The Spring Festival

Date of publication:2009-1   Press: Life, reading, New York   Author:Xiao Fang   Pages:173  

Illustration: "tanggua people, new year arrived. The girl takes, the gun, the old woman to eat new year cake, the old man to wear a new hat." This first in north area popular festival songs, vividly conveys the old people looking forward to new year's eagerness. The Spring Festival is not the past grand, but it is still the first big festival Chinese. Don't you see, transport during the Spring Festival during transportation lines, such as the influx of people, billions of people between urban and rural population moving, constitute the contemporary Chinese Festival a great landscape. "One year does not catch, catch thirty nights", for people wandering a strange land, although the road home long, people can return enthusiasm unabated. The song "often go home have a look" song sing out many people's voice, it feels good to be home. There is the old wife and children, brothers and sisters, and ancestors, familiar with the local river. Once home, in the affection of the moist, toil and trouble on the road will disappear in smoke. Home not only means that the family party, gift gifts, important and profound is the baptism and updated through a spirit. Of course, with the changes of the times, folk traditional festival also change, some people say: "not is have the Spring Festival eat? Every day we have the Spring Festival "now; also someone says:" have the Spring Festival increasingly meaningless, firecrackers can not put, entertainment only a spring festival evening party ", rich material life, but can not find the feeling of the people have the Spring Festival, lost hope have the Spring Festival excitement. The lively and warm in where? People are looking at, thinking, sometimes confused, we also need the Spring Festival? The answer is yes, need not only, and should! People's complaints and complaint does not reflect their spiritual hunger?! According to the 2005 Mid Autumn Festival Mid Autumn Festival and national day online survey about whether the synchronization of the holiday, eighty percent of the people hope that the Mid Autumn Festival holiday. Many people do not have tired of the traditional culture, but we feel in the traditional culture of doing too little, cannot satisfy the new culture. One thing is for people to accept, identity, value and life depends on whether it has cognitive significance. The Spring Festival is a cultural phenomenon is of special significance, it is special, because it is not like ordinary objects, can be simple substitution. We can easily take off his long gown, put on a suit, but it is difficult to change the color, language and thought of our. The Spring Festival is the same, want to change it is not so easy. New year in the thousands of years of cultural accumulation and inheritance has becomeAs a huge historical and cultural traditions. Spring Festival is a heavy load of history, is the aggregation of hundreds of millions of Chinese emotion, a sacred status in Chinese mind. "Money money, home to have the Spring Festival." The Spring Festival is really the Chinese nation culture knot. For people who can't go home, there is a wandering sense of loss. Have a Tang can reveal the mood: "a year will do all night, not a million miles." Old Beijing to have the Spring Festival eat water chestnut, chestnut homophonic "will Qi", that is a relative to New Year reunion, not back to put his a pair of chopsticks. In many places, the dinner on New Year's Eve table must have fish, meat balls and other symbolic reunion happy dishes. People pay more attention to in the dinner on New Year's Eve of family reunion with, this is a year of indispensable spiritual dinner. Usually eat again good, also did not eat dinner with meaning, and dinner to eat at home, with their own hands to do a whole family to share the family reunion dinner, the atmosphere that taste non can compare tavern hotel. Have the Spring Festival family reunion became a cultural habits, Chinese than this, and my heart will feel empty, not landing. Man is a gregarious social animal, in addition to the general physiological satisfaction, settle is also seeking ownership and spiritual culture. To believe in Jesus Christ in western society, people as the most grand, the most sacred holiday at Christmas, and get the spirit of joy in the festival rites. The Spring Festival and the Western Christmas Chinese has the same cultural function, the Spring Festival is more people ethical color: worship ancestors, family reunion and joy, people's spiritual sublimation in the infiltration of blending affection. If you really like the song, three hundred and sixty-five days a year is three hundred and sixty-five miles of words, then the new year is an important post. People all the toil, a joy, are converging on the station in time. People with big, new year, pay New Year's call, festival rituals, convey affection, friendship and love, reunite with family neighborhood, this is how much warmth and happiness. Today is the era of network, but also strange times, our nation needs to have a family gathering Festival, Spring Festival as a spiritual and cultural traditions, mapping out the strange light in the contemporary social life, for us, it is the bright and warm. The Spring Festival as a national cultural heritage, not only need to care, cherish, it is more important to manage. The Spring Festival is happening, festival custom inheritance is a pressing matter of the moment. We should attach great importance to the festival folk custom item, is the Spring Festival couplets, firecrackers, New Year paintings, dragon, lion dance, the big meal, pay New Year's call, temple fairs, festivals, festival gifts, gift money year customs to create a festival atmosphere. Some of our traditional folk project do not simply ban, in fact, play down the annual taste and some of our traditional folk project ban has undeniable. The Spring Festival is the release of emotion, desire, people once a year, management department should try to create the conditions, so we go into more than the daily "Carnival", let the old old depressed, depression, because the wind in the sound of firecrackers away; new hope, new year's blessing on the spring into people's heart beat. As young people, in the face of the traditional time, the best a fear, with our physical and mental closer to the traditional, to feel, appreciate the warmth of Spring Festival, at the same time, we also have significance to the Spring Festival folk explanation, let the Spring Festival are nourished more people in the heart. Only in this way, we can hold our own spiritual home in the tide of globalization backbone, flashed a national culture in the cultural diversity. We are living in the material world and the West has been very close, keep the independence in spirit is the need of modern times, also is the national culture requirements. The Spring Festival and Christmas is the cultural foundation of different, Santa Claus is lovely, but the ancestors for us more cordial and moving. In the globalization of today, the Spring Festival has across borders, it is not only our native cultural festival; with the increasing influence of China international, along with the Chinese around the world's footsteps, the Spring Festival is also in many parts of the world and shared cultural festival. In USA New York, last year the governor has signed the decree, the Spring Festival as a statutory holiday, the provisions in the government, public school work's Chinese and the Asian can take a day off. Chicken year, French President Nicolas Chirac, President America Bush, British Prime Minister Blair, President Basescu of Romania and other countries politicians to China people and Chinese issued a New Year message, the Secretariat of the United Nations for the first time as China Spring Festival held gala. The cultural diversity in the trend of the world, China Spring Festival by cultural charm of its unique, attracts the attention of the world; Chinese Spring Festival for the special value of cohesion of family, community, attracts the identity and appreciation of the peoples of the world. The Spring Festival is the China China a huge cultural heritage, and it is also an important new world intangible cultural heritage as part of the 2004, China has joined the "Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Convention", enjoy, protection, display the spring festival culture is becoming a common responsibility and obligation. As the carrier of Chinese culture, we are the world cultural heritage. Leisure culture is the social fashion. The traditional Spring Festival provides a return to traditional and ancestral dialogue opportunities to us, we do not give up their chance, don't let the festival deep culture connotation into daily life. We are in the "progress" under the slogan, has lost much of the spice of life. If there is no beautifully life festival, no sacred and sublime, our tree of life will lose green, will wither, life will become meaningless "". In the manipulation of time machine under the modern society, people's daily life often rush and utilitarian, the spirit of the people are anxious and lonely. We might as well in the national holiday of ceremonial, symbolic, fine and the warmth of the folk more stressed, advocate, make the society more cultural care, make life more colorful. As my wish.

Xiao Fang, male, born in 1960, Hubei Huanggang Yingshan, folklore, PhD, Professor of Beijing Normal University. The main research direction for the history, cultural history, folklore festival folk custom etc.. Has published more than 10 books, published more than 100 academic papers.
representative works: "research -- the traditional China people's concept of time remember Jingchu age" (Beijing Normal University press, 2000), "when people -- traditional China time of life" (Zhonghua Book Company, 2002 edition, 2004 edition, 2006 by the National Folk Museum of Han Chinese publishing Korean version).
assist Zhong Jingwen Bian finish six volumes of "history" folk Chinese, and write the soup in Ming Qing Juan (people's press, forthcoming).
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In the era of economic globalization, the protection of different nationalities, different regional culture, with equal importance and protection of natural ecology. For the contemporary China, traditional ethnic festivals is the urgent need to rescue and protection of cultural heritage. Heritage is not history, but a valuable spiritual wealth. Chinese in the long process of historical development, and gradually formed a stable national traditional festivals. An important carrier, these festivals is the national cultural heritage of traditional social cohesion and strength of the group, but also for the display of personal talent, recognition of ethics provides the opportunity and way of moral, enhance the national self-confidence. Traditional festivals and meet the need of people regularly mental adjustment, through worship, entertainment and other folk activities so that people get rest, to the production and life of the mental energy savings in the future. It effectively coordinate the relationship, family relationship and social at the same time, with its unique connotation and charm, provides an important opportunity for promoting the development of social economy.
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Editor note: the Spring Festival topic of national heart, post a Spring Festival origin, family: evolution and the new year the first two harvest festival, Spring Festival History (a) prototype: the Spring Festival the end Festival and new year prays the valley 之礼 (two) Medieval Festival: North Korea and congratulate (three) changes in the status of modern Spring Festival with the festival, spring festival custom inheritance three deep description (a) busy year 1 date and "Notice of Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits" 2 twenty-three, 3 twenty-four people Wang, sweep the dust of 4 twenty-five, 5 twenty-seven grinding bean curd, wash the guilt. 6 twenty-eight, with flowers (two), 1 years staying-up the dinner on New Year's Eve 2 gift money 3 staying-up (three) New Year celebration and pay New Year's call 1 and 2 years, the ancestor worship heaven and earth at 3 with new clothes, Dai Huasheng, drink spring 4 new year and pay New Year's call 5 to send money and offering Mammon (four) the seventh day of the seventh lunar January "birthday" seven dishes with soup 1 2 days 3 days a Hoopoe (five) lunar January came spring 1 the beginning of spring 2 spring (six), overseas Chinese Spring Festival Lantern Festival the main references @##@ appendix The Spring Festival, commonly known as the lunar new year, is the Chinese nation the first large, its predecessor is the harvest festival and new year song. As the lunar January at the beginning of the year the Spring Festival, in the China experienced a long history of two thousand years, forming a custom content rich and colorful, including rice, the kitchen god, sweeping dust, food festival, bath, decoration, doors, reunion, staying-up, gift money, firecrackers, worship ancestors, welcome the year, new year, send the poor pay New Year's call and offering mammon, birthday, spring, a lantern. According to historical documents and vivid concise local festival customs investigation report, "the Spring Festival" system combing the Spring Festival: from Traditional Folk Festival origin, allusions, poetry, to the festival activities and cultural connotation of the Spring Festival, along the time course of narrating, the festival is Spring Festival folk new successive, try writing. Readers' taste thick flavor, will clearly see a cultural heritage of the responsibility.
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"Spring Festival" system combing the Spring Festival: from Traditional Folk Festival origin, allusions, poetry, to the festival activities and cultural connotation of the Spring Festival, along the time course of narrating, the festival is Spring Festival folk new successive, try writing. The Spring Festival is the Chinese most distinctive folk ceremonious traditional festival, generally refers to new year's Eve and the first lunar January, is the first day of the year, also called the lunar year,Commonly known as "have the Spring Festival".
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