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The copyright page: Xie Jin away, Zhang Yimou to "Zhang Yimou", it is the problem of film system. A troubled movie system, turned Zhang Yimou into a culture. The talented director, finally failed to live up to our 25 years ago for his enthusiastic." Literary critic Zhu Dake told the "Southern Weekend" reporter. In the Zhang Yimou held, from the beginning of Xie Jin's censure. According to Zhu Dake's memory, the earliest criticism of Xie Jin is Chinese department at East China Normal University in Li Jie, Shanghai, Huxi Workers Cultural Palace film group sponsored a movie lecture, first proposed the "Xie Jin film era should end", won warm applause from the presence of film critics. In July 8, 1986, Zhu Dake in the "Wen Wei Po" published "Xie Jin" movie mode defects, these defects include "commercial property" Xie Jin film, and the "standard Hollywood aesthetic taste and habit", "even more disturbing is Xie Jin cater to moral taste, and the so-called modern consciousness irrelevant". The article was reprinted, triggered a big discussion about Xie Jin's films. Li robbery published "Xie Jin era" should be the end of the. Think Xie Jin the talented director, to the surrounding "Tuan Tuan and bow" on the screen, in exchange for a piece of 'warm and blind "cheers and applause. Mining of Zhang Yimou's movie, is soon in this field after criticism. "Around 1987," Red Sorghum "to the Shanghai premiere, the director of the Department of" Wen Wei Po "give me a ticket, I do look. After that I went to see, think of some new ideas in the discussion, followed by "Wen Wei Po" at the meeting said that." Said Li Jie, attend theA discussion of the pioneer, was called, for example, Zhang Xian, Sun Ganlu, GE fei. "" Red Sorghum "in Shanghai literary critics get hitherto unknown affirmation, and even some people said on the spot, it is a grand festival Chinese cinema. "Red Sorghum" show to the world, China film is no longer in accordance with the will of power processing, but as the creator of their own will and." Li Jie said, Zhang Yimou give criticism on Xie Jin as the representative of the fifth generation of director debut, clearing the way. After a few months, "the king of the children" premiere in Shanghai, Kaige Chen said to Zhu Dake: "happy your knife stabbed to China film leaves the lung." "On the" Red Sorghum "sure, really hope China film changed, break through the mode of Xie Jin." Rob Lee did not think of is, "Zhang Yimou would later become the Xie Jin second, and Xie Jin Xie Jin". Zhang Yimou Zhu Yuanzhang's legend is to overthrow the "Xie Jin model" of the "weapon", but Zhang Yimou was never this one. Zhang Yimou was born, his father's head on the top of a "counter revolutionary history" hat, grow up in such a family he, from the psychological and personality is very depressed, twist. In 1978 September, over 6 year old worker Zhang Yimou after many setbacks, breaking into the Photography Department of Beijing Film Academy to study. The college admissions over, opened less than a week, some people put up big character posters, for colleges expand enrollment and recruited students, expressed "different opinions". Have learned Zhang Yimou had dropped out of school, then school, two into two out before hard completed 4 years of schooling, this is not his classmate Kaige Chen, Tian Zhuangzhuang and others will feel. "Zhang Yimou boarded the stage of history of the film industry, is a type of Liu Bang's story, a Zhu Yuanzhang legend." Li robbery concluded. In February 23, 1988, "Red Sorghum" won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, this is the first time in the western China film a film festival awards, news back Chinese, is considered to be "win glory for the motherland", the State Ministry of Radio Film and television also held a celebration. However, just three months later, the wind started to change. In 1988 May, to "Chinese film news" as the base camp, published a series of "Red Sorghum" 'criticism of the article. In May 5th, "Chinese film news" will this work called "uglification, spoil, insult Chinese film". The 10 day, the newspaper published an article "again dry heart", will be critical tone up for "insulting chinese".

On the way I want to be a great reporter. Until now, I was sure the reporter is my lifelong occupation target. As a journalist, my name is December 5, 2002 in the "Southern Weekend" appeared on the. The article is "mainland Taiwan cultural relics have a" reason "prefix", interview is as vice president Zhu the Imperial Palace museum. Take me into the "Southern Weekend" is sunny, I regarded as experienced reporters into the Ministry of culture. "Southern Weekend" threshold high, I and all the "Southern Weekend" colleagues, start from zero to do. I and all entered the "Southern Weekend" reporter, not used. "Southern Weekend" no occupation training, no manual editing. Reporters in Beijing station, is the implementation of completely loose type management, the weekly reporter station, open commentary report will report topics. From the subject to the interview, writing, completely is the reporter contact, arrangement. Accustomed to being managed by me, suddenly to a sheep style management of the newspaper, very not habit. But after about two months, I will enter the work state. Then I write is the 4 version of the project: "Jin Yong film" launched special topics for the Spring Festival of 2003, from the "Legend of the Condor Heroes", is to take in Denon "eight", I had an interview with Zhang Jizhong, Li Yapeng, Xun Zhou, 觉亮 Ju, Zhou Jie, Hu Jun, Zhou Xiaowen et al. Soon, because of the Beijing gate of Yongding reported "Beijing" open the door, I passed the "Southern Weekend" probation, officially became the "Southern Weekend" reporter. Through the 2003 report, "Feng Xiaogang: I'm going to take art piece", "Dai Sijie and the little tailor", "Wang Zhiwen", "Jin Yong: the human knowledge is not one of my defects" and "Jin Yong", "Cui Jian Festival: because of fear, so critical," Liu Zhenyun interview etc. This series this article is to stay in my book. That year was the exploration phase, but I didn't want to let the "Southern Weekend" Edit disappointed, through these exclusive interview, slowly I know "Southern Weekend" news should be how to do. Before, I in the newspapers, it is with young, good health, hard-working, can write and run, have certain resources. Any ambitious young people in his unit talent showing itself, become a leader. But, soon, you'll find out, do a diligent ants, is futile, you have in accordance with the system of the unspoken rule, first as editor, and then as deputy director of a director of a deputy editor editor, it is a all people recognized the value and road. In this environment, many young journalists full of wit, most of the people become a mediocre department director in a few years, try various devices to climb, become a part of the management team and the vested interest of the team. No one put occupation reporters as his lifelong occupation, there is no such values. Only the "Southern Weekend" to a reporter, passion, ideal and faith. In 2004, I have become this year's time the most journalists. An interview with Ge You, Tsui Hark, Jimmy, Sarah Brightman, Xun Zhou, Jacklyn Wu, Zhao Baogang, Stephen Chow, Botton, Yang Zhengguang, Jia Pingwa, special world heritage conference, an interview with Yu Qiuyu Yu Qiuyu during the cultural revolution and investigation should be the year that "Southern Weekend" proud to report. Because of the cultural influence in local news, in 2005, I began to adjust, extended by TV, film, literature, entertainment to education news, Chen Danqing left to become a National Tsinghua University Press, I only took the opportunity, let him talk about the hazards of university art education of art. In 2006, I started to give up the idea of becoming a writer. "Southern Weekend" digital master the Ministry of culture, Wang Yin is a poet, photographer; Xia Yu is a novelist, essayist; Li Hongyu a translator, critic; Zhou Jun is a traveler, essayist novelist; Zhu Liyuan; Yang is a playwright. I am good at where? Compared with them, I dare not take shots novels, prose, and even if I have this ability, we know one's limitations, or at most a three flow, but if the energy spent in the news, a news occupation, I might do first-class. Is also based on this idea, in 2006, I began to ask themselves to occupation journalist. This year I press reached 61, with "Pu Cunxin" art ": jump into this pot of porridge", "Fudan University Independent Recruitment", "Guo Jingming" OK "Cara of plagiarism, copyright fees", "special" "cultural hot news, also have" made the film Bureau, can not enter the cinema "," Changsha KTV come out of television artist "," the Beijing skill system reform "," Lolita from the storm track to the "century classic" "," "Han Han white safety for such cultural phenomenaAnd the special, Fan Xiaoqing, Hu Ge, Yan Lianke, Mo Yan, Yu Hua, Chen Zhongshi, Wu Heping, Hu Yinmeng, Tan Mei such in-depth interview, also have "problem research in search of the west of the Red Army" such. I took 5 monthly good draft award, 2 editor in chief special award, 1 news stories of the year award two. "Southern Weekend" is a good school, there is a high level editors, and their cooperation, the exercise of my ability. From an interview of homework, outline settings, to the scene of the interview skills, and later writing, I have benefited a lot from. For example, the Ministry of culture and Xiangyang, Wu Yu, Chen Yiming, learned how to write news; the news' Zhang Jie and later joined the "Southern Weekend" Yuan Lei there, learned the whole structure of news. I feel deeply, in other newspapers do, I handed out raw materials; in the "Southern Weekend", I make out of work. By 2007, the amount of time I reached 66. Check, I kept the original traditional topics such as Guo Jingming, the court case, news spokesman, assist expansion, Wang Weiping on television interview Chinese ideology, there are special 4 edition of the "Ming Dynasty", more of the old Nanjing destroyed, culture ministry survey certificate for profit, and "the sea if his art full record" this feature to try, also have in-depth investigations about the comfort women compensation survey, Shanghai textbook withdrawal of reprogramming; and I break departmental barriers, the contribution to the livelihood of the people news version, such as "citizen Han Han traffic problems", therefore, I also received 5 monthly news awards, 2 editor award, "Southern Weekend" annual Top Ten employee award and annual media Award three, the Ministry of education news special award. In 2008, I continue to move forward in occupation reporters on the road, press volume up to 97, the 6 monthly Journalism Award, 1 prize "Zhang Yimou editor in chief, decryption opening ceremony" won the "Southern Weekend" annual news two prize, "Jet Li" and "Chinese manufacturing" is a system problem "-- Wu Guanzhong on China art status" won the annual media award nomination. In 2009, I published 91 articles, 4 monthly Journalism Award, 2 collective monthly news award. I participated in the China dream weekend, open book publishing project. I won the "Southern Weekend" excellent staff special contribution award. This year, I have an obvious progress in the interview, such as Xu Zhuoyun, Goebel, Liu Xiaomeng, Nesbitt, Jin Chongji interviews; in hot figures, I also did not pass, such as Ge You, Kuhn, Ji Xianlin, Zhang Yimou, Mo Yan basically is exclusive special interview; in the hot issues, I do special advertising legislation on social hot topics of celebrity, Eileen Chang small reunion, cultural circles CPPCC participation project, Hongkong north, the educated youth movie special topics, world music project, "news broadcast" revision project basically is thick presentation. Sometimes, and the news department or Ministry of economic affairs colleagues chat, heard that the Ministry of culture, with easy writing easy, I think it's a misunderstanding: the social news and economic news, many times with the inertia in the work, because it is often at the start of the incident, as long as you follow events logic, and find out the truth antecedents and consequences, write out. No matter how many people you interview, is a simple interview, even in two words or three interviews. And the Ministry of culture to do the press? Usually the public know the figures, each interview should have new material; usually a hot hundreds of media interviews, see how hard it is. As a person, two hour interview, data collection and interview outline may be two to three days to prepare, plus the interview, writing, probably a week. The political, social, economic news competitors have so much? Beginning in 2010, I was in the "Southern Weekend" eighth year work, commissioned by the newspaper, I am responsible for the publishing of pioneering work. I may not write so many articles like the past 7 years, but for each news article my future, I will be as in the past efforts, write the "Southern Weekend" high standard piece. Hope that through their own efforts, like the "Southern Weekend reporter that", can make the names inscribed on China news history. Although I am already 38 years old, but I think the maturity as a reporter, I only just begun, I hope I can always keep the passion and power, keep a person to run in the way of posture, the slogan as "Southern Weekend": you see when I, I and news on paper, you can't see me, I and the news on the way.
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Total order: you have to touch them, they are Chinese jumping heart order: why want to scold Zhang Yimou -- Zhang Yimou's criticism of Yu Qiuyu history of "Cultural Revolution" survey Wu Guanzhong fake paintings investigation in the way Xie Jin first album news site last Haiyi "as his second album" survey system and man: Pu Cunxin jumped into the "art" this pot of porridge Zhang Heping: "art" modest change everywhere Zhang Heping "is a system problem" -- Wu Guanzhong talked about the present situation of Chinese art Chen Daoming: "I will not go into the crowd of people" actor Chen Daoming the third series of cultural truth Jin Yong: knowledge is not enough to be a big disappointment in life Johnwoo: I shot the film in order to let Westerners know Chinese "Cultural Revolution" has become history, but also makes people heavy long ah -- Interview with Zhang Yimou Chinese manufacturing "is Jet Li want the government to know this thing" - Jet Li "art" and "Dao" Feng Xiaogang: "Tangshan earthquake" shooting Ge You: I just want to entertain Wang Zhiwen now: all the scenes were in my own generation postscript Zhang Ying: first I @##@ pumpkin foam In this book, by Zhang Ying to celebrity interviews, you'll find out, Chen Daoming, Feng Xiaogang, Ge You et al's story, really inspires people. Zhang Ying's question, so sharp and so frank. In his BiWen, a celebrity was forced to remove camouflage, flashed a their cards, the original, under the fame and glory, their success was also so trivial and ordinary. This point, will give us the daily to add a confidence and comfort.
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Zhang Ying is not the kind of can be used to define the reporter, he is the complete meaning of a can and "reporters" this occupation of journalists on the holographic correspondence. His almost instinctive curiosity, his rare news sensitivity and acquisition, ability to break through, so he became the first South week China weekly years time champion, also works with. -- "Southern Weekend" deputy editor Chen Mingyang as the "Southern Weekend" one shot gun, Zhang Ying said, the way he has just begun. This is a mature reporter confidence. I wish he broke the old fate, go further in the reporter on the road. -- the Southern Newspaper Media Group vice chief editor Jiang Yiping
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Jin Yong, Wu Guanzhong, Chen Daoming, Zhang Yimou, Wang Zhiwen, Feng Xiaogang, Johnwoo, Pu Cunxin, Jet Li, Ge You, Zhang Heping...... Why do they say they will not speak the truth? Because of him, is China first-class cultural reporter. "China culture scene" is "Southern Weekend" senior reporter Zhang Ying eight years of accumulated work.
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