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Date of publication:2012-1   Press: Shanghai literature and Art Publishing House   Author:Ye Chunsheng  

Ye Chunsheng, male, was born in October 1939 in Yunnan estuary, the ancestral home Guangxi Lingshan. The Zhongshan University Chinese Professor, doctoral tutor, study on the narrative literature of folk International (ISFNR) member, vice chairman of the Chinese folklore society, consultant of Guangdong Province folk literature and Art Association, director of committee of experts of Guangdong Province, engineering rescue folk cultural heritage.
professor Ye Chunsheng focuses on folk literature, folk literature, folklore, south of the Five Ridges folk culture and mysterious culture research, the representative works are: "a folk art",
"south of the Five Ridges folk literature history", "south of the Five Ridges folk culture", "south of the Five Ridges folk customs and tourism", "Cantonese folk",
"Guangdong folk ceremony", "vulgar", "eye to ocean wind blowing rain", "spring", popular song
"south of the Five Ridges ancient custom series" etc.. The representative papers: "theory (Guangdong Ou)", "Guangdong water source", "the sounds of singing sound", guest simultaneous
"modern oral literature", "super space-time propagation of Cantonese folk origins and characteristics", "south of the Five Ridges folk custom evolution and identity",
"New Folk Festival folk culture", "mystery game", "from the perspective of folklore" Snow proposition ","
"Feng Shui concept of scientific and creative". Won the national theory of folk literature works and the highest award -- Shanhua prize, two won the three Lu Xun literature prize, awarded the Guangdong Guangdong Province folk literature and art works of the first prize.
Catalogue of books

The folk custom of cotton continued and in folk society performance
"in Folklore Series" total order
from folklore "Snow proposition"
from the Dragon Mother Legend spoke of the birthplace of the Chinese nation.
South of the Five Ridges folk and Baiyue culture
create folk culture of the new era of stereo
contemporary oral
- spatiotemporal propagation of literature of folk culture space conversion
tradition heating and "people" the spirit of the lifting of the ban
Chunchao surging, the annual custom reset
folk customs from the viewpoint of the true and pseudo
South of the Five Ridges Spring Festival folk custom evolution agent and intermediary
Dragon Boat Festival International Context from
July 7th Qiqiao customs evolvement of contemporary function of
Guangdong "the winter solstice is have the Spring Festival"
regional folklore concept, nature and characteristics of
South of the Five Ridges folk custom evolution and the identity of the
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: in the years of Yong Zheng, Haiyang, Cheng Yang two counties of the merchants, business to Shanghai, Tianjin area, as far as the Leizhou and Hainan Island province. Then they also traveled to Southeast Asia and other places of business, for the local development and commercial culture made distinctions won in battle. So far the Chaoxian person still has a strong commercial consciousness, participate in the commodity economy is particularly active, are associated with this potential. Communication of commercial economy, the interpersonal relationship development, need a quiet and elegant atmosphere, Chaozhou Kung Fu tea became people courteous friends chatting, rest the indispensable food art, it is different from the Guangzhou teahouse that comprehensive enjoyment, showed a quaint, elegant style, reflects the ancient and young Chaoshan Plain folk customs. Regardless of people of all ages and both sexes, scholar, farmer, artisan and merchant, do not drink. Overseas Chinese living abroad tide, also in order to identify it! The little and dainty teapot, complete the tea set, Seiko brewing skills, etiquette elegant program, just as much as the Japanese tea ceremony, the Chaozhou people crafted, fragrant and delicious Food style. And the Chaozhou people like "eat Mi" (Chou Zhou), meals end a bowl dish, just sit on the ground, formed a strong contrast, the rich, the opera music, elegant and full of feeling and rustic travel 大标, buckle English song is not the case? Another manifestation of this is probably the old and the young! The elaborately embroidered vivid, fantastic light and elegant Shantou drawnwork, has long been renowned in china. It with the exquisite decoration Chaoshan women is communicated, charm. These colorful arts and crafts, from their hard training skilled. The art of embroidery, is developed based on the traditional "embroidery" and foreign drawnwork on. Be it a superb collection of beautiful things of Chaozhou snacks: projectile like beef balls, fish balls, little and dainty fish dumplings, five fruit soup, fried oysters baked, fried Zhetou turtle, ingenious, beautiful shape, delicious crisp, all reflect the Hoklo people diet culture height. Fenghuang folk custom that mysterious wonderful more Phoenix Mountain "". The legend of the Chaozhou Lantau Peak is the birthplace of the Guangdong Province of She nationality, minority compatriots only 3000 people, and the Phoenix Mountain is home to more than 20000 Phoenix mountain. They were hospitable, eat red vinasse dip fish, meat, eating "grass", "bee shrimp", live in building unique "node Mei Lou", with "pay, lighting, fire" to "tribute tea" hospitality etc.. Formed a set of out of the ordinary customs, to be part of a colorful Chaoshan folk, make this old and young plain, always exudes elegant and energetic charm.
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"Ye Chunsheng" is the collection of oriental folk Greenwood folklore.
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