Ancient Chinese Literature Search Research (volume twenty-fourth)

Date of publication:2009-12   Press: Peking University press   Author:Yuan Hangpei editor   Pages:412  
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"Lisao" on the poems of the Tang Dynasty style blend with the change from the Yuan Dynasty of different versions to see drama performance and changes in the Ming Dynasty popular novelist Deng Zhimo poetry collection of "eight" and the eight strands of the late Tang and Five Dynasties Hunan immigrants on the "rural society" -- taking a "Yi Jian Zhi" as the center of the preliminary investigation "Rong Jijiu sent the" distinguishing the song and the Jin Dynasty -- Taking "net Ming Chao really" as the center 君碑 Jingyang Xu Wang Fuzhi of science "to save", "awareness" time reflection six Chen Zhu "selected works" song of Ganzhou state of the test -- two Song period six officials note the engraving origin "news." certificate error coding and spread of Mr. Wang Tangnan for the moment the chronicle of Xu Han and Chen Huan friends of Institute of Peking University Ancient Chinese Literature Search memorabilia 2009 (2009.O1 - 2009.06) journal manuscripts written format
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For the seven and the Tang Song school is not “ different trend, Ai Nanying ” to make more clear explanation, the "answer" cloud: "Chen document “ Fu Han, Europe, our paper by the Qin and Han Dynasties is that boat. ” ("day" volume three &ldquo helper subsets); Zhou Ji ” the metaphor, and Mao Kun to Tang and song eight “ engaged in writing the ticket &rdquo analogy righteousness; different similarity, further more, if the before and after the seven sub back six arts in order to save the eight strands of the shortcomings, but Liuyi far to approach the Qin and Han Dynasties, then Ai Nanying and close the Tang and Song Dynasties view, and the Qin and Han dynasties have long and must approach the famous Tang and Song Dynasties to Tang and Song Dynasties one one Han Ou Zhiwen to &ldquo &rdquo, the Qin and Han Dynasties; boats; and then back six. Through the “ &rdquo ferry boats; the relay, between different age of literature mutually link up. In other words, the Qin and Han Dynasties of Tang and Song Dynasty article and article, originally because of some extreme literary proposition without tension, but eventually the interworking of “ Zhou Ji &rdquo, tend to be consistent. By thesis and antithesis to integration, it is easy for an internal logic covered general literature phenomenon the history of literature. From the Ming and Qing, still &ldquo ” boats; can cross. Tongcheng school Zu Fang Bao "prose about order select cases" cloud: “ is recorded, but Han prose of Tang and Song Dynasty, and the eight album, so the treatment of ancient science, to the bridge, and then 溯流穷源, as from the perfect ear. ” and by eight “ in order to "left", "history", "Gong", "Gu", "language", "policy" meaning, is 触类而通, used for holding articles, reports, policy theory, enough and to spare, ” ”. Easy “ Zhou Ji ” “ &rdquo bridge; continuation, as the Ming eight stock selection, Fang Bao is also the seven sons and Tang Song school ideas become integrated with inherited. Yao Nai master Liu Kai "and the" cloud Ruan Brassica Kung book: “ dedicated paper, its power will start since eight. ” “ teaching literature, history, "" to "Chinese".; the system, to eight but all. That is solid to someone in a prescribed procedures, scholars have engaged in this, and then follow the method of. Otherwise, although keen to learn Qin, desert, also, no Jin ya. ” ("Liu Mengtu anthology" Volume IV) visible on eight of the law, see Han Jin Ya “ ”, cover has become the Tongcheng faction in a family, in the. Almost at the same time Tang Biao and Fang Bao as "spectrum" of reading and writing, thought that although, in: “ uncle Zhi Yuyong, Zi Chan of the text, the beginner is specially suitable for read, think create order, then time easy hand. ” “ since the return Zhenchuan, money 牧斋 Mr. two read Erwin, and loudly proclaimed, and the public both for follow, and Erwin became the ancient study guide. ” visible on the eight ancient bridge “ ” understanding, cover has been beyond the Tongcheng school, become the custom.
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