• The Xie Yang ceremony

    "Xie Yang ceremony" tells the story: Zhejiang province intangible cultural heritage series "Xie Yang ceremony" from the ocean publishing house, county Party Secretary, county people's Congress Standing Committee Zhang Ming specifically for the series signature. "Xie Yang ceremony" consists of four chapters in words, book with comic and text in the form of records of the catch and long Nu, a Buddism godness Guanyin,

  • The Chinese customs.

    Living in the age of mind in traditional China, "Chinese Custom Calendar: living in the age of mind in traditional China" is a book to fasti genre in folk books, with vivid and delicate brushwork describes a traditional folk social life. It takes the time as the spindle, not only about the Spring Festival, the dragon boat race to eat the dinner on New Year's Eve dragon boat, Mid Autumn Festival Shangding play on the common festival,

  • The God of wealth like Fu

    "God of wealth" as longevity for us to introduce is about the five gods of knowledge, content involves the myths and legends, folk culture, related stories etc.. The popular language, vivid content, Tu Vin Unionmaw, for the public to read. China folk belief has a long history, lots of gods. There are many gods and man,

  • The Chinese dress

    "Introduction of Chinese clothing" content: Great China, Wuhua Tianbao, outstanding people, fifty-six ethnic groups, five thousand years of civilization, nine million six hundred thousand square kilometers of land, rich and colorful folk culture, colorful look. The naming of Chinese, in order to promote the Chinese brilliant culture essence, Kuai Chinese national traditional culture,

  • The Chinese Festival

    "The Chinese Festival: traditional customs and culture" Bo concept about to take, take seven representative traditional festivals as the basis, from the origin of the festival, traditional customs, collection, appreciation of poetry, works on five aspects in-depth excavation of cultural connotation of traditional festivals, "literariness, interest, knowledge" new standards,,

  • Marriage customs

    Marriage etiquette and custom of marriage customs, "" is mainly about the marriage customs in rural china. The framework defined in the contemporary time, early in the second half of the twentieth Century to twenty-first Century can still see marriage as the subject. Focus on the description of two kinds: the first is the phenomenon of life have been out, be a few people,

  • Ji'nan folk

    "The main content of Ji'nan folk": in 1948 September 24, the battle of Ji'nan ended in victory, Ji'nan's history turned a new page. The people of Ji'nan under the leadership of the party, hard, work hard and perseveringly, ancient city glow the new vitality and the vigor. Since the reform and opening up, especially in recent years, the municipal Party committee, municipal,

  • Shanghai customs

    Marriage is an important part of social customs, but also the social development index. Shanghai customs in addition to the general characteristics of marriage, also has the distinct characteristics of the Shanghai style culture. The book begins with the introduction of the Shanghai traditional culture, puts emphasis on the Shanghai traditional customs, customs change around the decline of modern debate, free love,

  • History of gambling

    "Introduction" content: Gambling gambling history as one of the human culture, rather than the traditional idea that is not registered in good taste, "the pig slave drama" or be of little "trail", but a considerable impact on human life mechanism of social phenomena. The so-called gambling, is based on the prior agreement of the,

  • Zhao family - Northeast falconry

    "Northeast falconry: the Zhao family" the paper-cut data were provided by Guan Yunde, wonderful, amazing. Remain in this book, it retains this precious cultural heritage. In the process of the implementation of this project are to Jiyuan teacher, Mr. Hu Donglin, who put their "research" and "Eagle sea holly,

  • Twelve zodiac story

    "Introduction twelve zodiac story" content: twelve zodiac is one of the important folk representative in Chinese traditional culture. As early as in "the book of songs" have been recorded: "day Geng Wu, that is my horse." It is Geng Wu auspicious hour is good, is a good day to go hunting. This is the Wu and Ma corresponding examples. According to the later,

  • China taboo folk custom

    "Chinese taboo folk custom" systematically introduces Chinese taboo folk customs, including daily life origin, taboo, taboo taboo in all walks of life, a life taboo, taboo and taboo of everything averting from punishment and other aspects of knowledge. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Understanding the forbidden knowledge,

  • Etiquette interleaving

    The late Ming and early Qing China EU cultural exchange in the funeral, the funeral ceremony is usually considered to be at the core of China traditional etiquette culture, the book in seventeenth Century, the Ming and Qing Dynasties in the process of cultural exchange between China and the west, in the Chinese and Western etiquette traditions collide, complex changes of funeral ceremony and plays an important role in the way, the new identity the expression in religion. Past.

  • The Chinese calendar

    "The Chinese calendar (set of 4 volumes)" the main content: pear is an important part of the traditional culture of China, is a bright pearl in the Chinese folk culture. Today, there are still vital and the positive significance of the majority of people's daily life almanac. Carrying forward the Chinese traditional culture for thousands of years, our people,

  • Festival in Taiwan

    Festival in Taiwan, "the main content of festival in Taiwan:" festival in Taiwan even today in China, a resident in Taiwan, in addition to Aboriginal, are nearly three hundred or four hundred years Chinese, descendants of immigrants, they put the social life of the mainland completely transplanted to Taiwan, but the Chinese nation long Jing day of worship, worship the work,

  • Beijing old things

    "Introduction to the old Beijing those things" content: old Beijing has become history. Here has many strong regional characteristics of the past and memory, with the old city walls and the destruction of the old alley decline, facing the loss of relying on the dilemma...... How the old Beijing people to keep the memory of the past? A new,

  • The Chinese folk Daguan

    "A brief introduction to the main content of Chinese folk Daguan": the more national, the more world. Folk culture is an important part of the national traditional culture, is the symbol of the local culture of a country. Chinese nation has a long history of five thousand years, for the world is not only the four great inventions, the Great Wall, the Silk Road and the Han Tang sheng,

  • Chinese folk history (Han Weijuan)

    The volume, "Chinese folk history: the volume" from the perspective of folklore, folk customs of the Han and Wei dynasties system cleaning. To show the reader the gorgeous Han folk pictures. The Han era is to lay the economic, social, traditional Chinese political era, is also an important period of China melting casting of traditional culture. The Han Dynasty history,

  • China folk

    "Chinese folk" in humanistic perspective, narrative text, exquisite pictures, the broad and profound academic culture to relaxing the popularity of reading, a change in the past blunt dull narrative way, not the pursuit of a complete, only the pursuit of knowledge points, not the pursuit of professional esoteric, only the pursuit of a good read to understand, let you with easy,

  • Chinese Festival

    "Introduction Chinese Festival": "Festival" word meaning bamboo, extended to joint, rhythm, and then extended to the season, season. Human life on earth, 岁时伏腊, go round and begin again, so the timing of the Gregorian calendar, new year's Day holiday, such as Chinese lunar Spring Festival and so on; the original memorial activities, held as scheduled, then,

  • Beijing folk history

    "Beijing folk history" is the first systematically introduces the process of Beijing folk culture development, and all kinds of folk custom content rich, popular, and has certain academic monographs. It fills up the blank of Beijing folk research. For readers in understanding the feelings of traditional Beijing folk history, at the same time, close to the folk,,

  • Rooster Ariyoshi

    "Chicken with Ji (collection of graphic version)" the main content: the zodiac is a long-standing symbol coding system, it is a mystery. Why is the twelve zodiac twelve, neither more nor less? Thirteen animals of the Chinese zodiac is how to produce? When the origin? Why with the twelve Earthly Branches? Twelve kinds of animal sort,

  • China traditional festival series of our July 7th

    "Introduction China traditional festival series of our July 7th" content: Lunar Chuqi July day and night, commonly known as July 7th, also called Qiqiao Festival, festival, festival, young children, double Festival Double Seven Festival, Shannon bridge, Qiao Festival, also known as Valentine's day in recent years. Any of various, from the story of the cowherd. The cowboy and the weaver girl stories,,

  • You dictionary

    "Introduction" obstinate residents dictionary content: understanding the world things of interest point Nothing is too strange. From the philosophy field of view, can be divided into idealism and materialism can be divided into realism, pie, empiricism, being sent, experimental, eternal sent unequal, now the world mining on the "pie" is bring forth the new through the old, such as a variety of events on the nail,

  • Chinese folk marriage customs

    "Chinese folk marriage customs: marriage, marriage, Nie yuan" is Chinese folk culture of Ancient Local Chronicles series, search history, ethnic folk material collection, investigation and study science, revealing the land of China "living fossil" and "ancient" the culture, to show us the traditional custom aspects, an impressive array of,,

  • Chinese folk history (Song Liao Jin Yuanjuan)

    Song Liao Jin and Yuan Dynasty, "Chinese folk history: Song Liao Jin and Yuan Dynasties," from the perspective of folklore, the period of Song Liao Jin and Yuan Dynasty folk as system cleaning. During the period of Song Liao Jin and Yuan Dynasty folk pictures to show the reader the gorgeous. Chinese folk custom is a colorful treasure is the world recognized the intangible cultural heritage. "Series" is a set of China folk history,

  • The Chinese traditional festival Anthology of poems July 7th day

    "July 7th day" is one of the most romantic holiday, but also the ancient girls, ladies' most important festival. Lunar Chuqi July coincided with the summer, the weather is warm, the lush vegetation, between heaven and earth, full of vitality. Night, stars shining in the sky, a vast expanse of whiteness of the Milky Way across the north and south. The Milky Way things on both sides, each,

  • Zhong Jingwen digital workstation

    "Zhong Jingwen" is a key project of digital workstation "Professor Dong Xiaoping is chaired by the Ministry of education key humanities and social science research base China folk literature history" (02JAZJD840003) is one of the sub project results, published by the Beijing Normal University folk ancient writing research center supported. Project cooperation unit:,

  • The history of Chinese civilization

    "The Chinese civilization history: history of the festival (in English Bilingual Edition)" tells the story of the origin and development Chinese holiday, according to the time sequence tells, has a huge, deep Chinese festival culture history of the Chinese. "The Chinese civilization history: history of the festival (in English Bilingual Edition)" compiled first focus on knowledge quasi,

  • The immortal

    The fairy, "China Folk Culture Series: the immortal" is China folk culture series, folk literature, folk art is a part of folk culture in the most colorful. All the art it in humans, the most active life, the most widely involved. It is a simple and pure art, reflects the people's real life,

  • Sheep to Qing and

    "Yang Zhiqing and (classic version)" the main content: the zodiac is a long-standing symbol coding system, it is a mystery. Why is the twelve zodiac twelve, neither more nor less? Thirteen animals of the Chinese zodiac is how to produce? When the origin? Why with the twelve Earthly Branches? Twelve kinds of animal sort,

  • Chinese folk customs of marriage and funeral

    "China folk customs of marriage and funeral" collected Chinese folk customs of marriage and funeral interesting some, in the form of a story which describes its historical origin, development process and the modern understanding, and with the modern folk popular wedding etiquette norms, with knowledge, interesting and practical, for readers to read, appreciation. The folk custom,

  • Chinese folk history

    Ming Qing Juan, "Chinese folk history: Ming Qing Juan" main content: Chinese folk custom is a colorful treasures, is the world recognized the intangible cultural heritage, "China folk history: Ming Qing Juan" panoramic display in the Chinese custom formation, evolution and inheritance of the deep extension, prompting the intangible heritage value, Chinese,

  • Yunnan Xinping Huayao Dai Huajie Festival research

    "Research" Dai Huajie Festival Yunnan Xinping flower waist, this book includes background the first chapter is the introduction, second chapters and cultural space and case: survival domain description of Huajie festival culture, the third chapter in the history of cultural memory: analysis, Huajie Festival origin and cultural characteristics of the fourth chapter in memory representation: ceremony in the street,

  • Folk Festival of poetry collection

    "Folk Festival of poetry collection" content brief introduction: New Year's day, Lantern Festival, Qingming, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, the Double Ninth Festival, the winter solstice, July 7th, is a traditional Chinese folk festival. The poet in celebrating these festivals, we write a lot of win universal praise poetry, prose and verse. These poems are profound and rich, is Ancient Chinese Literature Search,

  • Rat bite opening day

    "Rat bite opening day (classic version)" focus on the rat Zodiac culture implication, focuses on the relationship between human and rat, and the rats in the Chinese cultural traditions in the aspects of projection and performance. Myth, religion, ritual, involving divination, agriculture and animal husbandry, customs, language, literature, art, astronomy and calendar,,

  • Spring cattle land

    "Spring cattle land (classic version)" is the series of "spring cattle land (collection of graphic version)" one book. The zodiac is a long-standing symbol coding system, it is a mystery. Why is the twelve zodiac twelve, neither more nor less? Twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac is how to produce? When the origin? Why,

  • Rat bite opening day

    "Rat bite opening day (Chinese English reading)" show China folk culture twelve zodiac and knowledge. The author describes the sources, the twelve signs of the zodiac, zodiac animal life and fortune features in this series of books; and the twelve signs of the folk customs, literature and art, the sacrifice of divination; in addition to collect series,

  • Shenhu town evil

    "God Tiger Town evil (classic version)" the main content: the zodiac is a long-standing symbol coding system, it is a mystery. Why is the twelve zodiac twelve, neither more nor less? Thirteen animals of the Chinese zodiac is how to produce? When the origin? Why with the twelve Earthly Branches? Twelve kinds of animal sort,

  • Large China five thousand years of history

    "Big Chinese next 5000 years: Grand China folk culture (graphic color)" content brief introduction: popular love letter millennial Yin, Han Feng Tang Yun drawing new, Chinese millennium, folkway yo. Things change, customs is still. Rhyme sound, rhythm divine. Folk culture, simple and vivid, romantic and beautiful, realistic and efficacy, discovery,

  • Introduction to folklore

    "Introduction to folklore" is a description of the folklore teaching books. The book is divided into ten chapters, respectively introduces the folklore of material production, folk custom, folk material life, social life and folk custom, funeral ceremony, spiritual folk custom, folk entertainment folk, city folk, folklore and the folklore society, new research fields,

  • The mascot refinement

    "Magical" content: introduction mascot mascot culture, Chinese nation's primitive culture, ancient people Xiangyan long, and conventional custom, custom. The Chinese folk perspective, put from home mascot to angle, the repertoire Zhouyi geomancy image sent, star school, theory point of view, tell people,

  • His eyes

    His eyes open, non. His eyes, not looking. Attractive view, Beijing dialect: let your eyes, with the intention to show off. The viewing, Beijing dialect: your eyes, with satisfaction. Everything in the world, only the eyes, can know the sequence of events. The vicissitudes of life Barilla, only his eyes, to get a thorough understanding of the right and wrong. ,

  • China secular God

    One old people worship God, book with pictures, with abundant materials introduces 100 folk beliefs of ordinary people, reflects the rich and colorful folk culture and traditional culture. The majority of the people Chinese immortal belief, is the spiritual sustenance and spiritual comfort. ,

  • The Manchu folk customs

    "The Manchu folk custom" content brief introduction: Manchu is the population of ethnic minorities in China in the nation. At the beginning of twenty-first Century has been more than 10000000, of which 50% are located in Liaoning, followed by Hebei, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Beijing and Tianjin provinces. The existing Manchu Autonomous County 13, Liaoning 8,,

  • Emasculated civilization

    Gossip China ancient foot binding and castration, because as a king of the dynasty a line of foot binding in the palace, Li Houzhu words more people are well known, so the research of foot binding, it pushed at the head, and at is the monarch, of course write many upright gentlemen, often it is the subjugation of bad omen. The author thinks 窅 Niang and,

  • The Mid Autumn Festival NEWS

    "The Mid Autumn Festival news" as one of the original ecological China Festival series. The book with pictures, describes the history Chinese Mid Autumn Festival Customs of all, historical legends, poetry painting and calligraphy, literature and history knowledge content, melting the readability and knowledge into one whole. The popular language, rich in content, suitable for readers to read,

  • Qingming news

    "Qingming news" includes: often, we walked very far, but forget why to start. So soul boat ran aground, the ideal sail stagnation, only wander. Don't go just to forget, only to lose? Let's pull back to the origin of life, return to nature, back to nature, back to,

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