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Culture is created by human intelligence, to meet and develop to a certain degree and dimension of people's body and mind, the relationship between man and nature relationship and get the directivity conversion, social form a functional model of substantive change. In this cultural definition reflects my views on the basic characteristics of culture. First, it is the wisdom of human cultural creation, and the exclusion of non human wisdom creation that human beings can not, in the presence of non human wisdom before the creation of human culture, is the creation of their own. Second, culture is a kind of mode, with a static characteristics. This pattern is not visible, in fact it has materialized form of visible and non visible physical form such two forms. Physical form of visible and easy to understand, each concrete objects are materialized form explicit models. While the non materialized form of cultural patterns are visible. Such as the politics of social system, philosophy, ethics and the theory of system evaluation, literary figures, appraise the technology works creation idea, mechanics on machine design etc. all belong to the non visible non materialized form of cultural pattern. Third, cultural mode with functional characteristics, effect of this cultural function can generate a dynamic, this effect is mainly reflected in on itself, the interpersonal relationship and the relationship between man and nature, to society in the form of direct action. The people's physical and mental satisfaction include instinct and aesthetics, namely, the flesh and the spirit to meet the development of people's body and mind development, including intelligence and physical fitness. And this kind of satisfaction and development also have different levels and dimensions. The so-called level is now on clothes and play various requirements of different standards and different feelings. The so-called refers to the Macross on such as religion, qigong and other mysterious culture and non world of identity. Culture plays a role of transformation of interpersonal relationship, the transformation direction characteristics of multi direction, such as harmony, conflict, harmony, conflict, coordination, hostility. Culture transformation and change of social, economic, political and social causes in the form and content of system change in essence. This should be emphasized again, each specific cultural definition, is a relative truth and scientific, to a certain degree of various cultural definition of identity, both the us more scientific understanding of cultural enlightenment. At the same time to recognize, only human thinking ability and language limitations, any cultural definition cannot avoid some shortcomings of its own existence.

Liang Jinghe, Ph.D., postdoctoral history. L956 was born in July, native of Shandong Penglai, Capital Normal University history professor, doctoral tutor. He studied under Mr. Gong Shuduo, Mr. Li Kan, Mr. Lin Zengping, Mr. Geng Yunzhi. The research work is mainly engaged in social and cultural history and the history of ideas. Presided over the project, the National Social Science Fund Project of Beijing Education Committee, post doctoral research fund project, won the Beijing municipal philosophy and social science outstanding achievement award two. The main representative of "modern China vulgar culture", "the study of the evolution of the national consciousness and awareness of political participation", "modern history research China basic clue argument", "the academic degree and graduate education" etc.. More than 100 academic papers published. Major social time: the professional master degree of education steering committee member, China Yanhuang Culture Research Association and deputy director of Academic Committee, "Chinese female culture" magazine, director of Academic Committee, executive director of the Institute of China social history, the Chinese Oral History Research Association, China Academy of Social Sciences China modern thought history Research Center Director, China Academy of Social Sciences China social and cultural history of modern research center director, Capital Normal University Institute of modern history China social cultural history research center director etc..
Author brief introduction

Any country, national culture has a dual nature, so it is Chinese traditional culture, not only have excellent essence, also have rot ugly dross. This should be careful analysis, criticism and inheritance, take the essence, discard the dross, be conducive to the construction of China socialism culture. Research on China modern vulgar culture of Comrade Liang Jinghe, is trying to Chinese traditional social customs of the essence and dross to explore, distinguish and deeply so, it not only has academic value, but also has practical significance. For Chinese vulgar culture, the academic circles have studied, the achievements are mainly about Chinese vulgar culture of certain aspects of the elaborate, so far to Chinese modern vulgar culture is still a lack of comprehensive, system research. View and on the basis of the existing achievement, the Chinese vulgar culture is analyzed, a comprehensive study, which make up the deficiency of the study. Culture is a human creation, is the human culture; and in the cultural environment by the mold, is the culture of the people. Therefore, culture from the root of the problem is the problem. Human is not abstract, it is the sum of all social relations. The main part in the social object, in the transformation of social object while changing itself. No subject changes, the object change cannot really improve; do not change the object, the subject is not possibleTo obtain the reasonable, full of change. This book is to create a culture, people are bound by the culture, the cultural effectiveness and limitations as an argument of the theme, combined with changes in modern Chinese society and culture, discusses the dynamic China traditional culture of vulgar culture in modern China operation process, reveals the evolution of western traditional ethical culture shaping the national psychology in modern China. The book is divided into "poem" theory "marriage", "family" "women" "Lun" and "conclusion" 6 volumes, the Chinese modern vulgar culture contents, characteristics and evolution, do in-depth analysis and summarize. The author is not satisfied with a simple list of vulgar culture phenomenon, but from the perspective of cultural history, to explore the relationship between social life and ideology, not only focus on the visualization of social life, and in-depth analysis of the contact state of mind, trying to dig out the deep structure of the social mental outlook. Especially in the "conclusion" volume, the author discusses the relationship of spiritual evolution, evolution and vulgar culture of that, "cultural phenomenon, evolution is not a specific period of vulgar culture in modern China isolated in fact, its purpose is the human spirit in the process of evolution one step, is also a an important way to realize people's awakening and liberation of spirit." And the law of development of modern Chinese vulgar culture and summarize the lessons.
Catalogue of books

Gong Shuduo ordered the first on the volume, the definition of culture and cultural essence and dross (a) theory of the cultural type (two) the basic characteristics of the cultural essence and dross two, modern custom culture chamber (a) the vulgar culture historical conditions (two) in the generation of vulgar culture evolution of volume, Chinese traditional marriage marriage customs (a) features of the traditional marriage customs. (two) the historical position of traditional marriage customs of the two forms of marriage, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (a) the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom internal state of marriage (two) features the marital status of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (three) marriage system of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom perspective three, reform the "knowledge" of the marriage (a) take the world people's marriage view (two) the influence of western modern concept of marriage and marriage of reformists and (three) the reformists marriage (four) evolution Wu Xu awakening of women's and Kang Youwei's "Datong" ideal of marriage, marriage customs in four at the end of the Qing Dynasty (a) at the end of Qing Dynasty and the period of marriage changes according to (two) systematic criticism on marriage customs of modern civilization (three) of marriage (four) Changes of marriage (five) customs change unbalanced five, five four period of marriage culture change (a) new age marriage change (two) characteristics of the five four marriage (three) customs change climax (four) limited family change volume features, traditional family culture (a) family, the clan and family (two) the image characteristics of the family culture (three) nature of family culture two, the "family revolution" theory (a) "family revolution" slogan (two) on the family system in judgment (three) "an important part of family revolution" (four) at the end of the Qing Dynasty "destroyed" said three to five four, the period of "family values" restructuring "(a) family restructuring" and national progress (two) "family system" (three) claims that "family system" and the modern western civilization (four) "family system" theory and practice four, "birth control" trend of thought (a) at home and abroad the traditional "birth control" theory - (two) two themes of "birth control" in the thought of (three) the controversy about "birth control" (four) "Festival The implementation of reform and obstacles in ideology education "(a) five, the funeral funeral and traditional culture (two) funeral reform of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (three) five four period criticism of funeral customs (four) (five) view of new-style funeral funeral reform women roll" Lun "or on the main reference appendix volume, volume postscript postscript @##@ edition bibliography citation The so-called vulgar culture refers to a specific period of time reflected in the customs system of inertial and recognized by the traditional ethical culture dross. It includes two aspects: one is the customs will reflect the traditional ethical culture in the concept of dross; a is the traditional concept of ethical culture dross are cast and customs. Both reflect the unity of essence and phenomenon in the body. Vulgar culture and traditional ethical culture is different, the traditional ethical culture need not have the vulgar phenomenon can not but vulgar culture, but must possess it; vulgar culture and customs, customs do not have to be the traditional ethical culture identity, but vulgar culture must be the identity. This is between the custom culture and traditional ethical culture and customs of the similarities and differences. This book from the marriage, family, women, sex ethics perspective to explore the modern China vulgar culture evolution trend, which reflects the evolution of the human spirit in a calendar lemma.
Chapter excerpt

This book is my PhD thesis. The autumn of 1984, I graduate in Beijing Normal University, studying direction China modern cultural history. The academic circles set off a wave of culture, cultural issues at a school. Choose what kind of a cultural history of the paper topic, is difficult. One time, I read a paper in the August 24, 1983 Gong Shuduo teacher "Guangming Daily" published "New Culture Movement" of Wu Xu, very suffer inspire. One of the words which the direct guidance from my dissertation topic. The article said: "the reformers also pay attention to transformation of social customs, advocated the anti footbinding, opium and other bad habits; to promote sports activities, pay attention to hygiene, even advocating work, orderly life time, pay attention to work efficiency, with the western capitalist society civilization changed China feudal society ugly evil backward customs". Social customs is the embodiment of cultural traditions, values and social economy in people's way of life, customs itself is a very important cultural phenomenon. Modern Chinese changed the social politics and economy, changed the concept of culture, people's social life has changed. It should be said that the evolution of modern social customs is a topic worthy of study. Later in the tutorial of Mr. Gong Shuduo, Mr. Li Kan's encouragement, I identified the "change" at the beginning of the twentieth Century China social customs of the master's thesis topic. In the summer of 1987, in this paper through the defense and received a master's degree in history. After graduation, I went to teach at Liaoning Normal University. During this period I have been to the evolution of modern China customs as my research direction. The autumn of 1988, I spent more than a month's time, in the Beijing library, Beijing Normal University library, Peking University library, Chinese Academy of sciences library access to a large number of newspapers and local chronicles, received thousands of modern social custom change data, these data later research work is very important for my benefit. The autumn of 1991, I went to Hunan Normal University to do graduate. Because the accumulation and thinking of the past few years, I'm sure doctoral thesis entitled "study" of modern China vulgar culture, teacher Mr. Lin Zengping supported me to do this. In the summer of 1994, I completed this thesis and the respondent obtained a doctoral degree in history. In 1994 October, I went to China Academy of Social Sciences, post doctoral research station for postdoctoral. During this period, I am doing Postdoctoral Research Report at the same time, out of time, make full use of Institute of modern history, rich newspapers and books, especially some records, for my doctoral paperSupplements and amendments, and get a tutor Mr. Geng Yunzhi's advice, benefit. Vulgar culture is a specific academic concept, it is different with the traditional ethical culture, and customs are different, so a lot of not the scope of traditional ethical culture and customs are not book research.

"Study on the modern Chinese vulgar culture evolution (Revised Edition)" is published by Capital Normal University press.
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