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Date of publication:1970-1   Press: Jilin publishing Refco Group Ltd   Author:Li Haixia, Jin Kaicheng   Pages:120  
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The origin of a word -- the Millennium case two A new force suddenly rises. Haofang Pai three bold faction the creation characteristics of four Su Shi and five Xin Qiji and @##@ generous broad-minded The bold words created by Su Shi Xin Qiji in the Southern Song Dynasty Northern Song Dynasty, the development to the peak, the word "Yan branch" to break the barriers, style bold and imaginative, artistic conception, language fluent Xiongqi kuoda. Concerning the theme, style, tone and writing skill and subtle sent many different words, but in a high school. Haofang Pai CI broad themes, not only depict flowers, moon, male Huan, women love, more military state this subject matter into the word, the word can reflect the life like poetry as, the so-called "no word can not be in, no matter be in".
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