The Double Ninth Festival

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The Double Ninth Festival has rich traditional culture connotation. Named after the Double Ninth Festival is because the number is nine, nine is a positive number, so that the double ninth festival. On the qualifications, the Double Ninth Festival Qingming Festival and mid autumn festival than older. But in the Tang Dynasty is one of the four major festivals at the time, today is the festival for the elderly and very seriously. So, it is the origin? Why become a holiday? Why is closely related with the old man? High autumn can become the custom? Biancha Mastixia why not? Chrysanthemum why and Chung Yeung water-saving milk blend? Why the double ninth cake made of colorful? What method? Book with full and accurate data and careful discussion, according to historical records, the ancient legend anecdote and image, the Double Ninth Festival cultural aspects to the readers, believe that after reading will have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the double ninth festival.
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Yang Lin, male, born in 1961, Gansu Linxia city. Now the professor of Nankai University, doctoral tutor. Research widely, in folklore, linguistics, philology etc.. Works include "Chinese traditional festival culture", "Tianjin Customs" (ed.), "language and culture", "on Chinese vocabulary and Chinese culture", "Ya", "small annotated classical literature and use" etc..
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Editor's note one, foreword II, the Chung Yeung Festival is how to produce the Double Ninth Festival Double Ninth Festival, the Double Ninth Festival causes three six dynasties, the Tang and Song Dynasties, Yuan Dynasty to the Republic of modern shops, the Double Ninth Festival season high Chongyang cake Mastixia chrysanthemum scenery and appendix: the double Ninth Festival to link main references
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Illustration: we see the Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival and mid autumn festival called China four major traditional festivals, in fact, this tradition was formed since the yuan and ming. The four festival in Tang Dynasty is the value of the yuan (Spring Festival), cold food festival, Shangsi Festival and Chongyang, three of people in Song Dynasty is the value of the yuan (Spring Festival), cold food and the winter solstice, the Tang and Song Dynasties two dynasties, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid Autumn Festival are not on the list. To say the qualifications, the Double Ninth Festival Qingming Festival and mid ancient than. To say the scenery, the Double Ninth Festival ranked among the top four festivals in Tang dynasty. So today if we choose the traditional festival, the Double Ninth Festival is fully qualified to become the. Is an important content of the Double Ninth Festival pray for good health and longevity, with the Chinese nation's traditional respect for the elderly is very fit. As early as in the Zhou Dai, the government will have their old system. "Zhou Xia Guan, Roche" in regulation of Roche is the responsibility of the spring bird, will catch turtle dove dedicated to the emperor, the emperor will dove gave "old" (old retired government officials). Said the dove eating any food not choking, grant dove is hope that the old man can eat good drink good, healthy body. This is a speculation of future generations, not credible. More probable is "Dove" and "long" homophonic, so use dove to the elderly health and longevity. "The book of rites on order" in say, autumn moon, "Yang aging, granted a few stick, line Mi porridge diet". It means the government to take a few old issue and stick, to let people drink easy to digest porridge. Zhou Dai in these provisions about only the nobility, is not available to ordinary people. The Han Dynasty further will carry forward the nursing system. According to the "post Han - etiquette records," records, the annual mid autumn August, each county to be sent from house to house to investigate. All citizens who have reached the age of seventy, the government granted the king rod, send mi porridge. The eighty or ninety year old has more bestow. Wang Zhangchang Jiu Chi, head of carving a turtledove stick shape, so that the staff is also called "Jiu Zhang", this is the rights certificate granted by the government of the elderly, similar to today's card for the elderly. From Gansu Wuwei grinding nozzles of Han Dynasty unearthed inscribed wooden slips "Wang Zhang" the edicts, holding the king rod man free access to government officials, see no line "trend" ceremony (Trot), when can go Chi Road (for official use road), enjoy taxation privilege to do business, etc.. In Han Dynasty, the system has a far-reaching impact on future generations, each Dynasty inherited this tradition, have clear provisions on their old man. We generally put the Double Ninth Festival as a good old days today, is to inherit and carry forward the fine national tradition.
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