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Date of publication:2012-4   Press: The people of Ningxia   Author:Static root of grass   Pages:460  

taboo is considered dangerous sacred, unclean, things, and Related words or behavior of conventional banned, it is a kind of primitive and ancient cultural phenomenon. For thousands of years, these taboos affected people's words and deeds, has become a part of people's daily life. To understand the customs and taboos can help us to correctly understand and treat the traditional folk culture, keep good custom habits, better with different areas and ethnic groups and people from all walks of life together, to avoid unnecessary trouble, greatly facilitate the daily life of travel service. In order to help the readers a comprehensive understanding of folk taboos, we specially prepared "folk taboo Daquan" is not a book, introduction to folk taboo follow from various clothing, diet, behavior, parenting, manners, philosophy, Feng Shui, festivals, weddings, birthday, funeral and daily life, and each area, various minority groups and all walks of life unique taboos, root cause analysis of taboo produced, and lead the reader to understand the history behind the folk taboo anecdotes, vividly demonstrates the rich connotation of Chinese folklore, is a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the folk taboo culture collection. In the diet, parenting, pregnancy, etiquette, taboo, many are from people living experience, still has a very high practical value, we should abide by. At the same time, some folk myths and legends and averting tabu method are also introduced, so that readers are not careful taboo conditions to avoid misfortune, eliminate the psychological distress.
the book popular language vivid and interesting contents, concise style, not only can make readers have a more profound understanding and more comprehensive understanding of Chinese customs, historical culture and ethnic customs and habits, but also to the people of all ethnic groups and regions to eliminate misunderstanding, emotion, promote the role of the exchange.
you know there are new year's Eve married women can't see her lamp taboo folk? Do you know why folk shroud fabric with silk and avoid using Satin? You know to give children the name what is taboo? You know in the decoration of their houses have anything particular? Do you know the location of shops have what taboo?
the book from different angles for people in daily life to explain the taboo culture of common sense, each including daily behavior, marriage, funeral, festival, birthday, dressing, eating, Feng Shui, industry and etiquette and custom taboo knowledge collection is one of the most practical and most complete.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter of daily behavior taboos: light ghost is evil
the first section behavior taboo
second day daily language taboo
third and
Fourth People taboo Xunyiwenyao taboo
Fifth Festival Tourism Travel taboo
second chapter costume taboo: Ten recognized, Barry. Clothing
section texture clothing style taboo
third chapter diet taboo: hunger breeds
the first festival food taboo
second day diet taboo
third day diet taboo
Fourth festival diet tool
fourth chapter health taboo taboo: Health tactics, prolong life
section daily behavior health taboo second section daily exercise regimen

third other health taboo taboo
fifth chapter house taboo: Taishan shigandang
the first residence for choosing
second home decoration taboo
third household objects placed taboos
Fourth Festival mascot for
sixth chapters have taboo taboo God: be careful alerted
the first pregnancy contraindication to
second day period taboo
third infant taboo
fourth day rearing Baby taboo
section fifth childhood
seventh chapter gender taboo taboo: Yin and Yang does not divide the world bring order out of chaos
first sexual behavior.
second bisexual sex taboo taboo
eighth chapter marriage taboo: to set
first mate
Second marriage taboo taboo
third funerals
fourth day after marriage taboo taboo
fifth marital fission and remarriage taboo
ninth chapter birthday taboo: old Shou Guan health
the first day birthday taboo
second birthday celebration.
third day Shou Guan taboo taboo
Fourth min Shou taboo
tenth chapter funeral taboo: Fukulu You and later
> second.
third day mourning funeral taboo taboo
Fourth buried
fifth day funeral taboo taboo
sixth day mourning family taboo
seventh religious taboo
eleventh chapter industry taboo: commercial Baigong rules
the first festival of traditional commercial taboo
the second festival of traditional agriculture taboo
third traditional handicraft industry taboo
Fourth festival of traditional construction industry taboo
Fifth Festival of traditional medicine
sixth industry taboo traditional husbandry taboos
seventh traditional fishery taboo
eighth traditional drama industry taboo
ninth traditional hunting taboos of
tenth other industry taboo
twelfth chapter's taboo: self-cultivation, run
section and moral taboo
second Chunghsiao taboo
third section
Fourth inspirational conduct taboo taboo
Fifth Festival at home prostrating taboo
thirteenth chapter social taboo: Taifeng good fortune, tactful
section of
second others taboo taboo
Fourth friends doing taboo taboo
fourteenth chapter cultural taboos:
the first section lines hidden taboo digital
second word taboo taboo
fifteenth chapter holiday taboo: decorated with stress
the first spring festival taboo < br > second festival in February two taboo
third Festival Dragon Boat Festival taboo
Fourth Festival Tanabata taboo
sixth festival the Mid Autumn Festival taboo Festival taboo
seventh Chung Yeung Festival taboo
eighth Festival Laba Festival taboo
sixteenth chapter calendar taboo: winter without rain Winter fine
the first astronomical taboo
second meteorological taboo.
third throttle taboo
fourth special days when
seventeenth chapter name taboo taboo: words will not ring true name is
the first day Chinese people to name taboo
second section name taboo
eighteenth chapter Menghun taboo: sleep face many nightmare
first dream.
second festival taboo taboo
third Xiang Meng taboo
nineteenth chapter numerology taboo: allelopathy more wary of
the first section is
second palm taboo taboo
third Zodiac taboo
twentieth chapter Feng Shui taboo: good fortune good feng shui
the first day home feng shui taboo
second section office feng shui taboos
third shops Feng Shui taboo
twenty-first chapter of human taboo: we're parents teach
the first section form
second humoral taboo taboo
twenty-second chapter body organ taboo taboo: everything has spiritual
the first section water
second fire taboo taboo
Fourth stone soil taboo taboo
fifth < br > artifacts taboo The twenty-third chapter animal taboo:Rat scampering in the street not cry
section poultry taboo
second mammals taboo
twenty-fourth chapter plant taboo: plants are the soul
section herb taboo
second woody plants taboo
third home plant taboo
fifth fruit bud taboo taboo
twenty-fifth chapter taboo exorcise evils: Jiang Taigong here, not
the first section beforehand taboo Sichuan Province
second remedial taboo exorcise evils
Chapter excerpt

The Chinese people since ancient times, pay attention to good health, in addition to diet pay attention to health, and pay attention to the living rules of daily life. "Pipe · situation solution" said: "the living, food festival, cold and heat, then the body and life interest; the living from time to time, improper diet, cold discomfort, however tired life loss." Thus, the living should be law, people must follow the heavens and the earth, the objective laws of nature, living arrangements reasonably, that must be in accordance with the seasonal climate change specific differences in geographical distribution, soil and water, and the strength of the constitution is different to living arrangements, and should maintain the rhythm, perseverance, in order to achieve the health fitness, longevity objective. Otherwise, it will lead to disease, loss of form. · supine immediately bogey eating after China's ancient and modern health house have pointed out that the diet should be appropriate for a walk. "Satiety paces, often in the hands of rubbing abdomen hundreds of times." Go to bed right now not diet, because people eat immediately after sleep, often cause food stagnation in the stomach and indigestion, resulting in retention of food, stomach, belch gas, loss of appetite, over time, will lead to damage to the spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach disease cause, harm the physical and mental health. As China's Tang Dynasty Great medical scientist Sun Simiao said: "the diet is lying, food not into product, is ill." · avoid dark drunk traditional health practices that good health people should not violate the old taboo. For example, the last day of the lunar month is called "night", should avoid drinking drunk. Otherwise it will lead to disaster. Sun Simiao emergency "Prescriptions" said: "good health without making the bogey, without loss of information age and, in January the bogey. Hey do not drunk." · avoid the technician when not acting is February February, Lei was audible. The ancients in the will to a teacher tell people, serious manner, not a frivolous words and deeds, men and women are not allowed to play flirting, otherwise God angry, fierce blame to be imperfect, and son. Xu Guangqi "agricultural book" volume ten days: "first thunder three, Fen wooden bell to make day: ray will sound, has quit the rhythm, and unprepared, there will be disaster." · avoid winter solstice five days men and women with the taboo from Vijaya Jia Sixie "Qi Min Yao Shu, is thirtieth", the book that reads: "the winter solstice has the five day, sleep not inside and outside." Mean winter solstice in five days, even married men and women are not living together in a room, the implication is not sex. This is the ancient custom taboo. From the theory of Yin Yang and five elements. The ancients believed that the winter solstice is the two Qi of yin and yang to contend for, the men and women will be dissipated with blood, so that the failure, will seriously damage health. · avoid the technician when men and women with the taboo from Vijaya Jia Sixie "Qi Min Yao Shu, is thirtieth", recorded in the book: "vernal equinox, Lei Nai sound, has the five day, sleep not inside and outside." Mean equinox before and after the five day, men and women cannot use venery. The ray origin, the ancients believed that the men and women do not lie with the room, thunderous adversely affects men and women the fine will be. · avoid Grape Festival general garden like grapes frame. ALee, two, beautify the living environment. But the grape leaves easily hidden worm, a worm called bone Dan ", people eat the feces, immediately bone pin shaped bad. This is just too. But under the grape trellis for banquets, insect feces easily fall and will be born diseases can be believed. Ming Xu Guangqi "agricultural book" recorded in volume twenty: "grape can not drink, fear of insect feces." · avoid sexual intercourse for men and women of Zhong Dong Zhong Dong day, Yin Sheng, Yang Qi decline, the human body itself when the solid reservoirs do not leak, so the season of passion, don't be sultriness, a in the body is injured, two are profane too, this is still a religious superstition, but health is the benefit. "Agricultural book" volume ten days: "(Zhong Dongzhiyue), short, yin and Yang for the students of swing, a fast, office will mask body, desire to sensual pleasures, no appetite." · avoid unmarried men and women get up early to cuckoo crow cuckoo (also known as the cuckoo), the crow was desolate, Sichuan Kawahigashi Ichi belt according to song presents two words: "peas, shell, Shi Bao." Symbolizes the lover, the unmarried men and women especially in love of men and women most avoid hearing the cuckoo in the morning. · avoid roof clothes most northern residential roof arched roof, people can be drying clothes quilt. The roof as field in the north is commonplace. But the folk custom is that the roof is taboo clothes, who suffer disaster. · avoid midnight to clean up the courtyard in East Sichuan area, folk taboo at midnight to clean up the courtyard, folk thought midnight to clean up the courtyard will Choi hi sweep away. This is a taboo in direct contact with the good and bad. Also follow the "morning, sweep the courtyard" the old saying. In May May, avoid living naked to invoke Valley, when there are many taboo, especially taboo naked body in the bedroom. When the tight bedroom door, sleep lying will mask the body, otherwise the desecration of Ceres, grain not up. The religious superstition, Ming Xu Guangqi "agricultural book" volume ten days: "(summer months) no storm cloth lu...... Office will mask body." On May of the lunar calendar is not bare place. · avoid holding pepper bedside to talk with people in the use of pepper smoked room, not only can make the room full of rich fragrance, can eliminate the blast, but holding pepper on the bedside bogey to talk with people, or plague not to go, this is a superstition, this says in Vijaya Jia Sixie "Qi Min Yao Shu, kind of pepper forty-third", the "health it": "La night to pepper the bedroom near, especially with people, Chii Naka in addition to blast." · avoid violation of the four seasons continual change as a part of nature, all the movements and changes all nature with the closely related to people, without significant influence on the physical and mental. Especially the change, the change of the seasons of nature, human organs, yin and Yang, Qi and blood, spirit is close, it will pay attention to, must to arrange diet according to the movement law of nature, to health and disease prevention, on the contrary, contrary to the laws of nature, will guide for disease. Such as "Nei Jing": "correspondence between man and universe, corresponding with the sun and the moon also...... Yin and Yang four, everything from beginning to end, and this also. The inverse of the disaster, from critical illness is not." Therefore, the four seasons continual change, do not violate. · avoid summer drunk sweat cold, cool breeze blowing in traditional medicine, hot summer days sweating or drunk drunk, with cold water bath body should not, nor wind or fan antipyretic, otherwise it will cause various diseases. Therefore, "synopsis of the Golden Chamber on the note" volume twenty-four commandment: "summer me sweat, not cold water wash and the fan, is a disease." · avoid drunken sleep on the millet straw man rang in drunk, often be sleeping, traditional medicine thinks: after a drunken should avoid lying in millet straw stalk, otherwise it will cause skin disease, caused by leprosy. Sun Simiao of the Tang Dynasty "emergency prescriptions" said: "drunk not lying millet stalk, hair leprosy." · avoid drunk after sexual intercourse in traditional medicine that should be drunk aspersed a little activity, should not sleep, nor upwind or sitting on the ground, more jealous when sexual intercourse, otherwise will damage the body. Ge Hong "zhouhoubeijifang" Yue: "drunk not repose, often make shakes his, and when the wind on the ground and washing water. Most avoid in succession." · avoid drunken open-air sleeping of traditional medicine and health believes that drinking drunk lying open not open. Otherwise it will cause they sores, sore eyes flow or bone, swollen, red yellow urine and the imminent fall, nasal collapse, a disease. Chao Yuanfang "nested various pathogens Hou remarks" Volume II said: "the drunken dew lie, the miserable toad." P2-3
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Do you know how the new year's Eve married women can't see her lamp taboo folk? Do you know why folk shroud fabric with silk and avoid using Satin? You know to give children the name what is taboo? You know in the decoration of their houses have anything particular? Do you know the location of shops have what taboo?...... Static root of grass, this "don't know the taboo Daquan (super Platinum Edition)" mainly from different perspectives to explain to people in daily life taboo culture common sense, each including daily behavior, marriage, funeral, festival, birthday, dressing, eating, Feng Shui, industry and etiquette and folk the forbidden knowledge. One of the most practical and most complete.
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