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Date of publication:2005-5   Press: Jilin Publishing Group   Author:Jian Ye   Pages:680  

"Si Ku Quan Shu Hui to" from the compilation purpose is different from "Si Ku Quan Shu", "Si Ku Quan Shu" for the world, and "Hui to" only the Emperor Yu Lan, never to the folk, therefore, "Hui to" have "the book" not commensurate characteristics. The first: selected carefully, and volumes of fine about. The main purpose of the compilation of "Si Ku Quan Shu", is to collect all kinds of books, save the document, the SNARE complex, it is the inevitable result of Books are numerous., "examination play difficult"; and "Hui to" to be a royal emperor, aims to fine, and is not. "Hui to" just keep reputation and can affect the world works, the academic thought, argumentation writing is excellent, China traditional culture essence as prepared in. So, "Si Ku Quan Shu Hui to" species collected books of Siku Quanshu "only" 1/7, and the number is "Sikuquanshu" 1/3, "the book is the book, boutique in the boutique". Qianlong poem: Ancient Jade Garden reference, search with Luo zhen. Theory and research, with sands and poly essence. The 河藻 run, and the school of.
CE Fu Jing Hua, don't give up the liquid. Six years in series, will gradually complete, entire series. Two part, have the bracts of the essence. On entry and select Show, writing with a flourish of spring.
Ju Yi Fu with English, sweet taste in the road. Second: the real content, less in the deleted. Since the Kangxi when the rise of literary inquisition, to the Qian Long period reached incapable of further increase point, according to statistics, only the Qian Long Dynasty, literary inquisition is more than 130. The rulers of the Qing Dynasty, they are the most taboo is not conducive to the rule of the Qing Dynasty and slander text books in manchu. In the psychological effect, Qian Long in order to repair "Sikuquanshu" when, also decree on the book content scrutiny, income "Sikuquanshu" book of Hua Yi Zhi other thoughts, were Si Ku Quan Shu deliberately made, there are quite a few books, literature lost its true colours. And "Hui to" for only the Emperor Yu Lan, therefore, the collection of books in the content is necessary to complete, without a lot of corrections. In the original storage, content is true, "" rather than "book" Hui to. Third: the exquisite, quality. Because of the importance of this series, write a letter to fine without regard to price, therefore, "Hui to" calligraphy reached a very good level. Scholar during the: "Hui to" "font end show Yan, the white paper 墨润, elegant decoration". Fourth: detailed version collation, precious. "Hui to" book library officials and transcription, proofreading staff have considerable knowledge, they write fine, collation, check the trial, so that the "Hui to" less is wrong. "Hui to" basis already basically has the following kinds, one is in the house journal edition, this edition is mainly from the Qing palace books publication institutions "Palace"; two is the government in possession of ancient rare books and manuscripts; three is the Qian Long thirty-eight years later in the folk to collect books, the song and Yuan Dynasties, natural lack of Fu reservoir the suicide note and folk sacrifice old the. So the research of more detailed, more complete preservation of the old books. Such as "Hui to" in "Zhouyi research than the book will be more than 20, song Zheng Ru harmonic" East Valley 易翼 biography ", Tang 's" Fan Chuan Ji ", it can be seen that with the" Si Ku Quan Shu "on the basis of the original different. According to statistics, "Hui to" Book bottom Benda 500 kinds, of which the song 62, Jin Yuan Kan Ben 63, Ming Kan Ben 288, Qing edition 50, in addition to "Yongle" of the 18, in imitation of Song Chao Ben 7, 1 manuscript. Today, "Hui" according to many yuan edition has ceased to exist, it is more "Hui to" version of the precious.
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