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Date of publication:2010-3   Press: Jilin publishing Refco Group Ltd   Author:Peng Shuhuai   Pages´╝Ü568  

Chinese traditional culture and academic Ancient Chinese Literature Search is Confucian themed, its content is wide, broad and profound. "Ancient Chinese Literature Search encyclopedia 1000 asked" carefully selected 1000 Ancient Chinese Literature Search problem, basically include the most basic knowledge, the core of the Ancient Chinese Literature Search, is your knowledge reserve, improve the best reader culture.
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Editorial: everyone to learn Ancient Chinese Literature Search chapter Ancient Chinese Literature Search masters second chapters after the history subset code third chapter fourth chapter fifth chapter famous philosophy of traditional religion sixth chapter of political and military seventh chapter eighth chapter ninth chapter classical literature and folk art etiquette aesthetics tenth chapter medicine science and technology
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  •   The Ancient Chinese Literature Search and Chinese traditional culture, interested friends can have a beneficial, unrolling! The graph is also good!
  •   The entry is very rich, detailed illustrations, typesetting, explain slightly not exhaustive, it is suitable for entry ~ ~ can satisfy most of the people want to brush up Ancient Chinese Literature Search knowledge needs.
  •   In fact, is seen on the Ancient Chinese Literature Search knowledge of books in a bookshop, then that is not too satisfactory, later in the search to the related books, according to the comparison finally decide to buy it, is really very good.
  •   The book is very thick, for me this love Ancient Chinese Literature Search people very well.
  •   China culture, broad and profound, Encyclopedia of thousands of Q, quick collection.
  •   Well, I bought a used for the accumulation of encyclopedic knowledge
  •   It is a good book, illustrations, the paper should be produced with recycled paper, the book looks very thick, but not very heavy, now pay attention to low carbon! As Chinese, should have a look this book.
  •   This is a Chinese cultural Taotie, suitable for all ages of people reading
  •   Very cost-effective. Like the color of the "Xi Yuan scholars gathering picture", yellow paper, at least, eye protection. Content also many, of course, is encyclopedic. Recommend.
  •   The book is very thick, but not expensive, although the contents might be relatively simple, are some basic things, but rich in content, is 09 years of editing, content is also relatively new, very suitable for some to understand the basic knowledge, very like.
  •   Rich knowledge, colorful pages, and colorful knowledge
  •   Thick and rich content
  •   The book is good, I used to read a part, then lost the book, and now to buy a.
  •   There is a blank page
  •   Worth a visit. When it outsourcing and plastic.
  •   Book me feel more like a history book idea about Ancient Chinese Literature Search feeling or less
  •   The content is very rich, just read the interesting is not strong.
  •   Summary of China history, for me to learn a great help
  •   This book I have not imagined so good, depth is not enough, many things will not explain why, just this thing out. But the coverage is broad, as Ancient Chinese Literature Search popularity or good.
  •   The paper generally, content is a little messy
  •   The paper generally, binding is also general, is not very perfect, but the content is also good, very full.
  •   Don't see what the heart
  •   An impulse buy, buy the watch did not feel

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