Rabbit looked at the bright moon

Date of publication:1970-1   Press: Education in Hubei   Author:Yu Shoujun   Pages´╝Ü189  

"Rabbit looked at the bright moon (Chinese English reading") is one of the twelve Chinese Zodiac folklore culture series. In 2010 February, Hubei Changjiang publishing group, Hubei Education Publishing House of the "twelve books" Zodiac folklore culture English reading graphic version, the series consists of 12 volumes, the twelve zodiac name followed by "rat bite opening day" "in" "cattle farming tigers Valley" rabbit "Moon" "" "Longteng Sihai snake dance earth" "horse" safe "sheep" monkey "send auspicious greetings peach" "is" "bark" product "pig arch door". This set of books for young students (students, primary and secondary schools, kindergarten) and the wider social youth, folk culture research experts and scholars as well as the love of folk culture especially ordinary readers Zodiac cultural reading.
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