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Date of publication:2009-1   Press: Workers press   Author:Li Xueji  

Folk custom is the manifestation of the traditional culture China. Folk custom is a shining pearl in the treasure house of Chinese culture. The simple folk customs, culture is extraordinary. In recent years, with the continuous development of China's culture and tourism, around the folk has become the focus of people to visit, experience and learning. The country folk culture, in Everfount in various forms to display and promote the heritage. For carrying one of the four human civilization Chinese, in the situation of the reality of the development of today's culture, traditional culture is undoubtedly a good thing, but ordinary people of ethnic customs, cultural interest should be encouraged. In fact, to explore the folk custom and culture, is to look for a people's identity, build a common spiritual home, the formation of a shared culture. And when people have consistent respect for traditional culture, the most important, the most urgent task is to popularize the knowledge. For a growing number of young people, as a result of the joint action of all sorts of reasons, China traditional culture in their season, like days, strange and distant. Both daily life or values, the west, or more precisely, America, has become a fashion, the situation was once made education circle is amazing. Taking advantage of the folk culture of thermal current, timely popularization of folk cultural knowledge, perhaps it is to let them into the China culture, heritage, development Chinese culture China culture, make you rich, deep up time. In the birth and development of Chinese civilization of five thousand years, vast land, many people in the exploration of accumulation process in their way of life, formed today, rich folk culture. But they are zero zero scattered distribution and in the 9600000 square kilometers of angle, more and more people only by those boring text introduction to slightly mottled. And "strange in Chinese)" a painting _ said Chinese folk creativity, is to use the smart brush shows a vivid, humorous folk culture scene, so that the readers can understand the local customs and practices around while enjoying the cartoon, enjoy the Chinese folk culture.

The book collects all the system with local characteristics of the life, production practices, and to the comic and text forms, vivid manifestation of these customs, lead the readers to understand the local customs and practices around while enjoying the cartoon, enjoy the Chinese folk culture.
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Li Xueji, Jilin county is humanized city. At the beginning of the seventy's to the countryside when the educated youth, teachers, middle enlisted in the army. Served as a brigadier, repeatedly won two functions, three functions, and in self-defense war against the top grade merit citation.
has "Chinese Xiehouyu", "China saying" and other series. Love of folk literature, folk cultural wealth in admission, continuous collection, creation, will offer excellent folk culture to everyone.
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In the Northeast in Shanxi blame blame blame blame blame in Henan in Shaanxi in Fujian in Inner Mongolia in Xinjiang Wuyi blame blame blame blame blame in Chongqing in Guangxi in Hainan in Sichuan Chengdu blame blame blame in Yunnan in Jiangsu Nanjing
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The spirit of love for the Chinese traditional culture and folk customs of the interest of the country, those of us with the common people, finally together, doing something we are very like. Looking at the "strange" in China growing day by day, and the final editing and publishing, we all feel very happy. China folk culture, local customs are complex, including consolidation is certainly not an easy thing, but there are essence, there are dross, in different areas, different period, the essence and dross comprehension may be quite different. So we must take the development, the dialectical perspective to treat every detail, not only should have a sense of history, but also give it a strong spirit of the times; not only to grasp the distinctive national characteristics, and its use in Chinese cultural integration pattern. After several rounds of collecting, screening, we selected the book these representative folk customs, with comic interpretation, trying to give readers a new experience, also hope that readers can love. Here, we should care to all the book friends and press your teacher to express our heartfelt thanks to you, thank them for giving us encouragement, help and support; to all involved in the book writing and painting work friends to express my heartfelt thanks, especially Liu Xu and Tian Dingliang (river fish) two painters, always be strict with oneself, the pursuit of perfection, modifications to the painting after, finally to fine Chen world, to achieve all the writing group members of the dream. China vast territory, numerous nationalities, folk culture has a long history, broad and profound, limited to our knowledge and time, despite repeated discussion, but still a sense of inadequacy. The book omissions or errors, ask the experts and readers criticism.
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"Strange" in China as happy Hemp flowers, a taste, that happy, this is the "strange" in Chinese, actually is not strange, strange people, strange, strange feeling, strange "Puchi" sound of music. Copycat version of folk language, tile like life scripts, popular for hundreds of years, this also to entertain people. Although this is a light readings, but the leisure to fun, set around the country folk language, the success of this popular Chinese feast. These come from folk language, a word of the concentration of a world. On the main hall, under the kitchen. This lifetime, rely on it to live, old laugh.
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