Lei Han Tomb of Taiwan folk stories

Date of publication:2010-9   Press: Qilu press   Author:Yin Guoxing   Pages:242  

Son Kawakami Su said: "It passes like this. husband!" From ancient to modern times, no one can win a race against time. Vanity, all attributed to silence, after the civilization, is in ruins. Therefore, every face Qiuxu, or holding the sage fathers left Jane in hand, recalling the past victories, can not help but tears flowing. Since the Wuwei Lei Taiwan Shijiershang, stretching over Qilian, overlooking the Lei Ze Lian Lian, the two tombs at the foot of the, buried the two patriarchs of early Taoism, is that of Zhang and Zhang Heng's tomb. In China folk customs, the ancient scientist called "immortal", is the Taoist figures. The Taoist "Tao", "science" was the ancient name. Liberal interest, tenacious, discipline, creating a large number of ancient science China characters, they laid a strong foundation of traditional science Chinese. "The Taoist Gods immortality" scientific activities, is an important topic in Chinese technology and cultural history. Zhang Daoling and Zhang Heng is the early Taoism founder, is also Chinese ancient meritorious science master. He and Zhang Heng were a scientific activity, especially important. The recent hundred years, America and European civilization achievement rise rapidly, dazzling. However, if USA and European history and Chinese as long, what will they leave to the human society? They can win a race against time? The truth is probably what also do not stay. How to make the fruits of human civilization long Zeyuan, Chinese civilization has a rich historical experience. America and European civilization and excellent traditional only Chinese combination, can obtain the eternal vitality. In this sense, confirmed and the owner Leitai Han, will undoubtedly arouse readers to Chinese traditional civilization to re-examine and ponder. Therefore, this book selected 150 cases of folk story tomb and Lei Taiwan related knowledge and interest and taste, arranged in Chinese Pinyin order book. These stories reflect Zhang Daoling, Zhang Heng's life from a different perspective, it reflects the Chinese ancient scientists rich and colorful life, surge high and sweep forward.

Book selected 150 cases of folk story tomb and Lei Taiwan related knowledge and interest and taste, arranged in Chinese Pinyin order book. These stories reflect Zhang Daoling, Zhang Heng's life from a different perspective, it reflects the Chinese ancient scientists rich and colorful life, surge high and sweep forward. The book suitable for the relevant research work of reference reading.
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Yin Guoxing, folklorist, engaged in the study on "me" research and early Taoism, Gansu Wu into REM Han Tomb of Taiwan, he published "me." (Qilu press 2006 Edition) book.
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Illustration: as scientists, Zhang he loved science, the pursuit of truth, of how to be a real scientist, how to make insightful research. He thinks, science has no nationality, ethnic and national boundaries, is universally applicable law. Scientists should be honest, magnanimous mind, shall not be false, seek nothing but profits. He said, scientists would be willing to lonely the poor, not for external temptations, scientists only maximally suppressed individual desire, ideal and interest can be sublimated, can only take on this responsibility, achievement brilliant career. He said: "Tao respect and listen to God, eventually, so the LORD put fine (evil), Fen Fen variation, the commandment teach: Tao is hidden but view, a terrible mess must be reasonable, means will be announced, to the imperial Minister not carefully attentive scrutiny of yan." Mean to say, science is very noble and mysterious, it does not obey the arrangement of people, so there are all the scientific phenomena, and be the most changeful, which is used to warn the teachings of all: science is micro hidden invisible, its existence is observable, complex pole there will be sorted, science the intention will manifest itself, so the kings and ministers can not carefully attentive scrutiny of science exist. He added: "in the world, such as the sea, who will, when such as valley waters to sea also." Mean, science in the world, just like the sea, a man determined to science, should such as valley Creek is yearning for the flow to the sea. These insightful comments, shows that its origin a scientific literacy. As history experts, a deep study of Confucian classics and that of the book. He did not agree with the historians of the "me" views on me "," the study further, think "me" is the ancient remains, but not by me, that modern research for the growing number of this formulation. Zhang Daoling quoted the "me", the "me want to summary, note", is the old school in the history of a glorious literature. As an educator, he was a and Emperor Taifu, Emperor division. At the age of one hundred and eight, he gathered outside the Taoist two thousand four hundred hundred people, forming a large-scale religious organization, engaged in scientific and educational activities. Zhang Daoling is Chinese earliest large-scale natural science foundation education scholars, the Han and Wei dynasties famous multi science under the.

Education, as necessary, sail against the current, top thunderstorm, Ren Jun stamp with rage, I take it calmly, always does not change original intention. I came in contact with Lei Tai tomb, almost at the first glance the owner recognized, however, affected by the process of social approval or twists tightly. A Gansu authoritative experts even asserted, Zhang 陵古 Zhong not possible in Wuwei, says the refuse, no room, the situation is still in sight. I was at the end of the form, the shame, can not help but be startled at. More at home in the prestige was also sweep the floor, soon to be ex by outside. Helpless, the son to sister Yu had to foster home, then rove all over the world. Break up families, the so-called sad situation life away like it just so so. Later, Yu Wu Wang Chongyang Quanzhen school living dead to art, education, military system will pay a torch, political and made himself, to show their own and not in the world. Then I, is a legend, has no real existence. Yu is hidden in the folk, became a living at the bottom of China social people. Then, I beg to Beijing west room dwelling, such as the pupa shaped, died in this article. This Yanjuan thought, as if the ashes, it has become. Marx once said: "there is no royal road to science, and only those who do not dread the fatiguing climb of steep mountain brave people, they hope to reach the glorious summit." Since more than in Lei Taiwan unconsciously has attained ten spring and autumn, which relates to a lot of problems have in mind linger for years, "send" a the most long, so far twenty-two years. "Secret Lei Han Tomb of Taiwan" (formerly known as "Lei Han Tomb of Taiwan Pepsi can") and "Lei Han Tomb of Taiwan folk stories" published, Zhang Daoling Lei Tai tomb becomes. Historically, China people on the Zhang Daoling family who have devoted great emotion, they are Chinese people have mutual affinity, as closely linked as flesh and blood. Zhang Daoling's disciples and descendants still active in reality, they are an important part of China society, Living Heritage rather than pleasure for people. "". They exist, should get the respect of the whole society and help. Only in the outside world and effective support, to restore the original appearance of "a Buddism godness Guanyin Shi", people can have its benefits. Lei Han Tomb of Taiwan is recognised as a tomb tomb, has important historical significance, the excellent traditional also helps promote Zhang Tianshi, has the profound practical significance. This book was, first of all to thank the father and mother's rearing Months and years pass by. support.
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