Agricultural heritage protection and dynamic topic

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The world natural and cultural heritage is the formation of the long geological history evolution and human activities of multiple under the action of the treasures of the human civilization, but with the increase of population and its impact on the environment intensifies, natural and cultural heritage more damage and threat. In order to strengthen the research and protection of natural and cultural heritage, UNESCO in November 16, 1972 adopted the "Convention on the protection of the world cultural and natural heritage" (hereinafter referred to as the "World Heritage Convention"), has been a positive response from all countries, and achieved great results. Heritage protection has demonstrated a national civilization degree and the education and culture development in certain extent. To be included in the world heritage list of cultural and natural heritage can enhance the visibility of a country, a region or a city in the world, and even some previously unknown to the public place of famous overnight. It is particularly worth mentioning is, development of heritage conservation education is helpful to young students and citizens to enhance the earth's natural resources and the national culture identity, pride, set up the national pride and self-confidence, but also so that they learn in the diversity of the world culture background and other cultural coexistence, love nature, strengthen environmental protection and consciousness of sustainable development, which plays an irreplaceable role in maintaining world peace, promoting common development.
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Ecological agriculture and cultural heritage protection on the grassland culture research and protection issues of modern ecological agriculture and traditional agriculture China agriculture relationship between historical heritage and heritage value China agricultural system on the four problems of the Chinese agricultural civilization is the source of national minority areas of genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge protection and benefit sharing China rural areas of intangible cultural heritage protection rice fish system remote protection and utilization and research of Qingtian rice fish system protection and development from the traditional agriculture to the protection and development of the Hani terraced rice farming in the protection and development of thousands of years of rice culture protection and development of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Mongolia, North Korea, China Victoria Sekitoleko ladies in the "FAOGEF-GIAHS- Chinese Qingtian rice fish system project start cum seminar" on the speech Chinese Agricultural Association honorary chairman Professor Hong Fuceng in the "FAOGEF-GIAHS- Chinese Qingtian rice fish system project start cum seminar" meeting of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of agriculture deputy director general Ms. Yao Xiangjun in "FAOGEF-GIAHS- Chinese Qingtian rice fish system project start cum Symposium" Speech China Academy of Sciences Resources Environment Bureau deputy director Feng Renguo fellow at the "FAOGEF-GIAHS- China Qingtian rice fish system project start cum seminar" speech on the people's Government of Qingtian County deputy magistrate of Mr. Zhong Qiuhao in the "FAOGEF-GIAHS- China Qingtian rice fish system project start cum seminar" speech on agriculture the significance of cultural heritage protection, way and the main task in the near future -- "China Qingtian rice fish system pilot project start cum seminar" Review asked of traditional agriculture in Pu leaf fish into rice flower -- Zhejiang Qingtian to explore the protection of agricultural heritage from the "rice fish symbiosis" traditional agriculture "prescription" Tian county rice field pisciculture technology protection promotion about enlightenment China agricultural heritage protection Chinese heritage protection and tourism development of heritage protection and cultural tourism of local identity and support in heritage protection: the importance of Ghent in Belgium design "experience tourism resources information management system of power network Stone" -- human, natural and cultural connection point "heritage protection and tourism development of" talk......
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