Observation and thinking of Daur wo Minangkabau culture

Date of publication:2011-7   Press: National Publishing House   Author:SA 敏娜, Wu Fengling   Pages:295  
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Write in front of a, Morin Dawa Daur Autonomous Banner in two, has a long history of the Shaman culture three, wo Meenan ceremony region four, on my view, the five Minan ceremony to the first chapter I Meenan ceremony observed before the ceremony, a ritual space layout in two, June 18th three, June 18th morning ritual the afternoon ceremony, four June 18th June 19th five night ceremony, the ceremony, six June 20th Festival second chapter I Meenan ceremony participants a shaman, master two, priest, shaman, shaman three apprentice four shaman assistant five, priest shaman, shaman and his relatives of six patients treated, seven other participants third Zhang Shenling said, God of Shaman ritual behavior guide two gods, reported to the house, and tell their own experiences, the gods wish to protect three expression in group four, the gods said praise, happy mood, asked five children respect to worship the gods, tell the godless harm six, teach seven, the shaman apprentice the ceremony participants told eight, God tells the comprehensive fourth chapter belief this activity maintained tradition, what Like the gods can become the ancestor god two, ancestor god consist of three, China northeast ethnic ancestor god social foundation of the fifth chapter of this activity inheritance ritual tradition, the wo Meenan ceremony retained the old ritual structure two, wo Meenan ceremony in traditional symbols, using three basic views on the sixth chapter wo Meenan ceremony in the ceremonies in the special one, the various rituals, I two Minan ceremony comprehensive three, wo Meenan ceremony special chapter seventh contemporary wo Meenan ceremony survival context and its function, the local people view two, the ceremony show features three, wo Meenan ceremony the realistic foundation of @##@ phenomenon. The Daur people belief in shamanism has a long history, centuries on the north shore of Heilongjiang, may be the Daur Shamanism prosperous development period. Until nearly half a century ago, namely the modern medicine began to spread in the past, the Daur people is almost shamanistic devout persons. They think the world is full of gods and ghosts, not only the heavens and the earth, mountains, river gods dominate, and windy, rain, thunder and lightning and other natural phenomena, are controlled by gods; and all kinds of animal have soul, the human body is dead, but his spirit never dies still living in hell, or reincarnation reborn. They made their fortune or disaster, as is the blessing of the gods, gifts or revenge results, thus offering a variety of god.
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