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Date of publication:2010-8   Press: Central Compilation and Translation   Author:Li Jianyong   Pages:374  

Illustration: the life is alive, you want a career, but also must have ambition. As the saying goes: "ambition not only sparse, small can a Pearl mussels." However only records compared, Zhi ranks the first, in second. As the saying goes: "since no ambition, to the old no singularity." Wen said: "not to, hard to do; not ecstasy, difficult." Also said: "do not suffer from it not, who will not stand." Don't, can learn, hard; will not stand, no perseverance, it is completely dead. The Three Kingdoms Shu Zhu Geliang, "commandment book": "no to Canton before non school, non Zhi no to school." He also warned of "exogenous book" records are discussed: "Fu Chi when the deposit lofty...... If not strong, not generous, only mediocre delay in customs. Quietly beam in love, permanent channeling V Yu Fanyong, not from vulgar!" However, the ambition of Polygala tenuifolia, tree, is not easy. According to "Shi" say: "Zhong Ni will not stand, Zi Lu Shi; instrument clothes do not repair, Gong Xihua Shi; Li is not used, Zi Gong Shi; speech not argue, kill my paternity; death and ancient and modern, Yan Hui Shi; small, Jean Bo Niu shi. Day: 'my husband six sons from Li. "' As great as Kong Fuzi also "will not stand", has yet to be disciples "encourage", while a generation accompanying ordinary people? Therefore, "Mo-tse's" cloud: "will powerhouse wisdom does not reach, the speech infidel line not fruit." "Wen Zi" said: "the way to mortals, small. Aim high; - to yuan, Xing Fang; to desire more, for less." Of course, emphasizing the spirit, does not deny the talent. On the contrary, talent, talent, essence is "material". If ambition high light, or interested not only, also can succeed. "Shi Shuo Xin Yu, identifying the" cloud: "great ambition but was short, heavy and dark knowledge, good man riding the disadvantages, the non self all the way." Only records match, can make a career. As the saying goes: "intelligence without ambition, white matter; not only interested, fulfill half; talented aspiring, doing event."

Li Jianyong, essayist. Pen name South wrangler. Born in 1962. Shanxi Shanyin people. Now living in Beijing. For news unit. Chinese Writers Association member. The essay collection "woman is the water", "spoiled", "put it down in black and white schools" etc.. The selected works of "Xinhua digest", "the reader" and "the essay collection", "hundred years China new literature, essays," volume "100 years: in twentieth Century 100 people China Prose Reader" etc..
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Flip a flick. Life search up and down. What is the traditional? What is the traditional culture? Maybe someone will say: tradition is passed down from generation to generation "system". So, what is the "unification"? What is the Chinese civilization inheritance "cut ceaseless umbilical cord blood"? Macroscopic classification of a modern nation, often divided into political, economic, social, cultural "four plate". However, "four plate" not parallel. It is like the Earth's. The earth's crust is political, although Everything is contained therein., but surface. The mantle is the economy, though than the crust to some depth, but can not solve all the social, ethical and economic means of. The core is the society, although already deep into the "nuclear" part, but it still does not belong to the heart. The core is culture, only culture can be called a state (or national) heart and soul. Because, all the problems, find by hard and thorough search, in the final analysis is the culture (or culture) problem.
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To explore the essence, the author chose the proverbs as entrance. This is because the proverbs are the understanding of life and refined, is the crystallization of human wisdom, life for life experience, reflects the Chinese people's view of the world, is also a kind of value judgment -- also is "ceremony". Therefore in the folk, proverbs are often plays a function of social education. As the saying goes: the old man does not pass on the ancient, epigenetic loss spectrum. If the old, bitter Coptis chinensis. The "ancient" and the "words", often with the help of the form of proverbs. This book "order" sums up: "proverbs is a pass from mouth to mouth of civilization. Proverbs are the daughters of remembrance and memory of a nation." It is due to pass from mouth to mouth, and therefore most user-friendly, easy to pronounce, and contains the connotation is real and solid, such as "no water fish is still water, fish anhydrous day hard work", "wealth together, people scattered; wealth spread, people together", "a taste of mince can become immortal, eat whole grains are not sick", "in February two, the rise of the dragon, the life wife sent anxious"...... So we say, the memory is the root of the Chinese nation. The proverb is obviously under a lot of effort, to picked up a superb collection of beautiful things in our talk, and be full of wit and humour. The proverbs about seasonal customs, human physical health, diet, write is "old habits", is "the old story". But after reading the cud, but behind these seemingly appear trite and insignificant of a commonplace talk of an old scholar, feel a long continuous Hao Ran upright. This is similar to the "Confucian orthodoxy" Hao Ran healthy, more real, more simple, more profound, such as the spring rain, a silent lubricant -- in the loss of today, this is not the rain? China is not a religious country. Day is not terrible, terrible is not terrible, not ghosts -- it may be that people stretch hand foot can do what I want, but its disadvantage is also bright -- bad up what do not fear not terrible? If this world is not perfect, there are all kinds of suffering, defects, has the significance and value of religion existence. What result it can help us to find the life, purify the self mind, establish the moral norms, and lead us on to the holy sages exploration of the road. But we have no. Fortunately, we have prevailed in traditional, or the ancestors of faith. Day is not terrible, terrible is not terrible, not gods, but fathers feared. In this book, we listen to fathers are talking. Proverbs are scattered in the wilderness of pearl, in its kernel, contains the factor of Chinese civilization beauty. The proverb "to complete the traditional culture puzzle" -- this is the intention of writing this book.
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In fact, it was just in order to solve the problem of shortage of the draft, to open up "genre painting" column in the newspaper weekly. Each hair a "loose leaf mother dictionary", five weekly editions, a group of characters written by me, and invited the cartoonist Xu Pengfei for matching ink cartoon. From the beginning of 2007 January, published after a period of time, because the newspaper revision and cancellation "genre painting" column. However, the "mother dictionary loose leaf"List of articles, I always take advantage of weekends and holidays to write, never stopping. Later, "mother dictionary loose leaf" in "Shanxi daily", the Yellow River Supplement series, or a Monday times, or the two Monday times, until the end of 2007. "Dictionary" in some short chapters, in recent years in the "people's Daily" "Xinmin Evening News" "China community newspaper" and "Shuozhou daily" Hometown "Yangquan daily" published, got broad reader Chuiai, a letter, SMS, telephone, asking "dictionary" when publishing. "Mother dictionary" writing style, is about to timing as "quasi" arrangement. The book series "mother dictionary loose leaf" 40 articles, 10 articles per quarter. Each is divided into "seasonal," human "," custom "diet, physical health" in three parts, each part is composed of a plurality of entries (i.e. single article).

"Mother": Dictionary of macroscopic classification of a modern nation, live into political, economic, social, cultural, four plate. "Four plate" like the earth: the crust is political, although Everything is contained therein., but surface. The earth is the economy, though than the crust to some depth, but can not solve all the social, ethical problems on economic means. The core is the society, although already deep into the "nuclear" part, but it still does not belong to the heart, heart is culture, only culture can be called a state (or national) heart and soul. Because, all the problems, find by hard and thorough search, in the final analysis is the culture (or culture) boring questions, and traditional culture on what? Transfer the essence. From scum. Especially in the People care for nothing but lust. era, discarding the better, but for many of the past dynasties are unbearable, "lost," Zha airflow custom "collapse bad music" sigh! "Poetry": ",,, in 询于刍荛 ancestors have education." Curly Hanshu • Yiwenzhi "; Zhong Ni said: the loss of the ritual for No." Proverbs are scattered in the wilderness of pearl, we can complete the "traditional culture" jigsaw puzzle. In every proverb kernel, including the factor of Chinese civilization beauty.
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