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Qin Changan release Sengzhao the husband brahmajala Sutra, the cover is made of the method, the true model; Mahatma compounds, Walker order right. Is to teach Buddha right, although the complex measureless, said to be interesting, not as a guide to say. Is the main knowledge of Qin won, Shen Ning Fen table. Although weinview Sihai, and stick to abstruse: Although the wind to eight, and contemplate the dust outside. So Philip was three years, pure and East fan, so Chao Tianzhu master Kumarajiva in Changan Caotang temple, and semantics of Salmonella 3000 monks, hand over the interpretation of Sanskrit, mouth, five dozen. The only "brahmajala Sutra" one hundred and twenty Vol. sixty-one, among them "kindhearted" Tenth products, specifically Ming Bodhisattva. When the melt, movie, three hundred people, namely the Bodhisattva Precepts, all recite this product, the first thought that heart. Master Yi Tai, to write a eighty-one flow in the world. To make up his Bodhi, tracking to understand reasons. So Ji in offspring with Wen yan.

China ancient culture broad and profound, has a long history, is one of the most important parts of the world culture. We in the process of compiling the series, to refine on attitude, the way Pisa Kim, China ancient culture of conducted a comprehensive comb, the system seeks to enable readers to feel the Chinese splendid ancient civilization, accurately grasp the Chinese nation amid the endless ancient context and a comprehensive to understand the grand style of the Chinese nation cover and contain everything. Over the years, we organized relevant research of many people. Learn, readers have been with great enthusiasm look forward to see a comprehensive display of ancient culture China panorama series. Therefore, this set of books to the huge capacity of hitherto unknown, the multi-dimensional presents essence Chinese ancient culture. The characteristics of this series is: all the text is marked with Chinese Pinyin; all are the most representative of ancient Chinese classic culture will appear in succession here; all the documents used in all Chinese simplified characters, to maximize the Chinese different historical period of classical literature in a very convenient way to the readers. We believe, these characteristics will be different process to improve Chinese ancient culture in society rate.
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Kumarajiva (Sanskrit Kum ā Raj ī VA) (AD 344 ~ 413 years), transliteration is 鸠摩罗 elderly woman, and Kumarajiva Po, referred to as Roche. The father of the pigeon Mo Luo Yan, female name for Shiva, collectively known as the name of the parents, Chinese means "Tong shou". When the Eastern Jin Dynasty after the monk, the famous Buddhist translators. And the truth (499 - 569), Xuan Zang (602 ~ 664), and known as the three major Buddhist translators Chinese. The other said there is Yi Jing (635 - 713) (and not empty (705 - 774)) and called the four translation teachers. The origin of India, was born in the western regions Qiuci state (now Xinjiang Kuche County). Young monk, beginners Theravada, Mahayana after learning through, especially good at Prajna, and proficient in Chinese language, studied Indian states, visited teacher Dade, dig myogi. He was diligent, and have wide learning and a retentive memory, so much attention and praise. Qin Hong in the Eastern Jin Dynasty after only three years (AD 401 years), Yao Xing sent welcome to Changan (now Shaanxi Xi'an Northwest) engaged in translation, become our country a translation company. The rate of disciples of monk, eight hundred people, translated "Maha Prajna", "Lotus", "Zhi Ji Vimalakirti", "Amitabha", "King Kong", and "in", "hundred", "twelve" and "sastra" theory, a total of seventy-four, volume three hundred and eighty-four. Because of the very simple and smooth, myogi natural construed significantly without obstruction, so by the people's favorite, widespread, for the development of Buddhism, has a great contribution to. Meso introduced Zong theory, as the origin of the later three cases. Buddhism into real division, Tiantai Sect, all by the translation theory and the creation of. A famous disciple, Sengzhao, melt, monk Rui, when referred to as the "four noble". [editor this paragraph] of Qiuci ancient wisdom of the father son Kumarajiva pigeon Mo Luo Yan, Tianzhu, prominent family background, generation phase, his father 鸠摩达多, a handsome dandy, well-known far and near. The pigeon Mo Luo Yan gifted and high day, this should be the people following phase, but he not only refuse it, and decided to become a. Then the east to Qiuci Kingdom, Qiuci Wang very much admire his Gode, he personally to the outskirts to meet, and send for the. Kumarajiva's mother, Wang Baichun's sister is Qiuci the woman, smart was high, can be gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory and comprehension of the Miao yi. The body is a mark, according to the law of life, it is the feature will baby. Has the double ten years, although there are countries dignitaries to propose, but she refused to promise. Until saw the pigeon Mo Luo Yan, very focused, determined to marry him. When Kumarajiva's pregnant mothers, regardless of memory and understanding, have doubled in the past, even without a teacher Tong Zhu, everyone is surprised. An arhat Damour Qu Sha said: "this phenomenon, must be a wise child. This is in the womb, the mother of wisdom as often, it is a precedent. "When Kumarajiva was born, his mother will suddenly forget the Tianzhu language. Soon, Kumarajiva mother want to be a monk, but her husband does not allow, and later gave birth to a boy, named Deva cassel. When she went out of the city to visit, see the girl between bones scattered everywhere, so deeply thinking Rupa is bitter, he vowed to have a monk. But the husband the pigeon Mo Luo Yan insisted on not agree, so she went on hunger strike, after six days, power failure, be at death's door. Her husband, had to reluctantly agreed to. But she has not yet become, resolute don't eat any food, and immediately ordered to shave the hair, just eat. The next day, officially ordained, and practicing meditation, specialization of unremitting, finally have a stream enterer early fruit. At that time, Kumarajiva at the age of seven, also follow a mother together. Kumarajiva compliance teacher, daily recitation of thousands of verse, a verse thirty-two words, a total of thirty-two thousand words, so recite all of the "O" Tan, the teacher to explain the meanings of Kumarajiva, did not think of Kumarajiva had I know Miao Di, must not try to guide.
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Under the Brahma net volume of the book it up kindhearted kindhearted goods goods under the Amitabha Sutra Infinite Life Sutra
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  •   Phonetic sutra. The Buddha's disciples can devotional reading. There are three parts, and the Amitabha Sutra for scholar is also good, respectful to recite the Buddha's mercy, you can feel the warmth and wisdom of cool. Is a classic Chinese ancient culture in reading.
  •   Scripture with Pinyin, and easy to read, very good
  •   Buddha said ring is life, to follow the precepts, we can reach the shore from transmigration, relief! And this is based on this and said! Namo Amitabha!
  •   With Pinyin of Buddhist scriptures, very easy to read, very suitable for collection. The Sutra is also very good, if slightly annotation is better. May take into account the book cost, the paper is not very beautiful, but not hinder to read.
  •   Just ordinary classical phonetics can not completely believe there is a little disappointed but standard version of a very good paper.

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