A series of Weihe River Civilization

Date of publication:2010-1   Press: Jiangsu Education Publishing House   Author:Hou Yongjian  
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The first chapter wandering around in Weihe waterfront on 1 Weihe 2 weeks appeared 3 emperor of Han Wudi of the West Tour 4 westbound 5 Li Yi Tang Yin and Yin disc 6 Wei 7 northwest at Changan second root of 1 ancestral root 2 Feng Shui 3 Buddha root root 4 Empire unified root 5 feudal autocratic 6: refinement in Bushi ultra era social model third imperial Changan 1 Olympic area in construction of the Tang Dynasty imperial 2 3 Changan summer 4 Tang Dynasty winter of Changan 5 eight water around the Changan fourth soil 1 land god 2 farming 3 cave heatable adobe sleeping platform rain 4 5 6 7 fifth 1 burial vaults pasta wheat from the day drop 2 pasta life 3 pasta partner: vinegar 4 Shaanxi one of eight: noodles like belt 5 Shaanxi blame the eight two: Guokui Match cover 6 Shaanxi blame the eight three: spicy dish sixth a shape and a multi use 1 pottery and tile, brick 2 ramming, called Hu base the 3 Shaanxi blame the eight four: bowls inseparable 4 Shaanxi blame the eight of the five: Papa wearing 5 Shaanxi blame the eight six: a house half covered 6 Shaanxi blame the eight seven: stool does not sit up squatting 7 simple simply way of life seventh consanguineous family of 1 kinds of crops and raising children 2 incense worship 3 "baby dear" Behind the 4 as a filial son of people of the 5 Shaanxi blame the eight eight (old): the girl not to eighth old Shaan 1 "Shan" place names origin...... Since the ninth article tenth article after a way of earning money capital era @##@ reference postscript This book is one of the rivers. The theme is Valley civilization of Xiangjiang.
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User reviews
  •   Weihe civilization made fine paper
  •   My teacher's book, very good, very beautiful words
  •   Think of the contents in general, not to imagine
  •   The River gave birth to the civilization, the whole series of each river was filled with touching and proud. Leisure time to be savored.

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