China Western cultural diversity and ethnic identity

Date of publication:2008-6   Press: Social Science Document Press   Author:Chao Ge Jin ed.   Pages:365  

This book consists of 19 special field investigation report. The authors from Beijing and Xinjiang, are all be trained with regularity of experts, and the cultural traditions of the long term follow up and close to the observer. Here with pictures and text, is about the life in the region along the silk road. Many historic ethnic common people's spiritual world, especially the oral traditions of their. In this book, we can touch the Kirgiz, Books are numerous. soulstirring epic "Manasi", the Uygur euphemism has long verse, induced, genuine and sincere, Kazak wise ballads, proverbs, jokes and their unique Arkin, magnificent mythology, mountain Tajiks magic legend and the story of life and growth in nature, Xibe folk beyond count of manuscripts and libretto, Hui martial complex, traditional belief system, Oirat Mongolia Hong momentum of the heroic ode, etc.. We can also read authors from anxiety, feel the enormous impact of ancient and beautiful human intangible cultural heritage is the worry, to feel that they and the people stood together stand, aware of their public praise and worship the great poetic wisdom.
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Chao Ge Jin, law (Folklore) PhD, deputy director of the Institute of Ethnic Literature Academy of Social Sciences researcher China. The director China Minority Literature Association, vice chairman of the China folklore society, world folklore scholars organization communication membership. Researcher at the national development and Reform Commission Cultural Industry Research Center, member of the expert committee of the rescue project Chinese folk cultural heritage, national non material Cultural Heritage Committee Committee of experts.
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Stood for people (generation of the Kirgiz epic inheritance) English summary survey twentieth Century Manasi odd population survey report Uyghur oral literature overview of Moyu County Uygur 达斯坦奇 survey log Kazak oral heritage of Xinjiang Oirat Mongolia oral genre and the epic tradition of Xinjiang Xibe traditional oral literature review Kirgiz oral tradition genre overview China Tajik oral genre Xinjiang other ethnic oral literature of Xinjiang Hui culture features of the Uyghur Muqam verbal art overview Dao Lang Hami Kok "Mai Xi Lai Pu" Hami Uygur "Mai Xi Lai Pu" field investigation report of Xibe Shaman culture survey Turkic ethnic groups analysis report of Uygur Shamanism customs and rituals China rain song the language of Xinjiang using situation and developing trend of
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Kirgiz epic inheritance in Xinjiang Wuqia County epic inheritance report by the US Institute of UNESCO's "Silk Road Cultural Heritage Protection" project is an urgent inquiry task. I spit sweat and associate research fellow, Xinjiang Federation of literary and art circles of folk literature and Art Association. In Sark, my comrade Ren Chunsheng a three people, left Urumqi in October 6, 2003, 8 arrived in Wuqia County, the county's epic status of oral were investigated for a week. Time is pressing, investigating a very full schedule. Our biggest harvest is to interview the Wuqia county is the most influential, the most representative of the 3 epic singers -- Salter Ahom? Kader (Sartahun Kader, 61 years old), Gu Li Xun? Eshmat (Gulusun Eshimat, female, 56 years old) and 塔巴勒 de? Crimean (Tabalde Kerim, 70 years old), and the the inheritance they were investigated in detail, to their singing was also recording, video recording, also took many photos. In addition, we interviewed the Wuqia county famous "Gila" odd (Sanjiraqi, Kirghiz tribal legends, epic legend about the jade home) Mayr Maurer multiple (Yumermoldo), impromptu singing singer Buick ofmetol? 曼拜特 kuhlman (Bektur Manbetkurman), Kumu Zi performer ofmetol dry in? Qasim (Turganbay Kasim), mouth player Joel Gu Li? Mila Jia (Yurugul Jamil) and several other performing artists. During the investigation, we also with the singer Sutter Aghion took a boy's circumcision 托依 (for boys rite of circumcision and festive activities). Later in the Kirgiz Artux City aggregation, Jun Xiang was investigated in a day. In the survey, we both the joy of harvest, but also on the oral epic tradition facing danger worry. In the western development, speeding up the process of modernization today, how to protect the national oral tradition, is an important problem worth thinking and discussion.
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