Northeast of Sanjiang River Basin folk overview

Date of publication:2011-5   Press: Heilongjiang Education Publishing House   Author:Zhang Shudong et al   Pages:192  

Spring breeze blowing the three river, Xing Rui found Yan homing. I am glad to hear that "northeast Sanjiang basin Culture Series" will be published, feel delighted and relieved. The Northeast Sanjiang basin, the vast area of Songhua River, Heilongjiang and Wusuli River flows. Crown "Dongji new Tianfu" reputation of the Jia Musi is in the hinterland of the Sanjiang plain, Songhua River, Heilongjiang, Wusuli River on the bus, not only rich and magnificent mountains and rivers and fertile land, has a long history, rich culture and glorious revolutionary tradition. There are 7000 years of history of human activity, had 是肃 Shen country, scoops up Lou the ancient capital, five Sheng, Manchu homeland, has swallowed a large number of Vallejo city sites of ancient culture remains intact. During the war of resistance against Japan, Jia Musi is northeast birthplace and the main battlefield. After the liberation in 1945, Jia Musi city is the capital of Hejiang, became the Northeast revolutionary base, known as the "small northeast of Yanan". After the founding of new Chinese, as the central city in Heilongjiang production and construction corps headquarters and the hinterland of the Sanjiang plain of the Great Northern Wilderness core area, the Jia Musi also formed a unique "the Great Northern Wilderness culture" and "the educated youth culture". These are Jia Musi people proud of the human resources and spiritual wealth, the centripetal force is Jia Musi to city identity and common spirit home, inspired Jia Musi people continue to progress along the spiritual power, become Jia Musi people struggle not rest. Over the years, we have always been committed to the deep mining, sorting, the protection and promotion of the northeastern Sanjiang basin culture. Especially in recent years, we have a foothold in the Sanjiang city building, with the scientific development concept to construction of city, city image promotion, to promote the construction of regional high-end cultural service center, and strive to improve the influence and radiation force of regional culture, to provide a powerful spiritual motivation and intellectual support across the development of economic and social science. For mining and developing the culture of Sanjiang basin to the red culture, the Great Northern Wilderness culture, youth culture and Hezhen culture as the core, we adhering to the "build a fine time, heritage sustainable culture", to "study" Jia Musi history and culture as the representative of a large number of regional culture research monographs have been published; a large number of literary and artistic works in television series "Songhua River" and the opera "red snow" as the representative of the continuous introduction of; Ao the Bay movie and TV base, tangyuan the dense camps of film base, Ao 其赫 zhe Xin Cun has built; the educated youth culture Plaza, cultural theme park and northeast Yanan and the series of city theme sculpture embellishes city with historical culture as the core; all kinds of high-quality attractions and tourism lines formed, the basic realization of the permeability, Sanjiang River culture in all kinds of cultural carrier in the load and continuity. In order to make the city history culture radiate new vitality in the development of time, the municipal Party committee, City Hall also orchestrated the spring Sanjiang apricot blossom festival, Sanjiang International Tourism Festival, summer autumn winter Sanjiang educated youth festival and Sanjiang international splashing Snow Festival four large festival, let the city history in festival, let the city carry forward the spirit of the festival, let the city's cultural atmosphere of increasingly strong, new Tianfu Dongji gradually called "happy city, Jia Musi" card, but also gives new meaning to the Sanjiang River Valley culture. A nation can not have no history, a region without culture. The Northeast Sanjiang basin culture originated from the life of the people, the people of Sanjiang labor is concentrated wisdom, carrying the history and culture of informative, is an important part of the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, is the precious spiritual wealth of Jia musi. In my city is comprehensively promote Sanjiang cultural city and high-end cultural center construction of the occasion, Heilongjiang Education Press and Jia Musi city jointly launched the national "eleven plan" Five "key books in Northeast Sanjiang basin Culture Series" at the same time, this is a great event in Jia Musi regional culture research, is a breakthrough in Social Science Monographs published. The eight book is rich in content, covering a wide range of subjects, academics, knowledge, interest in one, from the multi-disciplinary and multi perspective, profound analysis and interpretation of the culture of the northeastern Sanjiang basin of the spirit and blood, in a lot of ways to fill the gaps in the study of Sanjiang regional culture, have sex, practicality and data originality is very strong. The publication of this series, for further study, mining, sorting and promote the Northeast Sanjiang basin culture, will exert positive and far-reaching impact. Here, for the dozens of experts and scholars to participate directly in the compilation of the arduous efforts expressed sincere sympathy, support and help of friends from all walks of life to give heartfelt thanks for book publishing! A good book, read it over; an excellent culture, its sustainable.. The book is a man. Ladder type progress, is the bridge of the people; culture is the spiritual home, carrying the history of the soul and the attribution. I sincerely hope that this series can get readers love, make this series really build a bridge leading to the country and the world, to let more Sanjiang people into the roots of this history of journey, let more friends like Sanjiang culture into our proud spirit home. At the same time, I also sincerely hope that the experts and scholars dedicated to the study of the Sanjiang basin culture, create more Sanjiang River culture quality, Sanjiang people to build the spiritual home of the responsibility and mission, dedication, wisdom, sweat, sowing the seeds of hope, infiltrating Sanjiang Biye, the birth of new green flowers! In 2011 May

This book is one of the northeastern Sanjiang basin culture series, in Northeast Sanjiang basin ancient folk culture as the foundation, with the Sushen family nation in different periods of history as the basis, in accordance with the production, life, etiquette, festivals, rituals, art and technology in order to internal layout, with history, tracing its origin, sketch the inheritance and evolution of aging, the spirit, the meaning of the original interpretation of the totem like, for readers to understand the Northeast Sanjiang area of the ancient folk culture, provide different perspectives and horizons, obtain the national, geographic and other aspects of knowledge and art to enjoy.
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Zhang Shudong: Chinese collectors association, Heilongjiang Province Cultural Association, member of Heilongjiang Photographers Association, Jia Musi city Sanjiang Research Association, the the Great Northern Wilderness Collector Association vice president and expert group. Amateur album national liberation war in Northeast Jiefang District, the ancient Sanjiang basin from publications and Shamanism handed deity etc.. In Heilongjiang province of the association's "the motherland long live" collection exhibition, exhibitors seminar "northeast Jiefang District publications" received the highest award "gold award". "The Communist Party of China held in northern Manchuria" personal theme collection exhibition at the Beijing art treasures Museum of the Chinese nation, caused a sensation in the history of the Communist Party of China Research community. Participate in the "northeast Sanjiang basin folk Overview", "northeast bookstore book collection and appreciation" of two monographs and write.
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The original ecology of black culture.
the first chapter
second chapters of ancient Sanjiang plain folk beliefs and worship
third chapter Sushen folk
fourth chapter scoops up Lou the folk
fifth chapter not auspicious, Mohe folk
sixth chapter five Sheng to the Jurchen folk
seventh chapter the custom
postscript "folk Sanjiang treasure
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The copyright page: illustration: Shaman is only representative of this animal gods and ancestors and gods and incarnation, he can directly communicate with each other and the gods, is the bridge between the animal and the gods. The relationship between man and nature, man and man mistake, distorted, upside down, fantasy ideology. Form the Shamanism this primitive religious thought system. The shaman in religious ritual behavior, is only a kind of religious culture, the cultural idea, fully demonstrated the primitive religion of Shamanism culture. The Shaman's produce, also marks the human thinking has been developed to produce complex fantasy. Although it is absurd, but it laid the initial foundation of human civilization. Shamanism is a primitive religion exists widely in the north and northeast asia. Shamanism and Shaman mythology first of all female shaman, worship the gods to the goddess, which can be inferred Shamanism originated in matrilineal society. The mammoth God is important deities Shamanism generally worship, it participates in the creation activity, it opened up a beautiful valley with tusks, formed the people see the landscape, and the woolly mammoth is a quaternary PLEISTOCENE MAMMALIAN FAUNA in the representation of the animal, they worked with the late Paleolithic human survival, so that shamanism has produced in the old stone age, and continues to this day. Along with the time development, the migration of the population, changing the shape and content, but the basic idea of religion and ritual is basic form generation down. In the culture of Sanxingdui. Yin Ruins in the ritual kneeling on their shoulders the continuation and God holding ivory is a letter "and ritual. Sanxingdui culture originated in shamanism. From the Sushen to the Central Plains, and then spread to Guanghan area. "Shu" there may be "pictographic character change jade pig dragon" type and. Shamanism was that the universe is hierarchical structure, there are three, nine, thirteen and so on the layer. Each layer is inhabited by the good and evil god. All things in the world have diamond shaped head with eyes, head position of God, but a God in control of the situation. The Shaman is commonly referred to as "God", is the protection god of ethnic minority, in order to remove disaster exorcism, or to guide the production, or to seek a military victory, but the deal between the layers of the gods and monsters. Her soul wandering up, overcome difficulties to find the required please God, and the appendage. An important part of the Sanjiang plain of ancient culture is the culture of shamanism. Have a certain sense, Shamanism is a source of China culture, especially the culture source. The northern area Chinese is one source of China civilization, culture. The center of the Sanjiang Valley in Sanjiang plain is the fishing and hunting culture, farming culture district. It is one of the origins of Chinese civilization, is an important component of Chinese culture, scoops up Lou Jie, Heishui spines, raw Jurchen, Manchu people have occupied half of the country Chinese or establish the unity of the Empire, they represent the national culture, Han culture (Culture) injected strong vitality, the China culture and the world culture has produced far-reaching effect. An important part of Shamanism culture is the culture of Sanjiang plain, is the important carrier of culture of the ancient northern China. Shaman inheriting cultural heritage of Sanjiang plain, is the cultural inheritance clan, tribe, nation and reflection. As the superstructure and ideology of human society the initial form of Shamanism, the initiation, formation, development, evolution, has experienced a long history of the years. In the recorded in the ancient Sanjiang plain Sushen, yilou, not auspicious, black spines Capricorn and reflected the customs of the historical records, can see the Shamanism and inevitable connection between these ethnic some traces. The popular is closely related with the fishing and hunting economy nature worship, animal worship and ancestor worship; unique tree burial, cremation, inhumation burial customs in different; Shaman Dance for her; and the different diet, live and worship in the play a major role, but, in the past the national life event, such as war, playing around, marriage, child rearing, funeral, asks the shaman prayers or after the ceremony to seek divine asylum. Shamanism is the primitive society the fishing and hunting economy foundation superstructure, it reflects the primitive people engaged in fishing, hunting and other activities of material production and world outlook. In the primitive society, the fishing and hunting economy activity Sushen, yilou, not auspicious, black spines, reflected the karma, Manchu, the ancestors, in order to meet the needs of their own survival, will develop the form of religion and religious thought suitable for the national ideology, and make the religion cultural integration into the national culture, thus forming distinctive national culture. Religious structure of inclusiveness, determines the penetration and influence of religious culture, will be different to philosophy, morality, art, literature, language, law, education, science, folklore and other fields. The world outlook is penetrated into all aspects of primitive society, permeating in people's living activities, penetration in the spread of oral literature and art creation. In the Northeast history, Shamanism is one of the oldest and most influential, the original, native folk religious forms, is the Northeast ethnic folk culture and folk form of maternal. Have a decisive influence on Northeast People's life. The Modern Northeastern Literature and folk art and so on Shamanism culture the influence comes from the saturated with folk cultural Shamanism spirit. A shaman, even God, primitive religion was deified a fetish or idol. Shaman worship God, by gender, male God and goddess I; according to the production materials, metal, wood, hide, skin, weaving, cloth painting, bones; according to the shape of a human, plant, animal shaped, the shape, the abstract theAccording to the function, a fishing and hunting; Production Supervisor Supervisor Supervisor Supervisor Supervisor plant disease animal nature,,,. Characteristics of Shaman I: diversity, image, functional, worship, mystery. God is always before the Qing Dynasty Sanjiang river national important belief, it reflects a nation's animal worship, nature worship, ancestor worship. The Shaman's 斯翁 dozens, except for a handful of iron, silver, copper, tin, is mostly made of willow, birch and other soft wood into the shape of human, animal, birds, snakes, such as shape of the God's idol. There are mainly ten: Amy: flat head 1 humanoid, with eyes, nose, mouth, arms close, legs bent. Amy is the most powerful shaman God, each activity essential 斯翁. It not only helps the shaman work, also helped other shaman please God, unite in a concerted effort to cure the patients.

Sanjiang plain, the past folk known as the "the Great Northern Wilderness", meaning there is no human habitation. In fact, this is most probably it did not actually happen misunderstanding. There is a saying, the Heilongjiang River Basin in history lack of culture, shallow foundation. In fact, this is not based on speculation. So far, the Sanjiang plain has been found in the Han and Wei dynasties city and the site, about more than 1000. According to the Heilongjiang provincial archaeological experts do Zhi Geng textual research, the Han and Wei dynasties at Sanjiang plain is about more than 100000 people in this life. This marks the regional social history development to a special historical stage, which entered the national stage and the threshold of civilization. Archaeological and abundant articles, confirmed the Heilongjiang basin, the Yellow River basin and the Yangtze River, was one of the cradles of Chinese civilization. Heilongjiang River Basin drought in 170000 years ago the ancient human lives and breeds, namely Altai languages, a branch of Mongolia nationality and the paleo Asian languages; many cultural remains of old and new stone age, shows the civilization of Heilongjiang basin that has reached a very high level of. "The Northeast Sanjiang basin folk Overview" writing, is the ancient Sanjiang plain and the Heilongjiang basin, the folk custom culture, civilization once looking, gather, savor the process -- "the Great Northern Wilderness" is not bleak: Heilongjiang River culture deep soil. The plains of Sanjiang ancient folklore is full of mysterious, intelligence and vigor, is worth treasuring, absorb and inherit. In recent years, the rise in the tourism industry, with the construction, the village folk folk performance increase, "pseudo folk", vulgar, scrambling transformation, anti science phenomena. Once, a new National Museum in the exhibition, invited to preside over another ceremony of the national people visit, the way a suggestion. National people also don't mention it, said let me I would tell the truth. The old man said, you give the dog laid mats, give a person with the. The old man loudly reprimand, how in the taping on hot on the turtle, is the top bar ah, or top turtle? Net blind mess, not touch on which track mindid, angry, take big brick for glass smashed...... Saw, showcase glass with good, is then re open, rearrange, and personnel and material waste! Why not design scheme after forming, in a formal setting, invited the national people and relevant experts to review it? Often happen, in some "dabbler" planner guidance, some to a record or in order to finish the task muddle with one's duty officials "tap a head" decision, will have produced in the long fishing and hunting, farming civilization context, has the special meaning of folk customs, random sets, the transformation of free, get neither fish nor fowl, vulgar, not only undermines the purity of the regional culture, national culture. Hurt the national pride, also caused a lot of unnecessary waste. The real need to have similar "northeast Sanjiang basin folk Overview" this book, to participate in the study, in the guidance, participation in popularity, improve. This book is the first to write in the books, but the final. When the press a manuscript to give us, once again reviewed and revised. The plains of Sanjiang, also called the lowlands of Sanjiang, located in the northeast of Heilongjiang province. The Songhua River, Heilongjiang, Wusuli River alluvial from. Its range, west of the Xingan mountains, east of the Wusuli River, Heilongjiang North as. South of Xingkai lake. Including Jia Musi city and under the jurisdiction of the Tang Yuan, Huachuan, Fujin, Fuyuan, Huanan, Tongjiang; Shuangyashan and under the jurisdiction of Jixian, friendship, Baoqing, Hegang City, Raohe; and under the jurisdiction of Luobei, Suibin; Qitaihe and under the jurisdiction of Jixi City, Boli; and under the jurisdiction of Jidong, Mishan, Hulin etc. 23 cities and counties. Sanjiang plain area of 100300 square kilometers. Sushen, yilou, not Ji, and other ancient ancestors of Jurchen, once in the former "the Great Northern Wilderness", today's Sanjiang plain. Staged a magnificent drama. Today the ancestors, active region, almost overlaps with the now Sanjiang plain. Moreover, some practices are still followed, such as food, eat cold. One of the authors of the four books of Zhang Shudong, the folk custom physical collections enthusiasm, some museums have he donated items. More importantly, he also on the collection has a unique discovery and his own thinking, have reflected these discoveries and insights in this book. The other author Lu, a research of the regional culture of Sanjiang, has published three monographs, to explore the cultural accumulation of a certain contribution, where it is also relying on the book accumulate steadily. Because of the above two contributions, the book is informative, supporting strong, solid arguments, insight. "Five northeast Sanjiang basin folk Overview" one book, but also can be said to be used in archaeology, collection of relics, relic restoration Sanjiang folk custom history. Therefore, a piece of picture complement each other is very important. The book another author Liu Diansheng is good at photography, to make great efforts. We went to the county film, no matter how far, is he driving. To the destination, whether to participate in large-scale activities, or into the local museum, he didn't stop taking photos. The longest continuous two hours, at most once took more than 300. Especially take new "Yilan historical and cultural promenade" along the Yilan River, a small square, the new flat seemingly flat, real hidden hazards, visit the film Liu Diansheng stepped down, feet are stuck. In the Tangyuan shooting, the county Party Committee Propaganda Department and the County Federation support, provides convenient County Museum; filming in Yilan, the county archives bureau the leading group's help, in the arrangement of County Cultural Bureau, County Museum open closedHall of the door, to recall two announcer, all these make us deeply, thanks here! Part of the photo copying, Zhao Ying also contribute, also expressed his thanks. On twentieth Century, I remembered the USA most influential anthropologist Ruth Benedict "cultural pattern" a Book of the words: "we should fully grasp all the connotation of our so-called inheritance, which is the most important point is, biologically inherited behavior accounted for only a very small part, and culture the traditional relay process has played a great role." This may not only represent the author's writing intention, but also embodies all the book publishing efforts of the friends of the wish. In 2010 September @##@ editor "The Northeast Sanjiang basin folk Overview": the "northeast Sanjiang basin Culture Series" rich in content, covering a wide range of subjects, academics, knowledge, interest in one, from the multi-disciplinary and multi perspective, profound analysis and interpretation of the culture of the northeastern Sanjiang basin of the spirit and blood, in a lot of ways to fill the gaps in the research area of Sanjiang culture, security, practicability and data of original strong. "The Northeast Sanjiang basin folk Overview" (author Zhang Shudong, Liu Diansheng, Lv Pin) is a book in the series, the folk customs, the spirit's connotation, the original interpretation of the totem like, try to make a brief sketch of Sanjiang folk custom.
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