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Date of publication:2004-1   Press: Guangling Publishing House   Author:Feng Xianliang   Pages´╝Ü325  

The festival is a special day in people's daily life, people to rest, entertainment, celebration, ritual activities such as the day, of course, is different from the ordinary day by day, has the cultural connotation and the rich content of special, is a great historical period of social life and customs of the portrait. People from long experience, according to climate change, the transfer rules, accordingly, summed up a series of agricultural production custom, efforts from the most appropriate angle to arrange the allocation of time in a year, which is the work of time, which is the rest, entertainment or celebration time, change, and thus more consistent with day of the Convention, made a series of important contraceptive leisure, entertainment, memorial, Zhan Hou, taboos and celebration, the festival is produced in this way. But generally speaking, it also strongly to an effort to agricultural production, development and change. In the view of folk scientists, China traditional festival activities can be divided into many kinds, but nothing more than three aspects of cultural significance, is the material, spirit and mentality. Some people will be integrated into the production of traditional festival festival, religious festival, festival, evil illnesses Memorial Festival, festival festival, social entertainment festival six categories.
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Introduction: the world of communication -- Festival 1: the need of social life 2: God faith requires 3: four production law two: four a year -- the main show Folk Festival 1: spring 2: New Year's day 3: day 4: 5: three Yuan Festival day, flower 6: cold food, has 7: Qingming, dragon boat, volt Buddha 8: 9: 10: 11, the Double Ninth Festival Mid Autumn Festival July 7th: the winter solstice, December 12: New Year's Eve three: folk tradition -- the inheritance and change of traditional folk festival of 1: 2: 3: change farming tradition festival 4 Festival consumption: Four: difference -- festival custom differences and characteristics of 1 Space: holiday entertainment function difference between the 2: the festival entertainment area features 3: ethnic characteristics of 4: regional differences festival 5: around the characteristics of competitive game for example
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