Jiangnan stove painting

Date of publication:2012-1   Press: China Light Industry Press   Author:Zhang Juemin  

The stove is a part of residential buildings, is the foundation of rural people food culture, by the kitchen stove painting is also derived from folk artisan craftsmanship of. In many areas of our country, especially in Jiangsu, rural farmers to build a new housing, will be in the kitchen for a new for cooking, cooking stove, and whether the flower basket shaped, cylindrical, or square shape; and whether the monocular and binocular, three lesions, four lesions of &hellip or …
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Folk custom characteristic
Jiangnan stove painting culture characteristics of
Jiangnan stove painting art characteristics of
Jiangnan stove painting pattern introduction
Jiangnan stove painting type
Jiangnan stove picture drawing process of
Jiangnan stove painting develop
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