Legend of Yao and shun

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People living in the culture, just as people cannot do without air. "Book of changes" said: "astronomy, in order to detect when the change; judging from the humanities, into the world." Both Chinese "culture" is that, this passage at least, there is clear and profound understanding of our ancestors has always been on the importance of culture. Culture indeed is what makes us human, human being has become the symbol of human. Who created the culture, culture is created by people, from this sense it can be said, man is a cultural animal. From the culture itself, quite a long historical period of the traditional culture, but also can be roughly divided into two relatively large shunt, the so-called upper culture (or high culture, elegant culture, refined culture...... ) and lower culture (or primary culture, the underlying culture, low layer culture, folk culture). A folk culture is created by the masses of the oldest culture, because of its roots can be traced back to the initial stage of human development; folk culture is also the most young culture, because it is still alive in people's daily life and reputation. Foundation of the folk culture is the culture of the whole community, and has strong vitality. Culture is often the top of folk culture selection, modification and refinement results. Folk literature, folk art is a part of folk culture in the most colorful. All the art it in humans, the most active life, the most widely involved. It is a simple and pure art, reflects the people's real life, ideal and pursuit. Countless treasures it, is fully deserve the model of beauty. Without it, humans will lose much of childhood memories; without it, human love the motherland, love my hometown will lack many specific content actual sense; without it, human happiness, sadness will become dry and dull; without it, human beings will be how much the sweetness of life and humor...... Thousands of community library construction and 10000 community reading activities, is a strategic measure to build socialist culture and building a new socialist countryside. We as the intellectual, cultural circles by the peasant brothers feeding and training, have a duty to use learned knowledge return clothes I eat rural my folks, this not only is our social responsibility, also is our glory. China Folklore Society in this important event, bear about 50 books on China traditional folk culture of the written work. We organized a team of experts is quite high including professors, researchers, to complete the task of writing. They specialize in related areas, industry, specializing in, all authors to the glory of the volunteer spirit, with rigorous scientific attitude, be lively and vivid with text, the accurate and abundant knowledge, was dedicated to the peasants and urban community of readers. Complete this important task of writing books, is our life, a proud, proud. China folk culture is from generation to generation temper and inheritance of the traditional culture, which embodies the national character, national spirit, national the true, the good and the beautiful, is another sign of the Chinese nation identityOur compatriots in the motherland, is the link of the communication of emotion. Has a long history, rich connotation of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation is our great contribution to the development of human cultural diversity. The rapid changes in the era of washing with traditional folk culture. In the modern era, we are particularly necessary for our rich history, Hou long folk tradition sign a note for investigation, the outstanding part of the show to the people and the essence of peasant brothers, including, allowing them to China, to our compatriots in the motherland, the outstanding cultural tradition and unsophisticated folk customs have a more profound love, love and reverence. Inherit and carry forward the Chinese nation created a very rich and non-material cultural heritage, is our blessing, is our historical responsibility. I hope that with our joint efforts, the folk culture of flowers were more and more bright, for our country, for our nation to win an eternal spring.

Legend of Yao and Shun except in the history books in the vast Yan, there still exists an active civil system. This system is the representative works "Dunhuang collected works" in the "Shun Zibian", this system is quite a long history. Compared with the traditional literature, "Shun Zibian" is no longer focused on imperial politics, but focus on the Shun family story, added a lot of details, greatly strengthened the twists and turns of plot, making it about Shun filial piety story vivid, appealing. Legend of Yao and Shun is very widely spread in the folk oral. Most of these story plot prototype can be found in the above text forms of Yao and Shun legends, but the characteristics of folk legends is more alive, more vitality. At the same time it also constantly absorbing capacity into other types of folklore of the plot, the legend of Yao and Shun look more rich. The first part of the book gives the reader the basic features of the legend of Yao and Shun has a rough idea. It is still the "Legend of Yao and Shun framework of Wudi" established as the main line, at the same time as far as possible the synthesis of all kinds of literature, combined with a part of folklore, and add more details on the main line, further enrich. In the legends about Yao and Shun, book as far as possible to the pursuit of legend scenes intact and narrative flow, try to let the readers be able to understand the panorama of Yao and shun legends. On the other hand, book in the data and accurately, each part have strict books source, readers can also take the opportunity to learn some knowledge of literature and history. The book was included on the selectivity of literature and folklore, some are too absurd and unknown plot no income. In addition, in some controversial problems on several large, the prevailing view outside of this book different viewpoints are briefly described, offer reader reference, readers can play their own thinking in reading. The second part of this book, along the footprint of Yao and Shun legend, legend for some related historical and cultural relics, and introduces some of the local customs, and the customs and heritage, folklore, enable the reader to the legend of Yao and Shun more perceptual knowledge. Finally to remind readers, Yao and Shun legend is not the real history, this book tells the legend of Yao and Shun, a fusion is also just a lot of literature and folklore of. I believe this book can provide a reference for the reader to understand the legend of Yao and shun.
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Liu Kuili, a famous folk, folk art experts, doctor of Philosophy (Russia), researcher, Professor, doctoral tutor, China Academy of Social Sciences honorary Academy members, chairman of the China folklore society. Zhang Xu, graduated from the Beijing Normal University Department of Chinese, served as the "mass culture", "culture magazine" editor, the Ministry of culture for the social culture of library division (intangible cultural heritage department director). Zhang Ting, folk literature study specialized master's degree student Chinese Department of Peking University. Under the tutelage of Peking University associate professor Chinese yellow flowers.
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Introduction the first chapter outline legend Tang Yu Yao Da Zhi Fang Xian was suspected of filial piety of Yao and Shun Shun Shun to rule the world Shun Yu Shanrang Southern died second chapter interest and custom Yao Shun postscript article
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The copyright page illustration: A: Yao and Shun, Emperor Yao Shun Emperor Yao tried through various observation of Shun character, very satisfied with his virtue, but then he wants to look at his ability to govern. From then on, he to shun examination to enter the second stage. Yao to shun to his side, he was appointed as the official, gave him many tasks. During this period, Shun do what work? "Shangshu • Shun Dian" says he: "Shen Hui five, five grams from. In the 100 estimate, 100 in Syria when. Guests at the four door, four door Mu Mu." We can summarize them into ideological education work, the daily administrative work, diplomacy coordination. 1 five code according to the "Huainan Zi • Qi Suxun" argument, during the reign of Yao, Shun is Stuart duties. He is in charge of education office. "Records of the historian, Wudi" contains: "Yao Shan, but make the Shun Shen and five code, five code from." Yao asked Shun to implement the five code, then what is called five code? The five code of teaching, means "father of righteousness, mother of mercy, brother friend, brother Gong, son filial piety" of these five kinds of ethical and moral education. That is to make all the people have to abide by and fulfill the "father should righteousness, the mother should love, elder brother should be friendly, brother must be respectful, son should be filial morality". The five code, is the most basic social ethics, but also the most basic rule of the empire. Shun do very successful. He carefully smoothed five ethics, use these standards to educational subjects, will serve as the guiding principles of conduct, which established a system of moral culture etiquette. This system has been the world universal compliance. "Five code" has the profound influence to the Chinese civilization, a state of ceremonies, the Chinese tradition, from the beginning of time set. 2 officials "Shangshu • Yaodian" so-called "nano to 100 estimate, 100 in Syria when", "historical records" is "is everywhere in the Baiguan, Baiguan timing". The meaning of this word, it is to let Shun generally in the administration, processing Baiguan affairs, but Shun is very organized. The central officials, plus all the princes, and God Yao family, the number is not small. Most of these people are not an isolated individual, is often a tribal leaders, for their management, and management of tribal, slightly improper, easy to cause the whole tribe of discontent, therefore need a have both ability and political integrity to suit the person to handle the affairs. Shun through hard work, won the praise of the world.

During the course of writing the book, has gained support from the Peking University Department of Chinese teacher Chen Yongchao. Chen Yongchao teacher "the legend of Yao and Shun" is in recent years to Yao and Shun legends as object of study in the works of acknowledged masterpiece, has very important inspiration for this book. At the same time, the book referred to the Hunan people's Literature Publishing House published in 2005, Li Shengshun in the first chapter "Shun emperor" is part of the content, in the second chapter, with reference to the Central Literature Publishing House published in 2003, Chai Jiguang "Yao Shunyu" on the part of the information spread. The gentlemen's work has a very important value, I was deeply. We explain, and thank you.
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"The legend of Yao and Shun" is the moral education of minors' textbook, textbook equipment library schools.
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  •   The legend of Yao and Shun rooted in civil society, the geographical scenery, folk customs, thesaurus and evidence, has obvious geographical characteristics. To the praise of the world and the distinctive theme, popular.

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