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Date of publication:2011-9   Press: Renmin University of China press   Author:He Zhaowu Liu Xielin   Pages´╝Ü646  

He Zhaowu, 1921 was born in Beijing in September, Hunan origin Yueyang. In 1939 admitted to the Southwest University, has studied civil engineering, history, philosophy, foreign language department. 1956 to 1986 China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of history research assistant, researcher, Hou Wailu "in China thought history" written work. Since 1986, Institute of Tsinghua University professor thought culture, and guest professor of Columbia University professor American access and German Marburg university. Has long been engaged in research of historical theory and history of Western thinking, at the same time devoted to the classics of western academic translation work. The main works of Rousseau "social contract theory", "thought Pascale," recorded "Kant's critique of historical reason." Russell, "the history of Western Philosophy", works has been collected for "critique of historical reason book", "history and history", "history of rational reconstruction", "Chinese and Western cultural exchange history" and so on a number of a recent works, oral memoirs "school note".
Liu Lin, unloading, vice president, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences School of management professor, tutor, director of Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences's information management and technology innovation research center.
1982 received a bachelor degree from Peking University in 1985, received a master's degree in Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1994 by Tsinghua University PhD in management. Taught at the Tsinghua University, in 1985 ~ 1996, 1996 ~ 2006, the Ministry of science and technology China technology promotes the development research center. In 1995 2 ~ August, visiting professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Sloan School of management USA, 1997 4 ~ August, visiting professor at Wollongong University in Australia, in 2002 November to 2003 January, the Japanese Studies at the Hitotsubashi University innovation visiting professor at the JSPS, in 2005 1 ~ March, a visiting professor at Hitotsubashi University in Japan in the new study, in 2006 9 ~ December, visiting professor at the Stockholm School of Economics in sweden. In 2000 won the first prize of Ministry of education, science and technology progress.
research field for the management of technological innovation, science and technology policy, industrial policy. The representative of "globalization", "innovation, to catch up with the economics of technological innovation", "knowledge economy" and the introduction of Innovation,
Technology and Regional Policy: Evidence from China and
Australia. In the Research Policy and other top academic journals published 10 papers.
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The copyright page: Christians: we now proclaim God is the idea in your mind and all engraved in the hearts of the entity. However, due to not so carefully, it is not in accordance with this concept should be aware of it, but put it to distort the droller. So God to give us to put forward his ideas, by his prophets and declared to us that he is the own, that is to say, all things in all reality or integrity are included that exists in his nature, infinite exists in all sense, a word, there is body. When we put our worship of God is called the God, you think we are only made him understand for a great, have the power of the monarch. Your manager, your supreme righteousness, than the powerful imperial ideas, more infinitely close to our idea of god. Don't get me wrong, our theory. I'll tell you again: our God, is the existence of the own body, infinite perfect, is the existence of body. You as our God's heavenly king, but there is a body of this or that, our God is without any conditions, there is no limit. A way for him to all the limited spirit can not understand allThere are full of things, in all things were created as well as possible in all the real nature of things, are contained in his own. He was in his own even also contains the most imperfect things in the end, all material inside a reality or integrity. But it does not include the incompleteness, its limit, it no, because in the presence of body inside, no, not of any kind in infinity limit. My hand is not my head, my chair, my room, it is not my spirit, not your spirit. It (my hand) contains, just say no, inexhaustible, no where it is not what it contains. But in the presence of infinite perfect body without. Our God is everything, everywhere, everywhere, you needn't bother to understand why he is so. Because you are limited, if a limited spirit can understand him, then the infinite attribute is not his property. You can indicate that, but cannot explain why it is so, just to prove that a is not understand, can not be explained to all limited mental. Chinese: you told me about the idea of God is the best idea all the idea, I agree, because no matter how to say, no more than the great infinite. But we deny this infinite exists. This is a fiction, not a reality fantasy. Christian: you have a point there, there is a supreme criterion, a supreme truth, its light according to all people, it arranged a good order in the universe. If people tell you that the supreme truth is just a fiction of your spirit, how can you prove its existence? Of course, its existence is only infinite perfect existence there is an inevitable result of the body. You'll see soon. Below is the existence of God a very simple, very natural, it is I can give everything that you in the most simple. To what is not and what didn't want to, what are not perceived and what didn't consciousness, is one thing. Therefore, all spiritual current, direct perception of things is what things, or are there. Note: I mean current, directly, because, I know very well, that I'm asleep, even in many cases when awake, think of some things that do not exist. But our hearts current, direct object is not these things. The soul of our current object, even in our dreams, it is very real. Because, if the object is not what, so in our dreams have no difference, because there is no difference between what is not. So, again, that spirit now perceived were real. And I think my infinite, current, direct perception of unlimited, so there is unlimited. Because, if it does not exist, in the perception of it, I what all not aware of, so I was not perceived. I perceived, while no perception, which is obviously contradictory. Chinese: I admit, if your spirit of the current object is infinite, then you want it, it must exist. But the spirit of your current object is nothing but your spirit. I mean, your perception of unlimited, but because you called the spirit of this part of the organic, purified gas (a substance) to show you. In this way, you think of unlimited, and can not conclude that the infinite absolute existence, and exists in other than us.
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Chinese and India
the Chinese Empire @##@ appendix "China impression: foreign celebrities on China culture" included 62 foreign celebrities on Chinese culture, the author is outstanding creators of world culture, it is ordinary people can not achieve the depth and breadth of human wisdom, emitting a glorious, from their own perspective on the each side of Chinese culture.
they are in different times, so that readers can from their Chinese discussion, to change China image in the history of the world. Much of the discussion beyond the limits of national culture, from the human perspective China, helps people to grasp the China should how to move toward the world and cultural reflection.
"China impression: foreign celebrities on Chinese culture" by He Zhaowu and Liu Xielin.
Chapter excerpt

Chinese problem, even for anyone China beyond are no effect, but also has the profound significance, because China population accounts for about 1 / 4 of the total human population. However, in fact, a significant impact, the whole world will be Chinese progress of the transaction whether good or bad, in the next two centuries, progress Chinese affairs will be a decisive factor. @##@ -- Russell "China impression: foreign celebrities on Chinese culture" as one of the overseas China research library.
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