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Date of publication:2007-10   Press: Yuelu Publishing House   Author:Peng Guoliang   Pages´╝Ü134  

The lunar calendar in July fifteen, is a traditional Chinese festival, ghost festival, commonly known as "halloween". China festivals are the so-called "three yuan", fifteen July. On fifteen yuan, fifteen yuan in October. According to the "five miscellanies" records: "one with the Lantern Festival day for the spring, in October 15th July 15th, for the next element." Remember "practice" said: "July day, officer down, set the world of good and evil, Taoist and night prayers, hungry day also liberated prisoner." (the "three official": day officer, officer, officer, the water that day official blessing, officer of sins, the official water solution.)
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  •   Only read the book only really know the ghost festival history.
  •   I had the ghost ghost culture is very interested in, before deciding to buy the book, want to have a look about the ghost festival history ah, ah, custom legend A Jungo look, just some people write about the ghost festival prose, the content above also didn't what prominent place, really boring, feel disappointed.

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