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Date of publication:2011-11   Press: Wuhan University press   Author:Chen Weixing editor in chief, Chen Wenxin review   Pages´╝Ü497  

This book is an important academic history project. Its purpose is for hundred years. The academic progress Chinese humanities be arranged to summarize cleaning. Who belongs to the humanities academic research object, its academic can be incorporated into the series. Each consists of three parts: to learn too in Bu and right important books to review. In order to show the representative results revealed the academic development; 100 years of academic works. Its characteristic is to abstract, reliable, complete: 100 years of academic history memorabilia, the feature is the focus on the facts and readability. A new academic works of history of this, made a new exploration in the objective [life and the historical academic position combination.
Book novel style, open field of vision, rich in content, is bound to the development of China humanities play a very fruitful role.
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Ancient Chinese Literature Search thought to sign a note for investigation in the late Qing Dynasty -- in the file "{Ancient Chinese Literature Search series} sequence
Ancient Chinese Literature Search ontology and rule of Ancient Chinese Literature Search
treatment Ancient Chinese Literature Search two road
"Ancient Chinese Literature Search quarterly) published on History />[declaration the purpose of the work of the study of language
Mr. Wang Jingan will order (to)
on the intake of all six academic
readings are shown to be />[. Preface
China philosophy and future world philosophy
China thought popular reason
[speech. Review on the similarities and differences between]
Confucianism (to) the formation of
on Confucianism (to)
said" Ancient Chinese Literature Search "(to)

[development on]
timing and significance China culture />[review and struggle with the Chinese. Modern culture from the macro: prosperity and Ancient Chinese Literature Search national revival />[review nearly thirty years Ancient Chinese Literature Search works in
nearly three + years Ancient Chinese Literature Search memorabilia
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