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In contrast, many scholars are not the same as the unit, because of the similar academic purport or way of thinking, research paradigm, it will choose to close. With Liu Shouhua as the core of a number of stories, such as Lin Jifu, Gu Xijia, Jiang Fan, Zheng Xiaoyun, Sun Zhengguo, et al., although scattered around the north and south, is a relatively stable community story research. We will also mention, a number of scattered in various academic institutions, and Gu does not pull any relations of young scholars, but his most loyal supporters of folklore paradigm. The relationship between teachers and students, and it is the inheritance relationship of academic traditions, as it is the ethical relationship between academic network, also is the "one wing all wing, harmed" close. "The school is good, not only reflected in the teacher works, more important is the dialogue and interaction between teachers and students, as well as the performance and contribution of the future." Therefore, he stood in the teacher's, always want to first help their students, as far as possible for students to achieve academic status. Zhongshan University professor Huang Tianji often the students compared to water, the tutors to ship or stone, think positive teacher-student relationship is "boat", "malignant teacher-student relationship is". Therefore, standing on the teacher, always strongly support their students, while standing in the student, must master as a father. Fei Xiaotong said: "the blood is a force for stability. In a stable society, geo - but as blood projection, not separation." The same token, projection division is blood, to maintain the honor students division is the academic source of legitimacy and maintenance. Chen Pingyuan in the interpretation of Tsinghua University's brilliant analysis: "talk about Chinese college contribution, everyone to recognize four tutors, yes; but I think, the school can have today's reputation, and the disciple efforts inseparable. The disciples contribution, including the great achievements made in the field of professional future respectively, including the teacher be passionately devoted, including the strong collective sense of honor." We often say that "the student", "a" word can be understood as "production", can also be understood as "from" context, usually people as before a kind of understanding, but from the academic point of view, after an understanding can support a greater probability of. That is to say, English is often necessary for the achievement of the first English teacher, this batch of green leaves, and then have the teacher this flower. Zhang Taiyan behind the works spread.

Shi Aidong, born in 1968, Bachelor of science, master of literature, dr.. Has worked in the Zhongshan University Department of Chinese, workstation postdoctoral Faculty of Beijing Normal University, now Chinese Literature Research Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences researcher, China folk association deputy secretary general. The main research direction for academic history, folklore, the story of science fiction. The representative papers mainly "superposition unit: the epic the structure of sustainable development mechanism", "story of the disordered growth and optimal strategy", "folk memory and reconstruction", "hero" -- from killing Xiao Feng kill sensitive "in Jin Yong's novels of the traditional hero motif in the inheritance and transformation", "the Cowherd and the girl weaver study of criticism". Doctor dissertation "on Chinese modern folklore discipline establishment and Academic Transformation -- Taking Zhongshan University folklore society as the center," postdoctoral "Chinese modern folklore review".
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The Institute of literature in academic library after the Academic Committee recommend, will gradually launched the scholars to youth as the main body of the new. Because of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences "," Dr. existing library "youth library", this library is more leave them in the "Youth", "Dr" forward footprint. Built by focusing on talent, results based on the idea, look forward to the emergence of a number of future masters of today's masterpiece here. Since the 1953, we persist in humility, hard, seek truth from facts by the wind, and guard against impetuosity, advocating innovation is fundamental. Innovation without root, easily into foam; speak root and less innovation, easily into the old wood knots; equal emphasis on innovation and root, is the basic method of our growth strength, open up new territory. Generations of scholars of literature growth, in practice the basic method, avoid a lot of chasing the waves, or research into the disadvantages, and cultivate a group of Chinese modern humanistic construction to do real work in schools. If I'm not so humbly say literature's strengths, strengths is that once this generation of scholars began literature Kung Fu and through consciousness, to gain a firm foothold in the literature, through taking steps, new materials, new thinking, new discoveries, depths, to the modern academic wide and frontier. Therefore, we have reason to look forward eagerly to witness history, look forward to the academic library become the literature style, learning and academic basic method. Look forward to writing and look forward to reading, it can be fun? Into the literature research in the new era, there must be a comprehensive revitalization of our nation to adapt to cultural attitude and cultural behavior. A well-off society should have the academic culture "-". Literature is the recent to start the three academic projects: one is the "academic library collection", mainly to young scholars of new, represents our hope. The second is "of" Literature Research Institute, found that the focus of scholars see time, component of the dissertation, we show the academic team and strength. The third is the "Literature Research Institute of Academic Forum", the reassembly of the important academic history literature version where since the 1950's, including the "Marx Literary Theory Series", "classical literary theory:", "theory of modern art series" and "Chinese classical literature series", is also prepared to select a number of important works of the scholars this reflects the quality, we should inherit and carry forward the tradition and valuable historical memory. Literature and its academic committee would give the unremitting efforts for the new realm of academic works, to open up broad way in literary research and lively. Please, good academic and new friends generous with your criticism.
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Small lead thread on China modern academic industry ecology and industry folk worship the founder: two fire and incense divinity and functions of academic leaders: teacher and unequal reciprocal relationship between three life Ren: Secret of success scholar success four academic promotion: reputation and circle circle and foreign propaganda academic innovation: five by the three big mountains of academic scholars and six academic circle on the center layout: transfer seven circle to the edge of the academic: against the old order to build a new order of eight disciplinary crisis: excessive operation nine academic revolution paradigm: a "new chapter" idol early folklorists subject cognitive Chinese modern folklore the background of the occurrence of two or three be quite different work plan three "folklore" put forward the field puzzled four word of mouth the search field work and the method and the prosperity of Western four Ancient Chinese Literature Search research on the influence of folklore folklore five to anthropology transformation of the consequences of second chapter early folklorists exploration field experience a local ballad collection two Gu Jiegang and Miaofeng Mountain incense will investigate three Zhongshan University folklore society. Fieldwork collection standards of five Xin Shuzhi, Yang Chengzhi and investigation methods of missteps and Countermeasures to the third chapter of contemporary folk literature and fieldwork discipline Faren period field requires two literary and art workers folk idea of disagreement between the three members of different cultural backgrounds of four sports and survey: materials collected and used five "field work" on "folk songs" and "hypothesis collect" farewell six theories: from the existing text of seven on the field work of academic debate the fourth chapter folk literature textbooks and training of the plight of a folk literature talents training phenomenon two clock series quantum leap of confusion and arduous three introduction to writing hot and preparation of arbitrary four "outline of thinking" and "format" products for academic writing style, the fifth chapter folklore academic writing a "Ballad weekly" foreword "Zhou Zuoren said" the origin of "Zhou Zuoren says" two suspected three another four "normative statements" instead of "descriptive statements" the sixth chapter is the Code review and establish the research paradigm and dissemination of two Gu Jiegang story review a story of Gu Jiegang philosophical paradigm to follow the rules of the game three historical evolution of the limitations of law four Gu Jiegang story paradigm scientific contribution seventh chapter Zhong Jingwen folklore idea and strategy of a subject position: two research object management strategy for survival: no tacit knowledge is three subject system deeply: as we do know to evolution four dare not forget their founders' science is a dead science appendix Zhong Jingwen discipline construction and academic strategy checklist eighth chapter academic exercise for conventional science and the negative impact of the "intangible cultural heritage" protection movement in academic folklorists to rise two "intangible cultural heritage" protection movement academic support three "non left" list of realistic interests folklorists "politics", four "and five" non left "embarrassment" movement for the protection of the folklore. Ninth chapter folklore discipline boundaries and the academic orientation of a folklore and anthropology who also said not clear difference between the two subject oriented diversification trend three the choice of research topics as irreversible Division of personal interests and four academic community than subject more clearly divided tenth chapters of folklore studies examining the significance of question two times of science game rule ethics torture postscript @##@ three scientific pursuit This book as an example to China modern folklore, launches the discussion to China modern academic academic ecology and academic pattern. Discussion focused on the subject orientation, field work, training, research, academic orientation, theory and method and so on, but in the specific study, "China modern folklore" not thorough review of the above aspects, but from the point of view of some specific case or phenomenon, from point to surface, make a careful and detailed analysis, in all attempts to outline the Chinese, status and trend of modern folklore. The author tries to cut in from two perspective of industry of folk custom and the philosophy of science, review the development strategies of subject Chinese modern folklore, discusses the experience and confusion. These experiences and confusion is Chinese modern folklore, the common encounter many is Chinese modern humanities and Social Science in the development process.
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