The celebration.

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China known as a state of ceremonies, who always pay attention to etiquette, no matter what the occasion have to comply with certain etiquette. Celebration is a very solemn occasions, one of the most important standard celebration speech quality is most can manifest the celebration activity level. For thousands of years of history and cultural tradition tells us, festival greetings, must be careful, be sure to use the speech to the China Everbright we want to celebrate the career.
"celebration". The book is not only a wide coverage of the address book, or a life tool book. The book is provided with a plurality of celebration scene, lists hundreds of practical message, and collecting thousands of words, sentences, to wish good day, is the utility function of books. According to the different situations of different characters in the book, cited the example of different people, including the preparation of industry, all kinds of characters, both commercial celebration or family gatherings, both parties or banquets, can let you easily for blessings! Grasp this tool books, not only helps to exercise eloquence and social skills you, also helps to wells your personality charm, lets you easily become the focus of celebration, make your career success strive for further improvement.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter Qing opening message
celebration of
opening message points
invited guest etiquette
the note
catch phrase of all
classic good word

message to celebrate the couplets good sentence
practical message of
Qing Hotel, hotel opened.
a shopping mall, supermarket, market, opening the message
Qing company opened.
a business hall opened.
a store opening.
Hing factory opened.
Qing culture institutions opened.
second chapter Qing opening message

in celebration of the games, the opening game "encourage"
the opening of the exhibition "display"
Conference opened heavy
festive opening "lively"
third chapter celebrates the anniversary celebration.
fourth chapter.
fifth chapter Qing new message
sixth chapters to celebrate birthday greetings.
seventh chapter studies.
eighth chapter Qing Qing promotion.
ninth chapter celebrates the festival.
tenth chapter Qing for message
eleventh chapter Qing buildings completed message
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