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Mention Xishuangbanna this beautiful name, people will immediately sounded mildly affectionate ear Lusheng songs, eyes will emerge is graceful and beautiful peacock dance, also think of happy Songkran festival. However, until the end of the work, pack up and go home, we found, busy ten days, how can a Xishuangbanna attractions also didn't see. Tsinghua students hurried homeward. I also want to immediately rushed to Kunming, make a report on the 16 session of the International Conference on anthropology, return fully loaded bags of first hand data, but also it right away.
what the original totem continues today, is what makes life and growth in nature and carving! What makes today's avant-garde youth and thousands of years ago the ancient concept of docking.
maybe, reading this book, you will find the answer.
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Civilization cohesion -- write in front of the
a foreword: listen to
two old wild investigation about tattoos: Mengla Dai tattoo
(a) Mengman town Nan Cun Dai tattoo Munsey investigation of
(two) Mengman Zhen Jing Long Cun Dai tattoo investigation of
(three) Mengman Zhen Man Hong Cun Dai tattoo investigation of
(four) Mengman Zhen man Zhang Cun Dai tattoo investigation of
three field survey: Jinghong Dai tattoo
(a) Dai Park Jinghong man will village Dai tattoo investigation of
(two) Jinghong tattoo Dai Manting village survey
four field survey: Menghai Brown nationality tattoo
(a) MEng Hayman Wai Cun, Brown family tattoo investigation of
(two) Menghai new village, Southeast of the village man moth new Brown nationality tattoo investigation of
(three) Menghai Mengla mixed Zhen Brown family investigation of
five tattoo tattoo tattoo collection: typical
six Heritage: Ancient spectrum of
seven tattoo of the future: traditional and modern
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The copyright page: illustration: Xishuangbanna trip, visited a 10 villages in county. Can say, browsing the tattoo Dai status. In addition, we also ask the tattoo phenomenon Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture of ethnic studies expert. In this process, the deepest impression is their view of the Dai tattoo. The field investigation before, had done the research literature on the desk China minority tattoos, many papers, works and discusses the cause of tattoos, including totem worship, marriage taboo, adult baptism, the pursuit of beauty. Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture Nationality Institute director Dai tattoo rock incense summarized four functions: the symbol, decoration, spells and prayers. He did not emphasize the tattoo as a symbol of class hierarchy, record of Zhu Mengzhen's "the southwest local mind": "(DAI) men are written to the lower body tattoo, don't poor, Yi Qing to leg ministry, eye to tattooing to the waist, Tu Guan Qing to milk." "The color is also great, most noble is still red, civilians with ink." The expression of the desire to pray tattoo. This visit is the first day we arrived banna. Therefore, to the countryside, tattoo Dai gave me the impression of change: tribal chiefs head wearing crested, into flat and good for common people. For 10 days, we can see the tattoo status is indeed close -- mostly generation farming, some special is done some bodyguards, but also need to toast toast village, usually at home farming. We cannot state that civilian Dai tattoo, because starting from as people marked role, Dai is everyone tattoos, including tribal leaders. Tattoo as a symbol of courage, may also make the complicated and magnificent aristocratic tattoo with the ordinary people. But undeniable is, today's tattoo Dai, is different from the historical records.
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