• Finally a falcon people

    This book is a folklorist, writer Cao Bao. Two years on the famous "Eagle Tun" - Yu Lou Cun investigation and interview, documentary literature recently completed. The book focuses on the Zhao Mingzhe family history, the traditional skills and modern falconry life style, lively and informative recording the inheritance and development process of the Northeast falconry culture,,

  • The traditional festival of the intangible cultural heritage

    "A brief introduction to the main content of traditional festivals and intangible cultural heritage": traditional festivals are an important part of Chinese culture, it embodies the emotions and thoughts of the Chinese nation. The traditional festival is an important expression of human cognitive world Chinese and vivid practice, it embodies the essence of Chinese culture and national spirit characteristic,

  • Chinese folk know

    Different geographical environment gave birth to the different culture, and the formation of a national symbol of personality and thought, culture and customs of different created profound, different styles of folk customs. "Chinese folk know all" is a Chinese folk culture of the encyclopedia, contains the wisdom of the Chinese nation essence, for the reader to show,

  • In February two. The rise of the Dragon - Chun long Festival

    February 2-emergence, "in February two, the rise of the Dragon - Chun long Festival" brief introduction: why "February two" long before the rise? Because the lunar calendar in February has entered the spring season, when Yang rising, and the recovery of vegetation germinating, farmers will spring plowing and sowing, very much in need of soil moisture, retain moisture. Then if God for rain, really,

  • China mascot

    "A brief introduction to the main content Chinese mascot": China's traditional mascot is gradually formed in history for thousands of years, as early as in the "book of changes" and "Shangshu", is auspicious, the Wang Fu formulation, the ancient ancestors have the people, plants, animals and birds as a fetish stars later to many natural and manmade given good fortune apartments,

  • All over the country all know marriage customs

    "All over the country all know" marriage custom main contents: side dishes to the husband's family; the couple into the bridal chamber, the matchmaker thrown over the wall; four wheeled horse drawn carriage BMI for men and women play play; branch; prohibition of the bride and groom wife; red umbrella, feed the chickens; three egg from a pot of wine, send the damsel chair go; marriage according to all the traditional rules; umbrella engaged marriage;,

  • The Qingming Festival

    The Qingming Festival, people living in the culture, just as people cannot do without air, "book of changes" said: "astronomy, in order to detect when the change: judging from the humanities, into the world." Both Chinese "culture" is that, this passage at least, there is clear and profound reason our ancestors has always been on the importance of culture,

  • Folk Festival reader

    "Introduction" Folk Festival, reading content: rapid development and economic strength China began in twentieth Century 80's rapid rise is a historical world with a sense of the big event. It not only led to Chinese appeared a new look, but also changed the structure of the world but also in the whole. Over the past thirty years the most eye-catching,

  • The second Chinese of marriage

    "Marriage" witticism Chinese content introduction: you know Niu Lang Weaver why not together? Do you know the equal status of men and women of ancient what is beyond the modern imagination? "Gossip Chinese marriage" in an interesting and humorous style of writing is vivid, you carefully road one one. ,

  • Civil birth customs

    Civil birth customs, this book is "one of the Chinese Folk Culture Series", introduces various birth customs folk, including reproductive worship for life: birth; pregnancy in October: life rule; birth: calls for the birth of new life; birth ceremony: Xi Ying newborn; full moon, Zhou Suiqinghe: hope. The five chapter contents,

  • The Ming Dynasty Wenzhou folk culture

    Brief introduction of the Ming Dynasty "Wenzhou folk culture": folk culture is the wide spread of various customs, belongs to the small traditional culture. Its scope is very broad, including clothing, food, live, row, weddings, family, clan, dialect, folk belief, festivals and other aspects. Wenzhou folk culture resources abundant,

  • Dumpling fragrance Ai Puchang meter

    Zongzi rice fragrance AI Pu long, "dumplings rice fragrance AI Po: Dragon Boat Festival" the characteristic of Chinese traditional culture elements in the unfolding story centric, based on real folk life, natural infiltration of Chinese traditional culture, so that the readers can feel the warmth and love, also naturally to understand the Chinese traditional culture, call up,

  • Large China five thousand years of history

    "Big China five thousand years of history: China marriage culture (graphic color)" content brief introduction: March Chunxiao, men and women with gauze. Phoenix coronet and robes of rank, the candle shines. Hold your hand and grow old together with you. Humanized communal obscurantism, mercenary marriage cruelty, freedom of marriage...... Reflect the progress of civilization. Princess Wencheng of poetic masterpiece through the ages,,

  • Folk festivals

    Temple, "Temple" mainly introduces the folk culture, folk culture is created by the masses of the oldest culture, because of its roots can be traced back to the initial stage of human development; folk culture is also the most young culture, because it is still alive in people's daily life and reputation. Folk culture,

  • Yunnan cloud "Wu Princess Ya" "Chinese folk on."

    Wu Princess ya, Yunnan cloud: Wu Princess ya, ISBN:9787222083943, author: Wei Guangye,

  • Wedding etiquette

    Brief content: "wedding etiquette etiquette custom is" harmony, "wedding etiquette" by marriage custom, funeral customs, business etiquette, birthday celebration etiquette is composed of four parts, from traditional to modern, detailed introduces the preparation for the etiquette custom, for the majority of people reference! ,

  • Chinese ancient etiquette and custom

    "China ancient etiquette and custom" China has always been in a state of ceremonies known to the world, the so-called etiquette, is the people in the life, production, social rules and moral standards are to comply with social communication and other activities, these specifications need to become etiquette and some form of performance, this kind of rules of etiquette for months and years on end, increasingly expanding,

  • Valley millet porridge and beans for boiling the Laba Festival

    Laba Festival, "picture books: Valley millet porridge and beans cooked Laba Festival" content introduction: in the most important festival, is the twelve month of eight, known as the ancient "date", commonly known as "Laba festival". From the pre Qin, Laba Festival is used to worship their ancestors and gods, pray for good harvest and auspicious. Laba Festival in addition to ancestor worship worship activities, but also by the people,

  • Chinese Zodiac culture

    "China Zodiac culture (graphic color)" content brief introduction: twelve zodiac complex reincarnation, fukurokuju Choi hi phase. Passing of night, time flies. Lunar New Year culture, be handed down from age to age. Life and growth in nature, Everbright stretches. Communication of yin and Yang five elements, begetting, sacrifice, diet, creation, literature, painting, paper-cut...... Tiger,

  • "Discourse / Feng Jicai classification.

    Digest Book gossip said, feet inside, hidden in a Chinese history, this mysterious! The three inch size, feet Ya the son, than cigarettes long Co., adult on life, give the bindings wrapped airtight, remove that share taste, inside still have a period of history?. A Xing, a dead. The ZTE, xingzhong,

  • In folk

    "Into the folk" this book is Kang Xinmin over the years, especially from the part of the works in the recent twenty or thirty years. Including the folk literature and art theory, folk folk songs, Folk Art Documentary figure portrait, folk literature and the original text and his retirement life, people recall, etc.. Is Kang Xinmin as,

  • Folklore and modern society

    "Folklore and modern society" as the Chinese world first systematic study of Ryuta Kunio thought of monographs, introduced a system of Kunio Yanagita's life story, makes a comprehensive analysis of his Japanese folklore origin, change, development, theory etc.. ,

  • The mystery of the zodiac

    From now on, stop the blind action, the scientific use of the zodiac mysteries and knowledge, understand the mysterious influence Zodiac dominate your thinking and destiny, you can more in-depth understanding of yourself, know the people around, to better realize their personal and business in various fields, from now on, no longer blindly, swim between heaven and earth,

  • Folk customs

    "Introduction": folk custom content marriage etiquette and custom is the necessary way to establish the marriage between men and women. Because of marriage is one of life's greatest blessing, relates to the continuation and social and family happiness, the family name of stability, so the marriage custom is very wide. It is just an episode of marriage. The above analysis,

  • Fuzhou idiom

    "Fuzhou idioms (Revised)" is Mr. Fang after 10 years of collecting, sorting, undergo hardships and written a monograph of Fuzhou dialectal idioms. This monograph of Chinese lexicology and folklore studies, melting in a furnace, to study the Fuzhou dialect with the folk custom and local history (including proverbs and sayings), and expounds from the perspective of pragmatics,

  • The Grand Chinese folk festival customs

    The national holiday system and state time system, each field of each nation and country social life, plays a very important influence. Among them, traditional ethnic festivals both in the country time system, or in the public psychology, occupies a particularly prominent, and even the center position. ,

  • History China customs

    The Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties volume, custom content extremely extensive, involving many aspects of material life and spiritual life, relevant research works on the range has been quite different, we after many discussions, on the basis of draw on the previous research, try to make a breakthrough. With its content and form, which is divided into food, clothing, housing, transportation, marriage,

  • The new encyclopedia of celebration.

    "The latest message Daquan" celebration about: Chinese always love lively, festival ritual feast to hold a ceremony. Now, various parties, business meetings, speech is an important essential. You still speak in ramble in one's statement and trouble? You still looking for the right message and act with confusion? ,

  • Folklore

    The main content of "folklore" include: introduction, modern field work process model theory, the modern field work technology of special training, the new period of folklore ethnography fieldwork ethnography, new period of folk literature and art. ,

  • The Dragon Boat Festival NEWS

    "Introduction" Dragon Boat Festival news content: often, we walked very far, but forget why to start. So soul boat ran aground, the ideal sail stagnation, only wander. Don't go just to forget, only to lose? Let us put back the origin of life, return to nature, back to nature, back to,

  • They

    "Marriage by capture" content brief introduction: "Chinese popular series" planning, the conception and the editing ideas, largely based on the following considerations: one is the "Big deal". Compared with some loss of macro works into folklore, "Chinese popular series" topic mainly highlighted the "make a big deal" characteristics, namely wai,

  • A book to read Chinese Festival

    "A Book Introduction through China Festival" content: Chinese culture, with its long, rich of the world said. China history, cultural traditions, mostly is the product of ancient agricultural society, they rely on the scene, and reflects the cultural psychology, with distinct characteristics of the agricultural civilization. When the human society,

  • In twenty-first Century the diversification perspective in Chinese folk culture

    "Thinking of folk culture in the perspective of diversification of the twenty-first Century China folk culture" from the "Dragon Boat Festival" "Hanfu" hot social causes of intercultural communication, discusses the perspective of China folk, diversification in twenty-first Century from the perspective of the inheritance and protection of traditional folk Chinese, and analyse the ancestors,

  • Funeral customs

    Chinese traditional ideas, the funeral is evil, civilians are taboo, traditional manufacturing is full of "superstition" color, and "scientific" cast aside, so China almost nothing on funeral publications, ordinary publications, rather than published research articles about the funeral. "Funeral" is the system,

  • Their discussions.

    "Things (the stories discussions Collection) (set of 9 volumes)" is one of the representative works of folklore and experts, Chinese literary history of Mr. Yang Yinshen's first published in 1945, a full set of content including old seasonal Festival, ghosts, dress, food, beverage, living and transportation for sundries, games and entertainment, fruits and vegetables, the valley of flowers,

  • Weddings and funerals utility Daquan

    "Weddings and funerals utility Daquan" is affected by future publishing commissioned, busy at work, time constraints, through the collection and collation of data, the rural marriage, funeral, Shou, festival, home related customs large, and did some field investigation. "Weddings and funerals utility Daquan" determined by Mr. Fu Gongzhen series,

  • China's real problem

    Focus on China Program anniversary of essence, "Chinese real problem: China focus program anniversary essence" high-end category commentary on a watch intently current situation of China, by focusing on China Program anniversary compilation and essence. The book presents the Chinese transition period a series of complicated contradictions and problems. These problems, the trapped people economy, small wallet,,

  • Survey of Three Gorges folk customs

    The "Three Gorges folk customs of" the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River regional folk festivals and customs, labor production customs, daily life custom, folk custom, religion, folk literature of Nuo custom in Three Gorges, the Three Gorges folk art and sports entertainment culture phenomenon as the object of study, to reveal its historical origin, changing and,

  • China history

    "China history: etiquette and custom of" take the time as the clue, about from pre Qin Dynasty to the modern China "six rites" and birth, growth, education, pension, Death Rites of the origin, development and evolution process; introduces the concrete situation of each period from the royal family to each nation area, implementation of the customs of the people, and the ancient books,

  • Chinese folk knowledge know

    "In different wind, a thousand different customs". "Chinese folk knowledge know all (value Gold Edition)" from the Chinese name zodiac, diet culture, clothing culture, traditional architecture, traditional festivals, wedding etiquette, taboo and religious folk art and other aspects, in vivid language, beautiful pictures, rich people,

  • Folk games and sports

    Folk games and sports, folk culture is the Chinese generations temper and inheritance of the traditional culture, which embodies the national character, national spirit, national truth, goodness and beauty, is the Chinese nation the mutual recognition of sign, is the link of countrymen to communicate feelings. Today, we will have the excellent part of folk culture in essence and show including agricultural,

  • Tujia folk religion and culture

    The book explains in detail the Tujia folk belief in the inheritance, the development process of the formation of some of the features, can be summarized as follows: 1. The most notable feature of Tujia people of faith is the historic. 2 Tujia folk belief has the characteristics of permeability. 3 Tujia people,

  • When the festival in

    "Yin Dengguo said:" when the festival folk custom life was made by Mr. Yin Dengguo. China known as the "five thousand years of civilization, also known as the" country "within ten thousand years". Long culture makes us feel glory at the same time, often feel with no reality whatever. In addition to the names and ages of thousands of Baba's history textbook, we again,

  • History China customs

    The volume, custom content is very extensive, involving many aspects of material life and spiritual life, relevant research works on the range has been quite different, we after many discussions, on the basis of draw on the previous research, try to make a breakthrough. With its content and form, which is divided into food, clothing, housing, transportation, marriage,

  • Xiangxi ancestor worship custom

    "Xiangxi ancestor worship custom" is divided into eight chapters, included the Tujia, Miao "Maogusi drilling bull sacrifice", "pig" Miao, Tujia "Wang soil may", vault and Mei 嫦古 tracking etc.. Each chapter is about four or five knots length, with the text with pictures of 300 pieces. In order to facilitate your understanding, each chapter at the beginning and end are respectively,

  • Chinese should know that

    "Chinese should know that 4: customs of origin" content brief introduction: after mankind entered the civilized society, some basic human customs have. We know today although meet shaking hands is a polite, to comply with all sorts of etiquette when they married, and throughout the customs are quite different, do not understand the local wind,

  • Chinese folk culture of flowers and trees

    Production, life and folk customs and closely connected with people, can say no and no China folk culture. By China flowers and folk culture of Li Yong's "" is combined with the flowers and related folk customs, folk tales, Hua Xianmu God, holiday customs, folk slang and folk culture, make the,

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