Date of publication:2001-9   Press: Shandong Education Publishing House   Author:Wu Cunhao   Pages:209  
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The introduction of a family affairs co melting furnace product 1 family ethics socialization darling 2 feudal autocratic product 3 "the world's mother" advertised 4 veil dress two emperor wedding mode 1 is a special "parents arranged a" 2 two "make" three wedding, after the standard 1 the proposed marriage, also stress Mendanghudui 2 political marriage of typical 3 draft and married four grand emperor wedding 1 wedding etiquette formation and perfect 2 on an unprecedented scale in Qing Dynasty big wedding 3 amazing wedding costs five wedding is not big 1 of the moon by the brilliance of the sun 2 wedding brewing with the emperor loved a postscript @##@. The emperor was known as the "sons of the heaven"; the emperor's spouse, is the world's mother queen. Combined with the emperor and empress, namely the big wedding, also known as the "dragon and phoenix". Book through the study of marriage that historical events, so that readers can not only have a deep understanding of the emperor system and system of the empresses and imperial concubines, and can fully grasp the Chinese history of feudal society.
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