China ancient weight unit name and carry profile China calendar entries @##@ classification table The dictionary was first published in 1991 April. In order to meet the needs of current, we performed audit revision of edition the blend, and added a new entry. The revised publishing, as a tribute to twenty-first Century. China vast territory, has a long history, ancient cultural relics in multitude, numerous stars, come first on the list in the world. Understanding China ancient culture, absorbing the essence and to carry forward, is the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, improve the national pride and self-confidence necessary conditions. To this end, we developed and revised the medium-sized "Chinese ancient cultural knowledge dictionary". This dictionary for professional researchers, secondary or higher education level and high school students, the ancient culture lovers and other readers to use, but also can be used for primary and secondary school teachers, teaching and cultural workers in the reference. This dictionary the achievements of ancient and modern scholars, and absorbed some latest achievements. Limited to the style, can not be one one note, I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude! In writing, publishing and the publishing process, press, editor, rows of school leader comrade paid the hard work, also would like to express our deep gratitude!
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