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Date of publication:2008-8   Press: Shanghai Popular Science Press   Author:Liu Fei, Li Kaiping.   Pages´╝Ü226  

Features of the Shadow Puppet ShowShadow puppetry wins the heed of an audience by its lingering music, exquisite sculpture, brisk color and lively performance.One mouth tells stories of thousands of years; a pair of HanDS operates millions of soldiers. This is how the shadow Puppeteer works. Nicknamed the busiess of the five, Q Shadow Puppet Troupe is mode up of five people. One operates the puppets, one ploys Q horn, a horn, and a Yueqin, one plays Banhu fiddle, one is in charge of percussion instruments, and one sings. This singer assumes all the roles in the puppet show, which of course is very difficult. That is not all; the singer also ploys several of the over 20 kinds of musical instruments in a puppet show. These ancient musical instruments enhance the effect of this ancient folk art.The stage for shadow puppet is a white cloth screen on which the shadows of Fiat puppets are projected. Shadow puppet looks similar to pQper-cut except that their joints are connected by thread so that they can be operated freely. The scene is simple and primitive; it is the consummate performance that attracts the audience. For example, a puppet con smoke and breathe out a smoke ring under the control of the operator. In one drQma, As a maid sits in front of a mirror, her reflection in the mirror matches her Qctions. The operator plays five puppets at the some time, each of which has three threads. Ten fingers handle 15 threads.
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As China's reform and opening up to move forward, the tourism industry is becoming more and more prosperous. Especially in recent years, guests from all over the world to China, trying to uncover the mystery of this vast land, so as to understand the Chinese long history, to meet its hard to interpret the curiosity and imagination. With a long and rich history China, proud for his numerous historical sites and cultural heritage. Almost every part of the Chinese, people can enjoy a variety of magical landscapes, and passed down from generation to generation stories and myths. In China people's hard work, Chinese happened to turn the world upside down changes in all aspects of. From economy, culture, education, life, entertainment and leisure, people are enjoying the peace, harmony, harmonious life.
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Chapter 1 Rites of Passage Birth Passage into Adulthood was born in life etiquette of adult Marriage Funeral Customs&the Wake funeral wedding ceremony and funeral custom Chapter 2 Customs in Daily Life China S Traditional 'daily life custom Clothing Chinese traditional clothing China' S Traditional Hairstyle, Shoes and Hats China traditional hairstyle, shoes and hats General Descriptions of Chinese Food China food generally indicates that Chamderis, Categories of Chinese Cuisine China cuisine features a ics of Chinese Cuisine Chinese Iea China dishes China tea Chinese Dining:Beliefs and Etiquette China diet: faith and manners of Chinese Architedure Chinese Residence Chinese China building China houses Furniture Chinese furniture Feng Shui Feng Shui Chapter 3 Festivals China traditional festival Spring Festival Lantern Festival Spring Festival Lantern Festival Tomb Sweeping Day Duanwu or Dragon Boat Festival Ching Ming Festival Dragon Boat Festival Double Seventh Festival Mid Autumn Festival July 7th Mid Autumn Festival Double Ninth Festival Winter Solstice Festival Winter Solstice Festival of Chapter 4 Folk Activities and Arts folk activities and art General D Escription of Traditional Sports and Activities of traditional sports and activities for the general description of Aerial Spods Air Sport Equestrian Sports immediately Aquatic Sports water sports Land Based Sports land sports Taiii Quan Dance Lion Dancing Dragon Chi dragon and lion dance Chinese Paper Cutting Chinese Folk Toys China China paper-cut folk toys Chinese KifeS China kite Chinese Knot Opera Sichuan Opera Chinese opera opera Shadow Puppetry Chinese Music Chinese shadow play music Chapter 5 Customs of Social Organization Chinese Manne China folklore courtesy Naming Taboo Bidhday Celebration Customs to celebrate the birthday of the taboo custom Shifu master / Master Face Guanxi @##@ face "In English China - Folk" is divided into 5 chapters, each chapter focuses on one theme, namely the life etiquette, customs in daily life, Chinese traditional festivals, folk activities and art, folklore. In view of the characteristics of the Chinese custom culture, each chapter focuses on their origin, history, the concrete content and the cultural and social background. "In English Chinese folk" to the folk custom is an important window to help domestic and foreign friends to better understand the Chinese. "Said China - Folk" plain language, the content of humor in English, and is equipped with a lot of beautiful illustrations, the readers can happily enjoy mystery and charm China folk.
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"Said:" Chinese English folk language level, the content of humor, and is equipped with a lot of beautiful illustrations, the readers can happily enjoy mystery and charm China folk.
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